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Celebrating Milestones Not Just the Major Ones

Celebrating Milestones Not Just the Major Ones

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Thank you Pampers for sponsoring this post and the giveaway too! We seem to spend our child’s first years celebrating milestones. But what determines which milestones we celebrate? And what about that baby that seems to reach them all a little later?


Celebrating milestones is something every parent does. But do you celebrate those "little" developments just as much? And what about those parents who have to wait a little longer? Which firsts do YOU celebrate?


A child is born. We eagerly await for that child to start “doing”. A first smile. The first time he crawls. Her first word.

Not every child meets these milestones at the “correct” age. There are late walkers. There are late talkers. There are babies that want to take their time learning new things. The society in which we live seems to take these milestones as the deciding factor on how “smart” each child is.


Celebrating Milestones – The ones we forget:


I have decided to celebrate some smaller firsts that show me how much my baby is learning. Many of these are a great sign of proper development, in the same way that those first steps are. Here are some of the firsts we celebrated with our sixteen month old (who loves to crawl really fast):





  • The first time he handed me something.
  • The first time he looked me in the eye and spoke (even though it was in a language only he understood).
  • The first time he stacked those cups.
  • The first time he tried putting my glasses back onto my face.
  • The first time he tried wiping my nose (or mouth) with a tissue.
  • The first time he fed himself a cracker.
  • The first time he fed me a cracker.
  • The first time he waved goodbye.
  • The first time he knocked on a door.
  • The first time he climbed the stairs (which is actually a MAJOR milestone)
  • The first time he climbed off the couch, feet first.
  • The first time he clapped those little hands.
  • The first time he bounced to the rhythm of music.
  • The first time he unzipped his top and took it off.
  • The first time he took off his pants while refusing to nap. And then his diaper.
  • The first time he drank from a cup.
  • The first time he managed to get the correct cover onto the pot, right side up.
  • Every new sound his little lips make.
  • Every new toy and game he masters.
  • Every new flavor he agrees to eat.
  • When he successfully flipped the light switch.
  • When he learned to climb out of his high chair (yikes!)


My sixteen month old baby may not be able to walk. He might not say much. But look how much he can do! He may need therapy, which we will decide on in a couple of months. But while we focus on helping him learn all he needs to do, we will continue to celebrate everything he already can do. Even the milestones we sometimes forget to applaud. 


Celebrating Milestones with Pampers:


For many years, and for millions of babies, Pampers has celebrated firsts. They were the first diaper our baby wore. Pampers Swaddlers are Pamper’s softest diapers, and will now accompany you through a few more “firsts”!

Celebrating milestones with Pampers #pampersfirsts


Pampers celebrates your firsts with you, and has created a video celebrating many of these first experiences we share.  They celebrate all the first moments – both the big and the (ones we think of as) small.


About Pampers Swaddlers: 

  • Pampers Swaddlers is now available in size 6! They will now accompany you through a few more journeys and achievements, up to the eagerly-awaited milestone of potty training.
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  • The Absorb Away Liner®protects delicate skin further, but pulling the wetness away.
  • Pampers Swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals in North America, and the first diaper worn by millions of babies. Now, that’s a first to celebrate!


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 Did your child reach the milestones at the “right” age? Which “minor” milestone did/do you celebrate?

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Celebrating milestones is something every parent does. But do you celebrate those "little" developments just as much? And what about those parents who have to wait a little longer? Which firsts do YOU celebrate?

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Christina Strapp Lambert

Monday 16th of February 2015

My daughter hit all her milestones except for speech because when she turned a year old to two years she had severe ear infections that nothing helped them. So she couldn't hear anything really the whole year until she got tubes. She still has problems with her ears and still having speech issues.

Thomas Murphy

Monday 16th of February 2015

Yes my son reached his milestones at the 'right' age. We celebrated first steps.

Karen Propes

Monday 16th of February 2015

My daughter hit her milestones at the regular time. I don't only have a baby book, but a book, box and bag. Didn't want to forget anything.

Paige Jagan

Monday 16th of February 2015

Mine reached all on time, but he was a slow talker! Hoping the new one reaches hers as well!