Traveling Coloring Pages and Do a Dot

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I created these travel coloring pages and do a dot/dot art sheets for my own kids and now you can enjoy them too! Make sure you download my travel with kids checklist first so you nail everything on that to-do list and then scroll through to learn more about this fun printable packet of coloring and craft activities that can be done on an airplane too! This post contains affiliate links.


Click to check out this cool bundle of traveling coloring pages for kids - the perfect travel activities for toddlers and preschoolers to do on the airplane - and great plane travel activity binder fillers! 


When traveling on long haul flights with young kids, I discovered that having loads of activities was key and this was just one of piles that we brought along.

You can bring a dozen activities, and your kids will probably do only two but here’s the catch: you will never be able to guess which two that will be!

So my solution: Bring all. the. activities.

And yes, I plan to share what all those activities are, but let’s start with first things first: theses fun traveling coloring pages and do a dot sheets.


>>>>If you’re the “skip the story, get me my printable” kind of person you can Get it here!<<<<



Travel activities for kids – how many do you really need?


In case you’re wondering if it’s wasteful to bring so many activities I’ll tell you that while my boys only played with a few while on our flight, they used almost all of them while at our destination and without their own toys.

Whether you’re staying with family friends, or at a hotel, you likely will have small spots of time (such as in the morning, while you’re showering or packing for the day) when your kids can get antsy. We made a little “play corner” where the boys can choose travel toys to play with.

And finally, whatever they didn’t play with on the airplane or at our hosts, they played with the day we got back while I was frantically catching up on work and unpacking.

So I can say, with the exception of almost two items everything we had ended up being so helpful!

So yes, do pack all the activities. But don’t expect them to use more than a handful on the plane.



For my kids, flying was a novel experience (M flew when he was 17 months old but doesn’t quite remember it). Y is obsessed with airplanes. So doing things in airplane themes got them even more excited.


>>>> Get it your traveling coloring pages here!<<<<


About these Traveling coloring pages and dot art sheets:


So here’s the thing: I was planning on doing do a dot sheets, and then decided that maybe I’d rather have coloring pages – and then I went back to “why not do both?”

So yes, this download includes both blank traveling coloring pages and dot-art pages of the same pictures!

So you or your children can choose what you prefer.



If you’re planning on using these en-route, I’d highly recommend dot stickers as an alternative to do-a-dot markers. They’re MUCH more portable, and your kids won’t make a mess of them (hopefully!)

But if you’re doing this at home to build anticipation or help you unpack, or at school to teach about travel, go ahead and pull out those bingo markers – the kids love them to no end!



My kids ended up using the dot art pages at home before the trip while I packed, and the traveling coloring pages after we got back. They spent a long time on it, getting excited about everything from the suitcase to the airport and everything in between!



Preview and download these printable travel activities:

You can download the traveling coloring pages and dot art with one purchase (you get two for the price of one!) in my Etsy shop. But first, here’s a preview:


Here’s a rundown of the pages:

1. Jet
2. Map
3. Passport
4. Sunhat
5. Luggage
6. Airport
7. Destination
8. Camera
9. Backpack
10. Binoculars
11. Hotel
12. Sunscreen
13. Bus
14. Train
15. Double Decker Bus
16. Cab
17. Seatbelt
18. Sunglasses


>>>Download the traveling coloring pages and do a dot here!<<<


Find more travel activities and resources for kids and toddlers here:

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Grab these printable travel do a dot pages - do them with bingo markers or with dot stickers! You will also get more fun travel activities for kids to teach about travel themed homeschooling or teaching units OR to use as an airplane activity for toddlers.

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