Celebrating milestones is something every parent does. But do you celebrate those "little" developments just as much? And what about those parents who have to wait a little longer? Which firsts do YOU celebrate?

Celebrating Milestones Not Just the Major Ones

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Thank you Pampers for sponsoring this post and the giveaway too! We seem to spend our child’s first years celebrating milestones. But what determines which milestones we celebrate? And what about that baby that seems to reach them all a little later?


Celebrating milestones is something every parent does. But do you celebrate those "little" developments just as much? And what about those parents who have to wait a little longer? Which firsts do YOU celebrate?


A child is born. We eagerly await for that child to start “doing”. A first smile. The first time he crawls. Her first word.

Not every child meets these milestones at the “correct” age. There are late walkers. There are late talkers. There are babies that want to take their time learning new things. The society in which we live seems to take these milestones as the deciding factor on how “smart” each child is.


Celebrating Milestones – The ones we forget:


I have decided to celebrate some smaller firsts that show me how much my baby is learning. Many of these are a great sign of proper development, in the same way that those first steps are. Here are some of the firsts we celebrated with our sixteen month old (who loves to crawl really fast):





  • The first time he handed me something.
  • The first time he looked me in the eye and spoke (even though it was in a language only he understood).
  • The first time he stacked those cups.
  • The first time he tried putting my glasses back onto my face.
  • The first time he tried wiping my nose (or mouth) with a tissue.
  • The first time he fed himself a cracker.
  • The first time he fed me a cracker.
  • The first time he waved goodbye.
  • The first time he knocked on a door.
  • The first time he climbed the stairs (which is actually a MAJOR milestone)
  • The first time he climbed off the couch, feet first.
  • The first time he clapped those little hands.
  • The first time he bounced to the rhythm of music.
  • The first time he unzipped his top and took it off.
  • The first time he took off his pants while refusing to nap. And then his diaper.
  • The first time he drank from a cup.
  • The first time he managed to get the correct cover onto the pot, right side up.
  • Every new sound his little lips make.
  • Every new toy and game he masters.
  • Every new flavor he agrees to eat.
  • When he successfully flipped the light switch.
  • When he learned to climb out of his high chair (yikes!)


My sixteen month old baby may not be able to walk. He might not say much. But look how much he can do! He may need therapy, which we will decide on in a couple of months. But while we focus on helping him learn all he needs to do, we will continue to celebrate everything he already can do. Even the milestones we sometimes forget to applaud. 


Celebrating Milestones with Pampers:


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Pampers celebrates your firsts with you, and has created a video celebrating many of these first experiences we share.  They celebrate all the first moments – both the big and the (ones we think of as) small.


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 Did your child reach the milestones at the “right” age? Which “minor” milestone did/do you celebrate?

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Celebrating milestones is something every parent does. But do you celebrate those "little" developments just as much? And what about those parents who have to wait a little longer? Which firsts do YOU celebrate?

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  1. my baby is only 5 weeks so no real major milestones. But we have celebrated her staying awake (rather than sleeping after each feeding), cooing non-stop, having her first bath, and eating more than 3 oz per feeding.

  2. Yes both of my kids reached there milestones at the correct age, and we did celebrate, like when the learned to crawl.

  3. An important mile stone was when my child was taught to use the potty and he learned at the age of two and we were just happy ..

  4. My son met milestones within normal limits. We love the first smile, first laugh, love the cooing and mimicking coos, waving, clapping, pretty much every minute is amazing.

  5. My daughter has seemed to reach all her milestones on time. I think the one that sticks out most in my mind is when she said mama and dada.

  6. Both of my daughters reached all of their “Milestones” at the proper times, but I think any “first” is equally as important to any child during their development.

  7. The biggest milestone is when my son waved Goodbye to me when I was going to work. That cute little face waving goodbye and saying goodbye was so precious!

  8. The minor milestone we celebrated was my daughter being able to switch a toy from one hand to another. I don’t remember exactly how old she was, but I remember it was exciting.

  9. A big milestone that neither of my daughters reached was walking by age one. My oldest was 15 months and the youngest 20 months when they walked. I was honestly grateful! Each milestone is so precious no matter when they achieve it.

  10. All of my children met there milestones/
    #3 seems to be a little late with his words so we are taking him in for a hearing test next week.

  11. My youngest daughter walked at 9 months old. Guess she was tired of seeing all the other kids running around.

  12. Due to a genetisc disorder we have not reached milestones at the appropriate times but we celebrate every milestone the biggest was walking at 2 years 4 months

  13. Our daughter reached her milestones at the appropriate time. The ones I cherish the most are clapping, cooing, waving, laughing and smiling.

  14. I don’t have kids, but we celebrate my nieces milestone’s by making a scrapbook. The most recent one was learning to ride a bike.

  15. Yes, my kids met their milestones in the correct range, they weren’t early walkers or talkers but it happened when it should.

  16. my son was a little late with his milestones, because he was born a month premature. He has caught up now!

  17. My kids were spot on but I noticed my grandkids reach milestones at different ages. It has a lot to do with parenting and personality, I think.

  18. Yes she did, she was a little early on a few things. My favorite is their first words, I love hearing their sweet little voices.

  19. We celebrate all milestones,from the smallest like eyes first opening,first smile, to the growing stages such as crawling,walking.I think its important to enjoy all these special moments as you and your child bond in them.My only wish is that even though there forever a photographic memory and go by so fast,that they can last forever.I feel like in a blink of an eye our children go from being dependent to independent,cherish every moment,milestone and give praise,praise praise.

  20. Aww this is sweet. I think my little man reached all his ahead of time except for peepeeing in the potty, he still wont do that lol.

  21. My kids did reach their milestones at the correct time, but I found as they grew up that everyone eventually caught up to each other at all the different levels.

  22. My son walked a little later around 14 months. He preferred to crawl! He did excell in all things related to eating though. He drank from a cup, used a fork and “more” was his first word. He loves to eat! I do have to say though. My cousin walked late and she is now on the usa team for running.

  23. The only milestone he hit on time as a baby was walking – we had to start classes for speech and other things. However he taught himself to read at 3 years old and has continued to learn pretty much on his own he is now 5 and reads at a second grade level.

  24. I had one child that reached milestones at the right age and one that didn’t! They couldn’t be more different in that way, but I celebrated each milestone they reached just the same.

    1. I think that one of the “minor” milestones that got me excited was when they cut their first tooth. I made sure that I took pictures of their first tooth 🙂

  25. Both boys met most milestones according to schedule — as a mother I have enjoyed every milestone (big and small). Difficult to say we celebrated them — it would be more that we enjoyed them.

  26. My little girl reached milestones “on time”. From sitting, to rolling over, teeth coming in, saying Mama and pulling to standing position. We celebrate by recording these precious times to make sure we never forget! Thanks for the chance to win! Julie smartsavvymama@gmail.com

  27. Oh he has been pretty close on his milestones! We get excited for each new milestone, but just celebrate the birthdays!

  28. both mine reached their milestones pretty much ontime except for a little speech delay due to the bilingual environment. celebrated by taking lots of photos and journals

  29. I think my baby is advanced, she has met all her milestones early! But I tend to be a little biased, as I am her mom … 🙂

  30. My child reached the milestone at the age of 3 and it was an awesome feeling. He started to play with his toys and enjoy them as much as seeing me around him. I loved it so much.

  31. My son has been “early” on his milestones. He was crawling at 5 months and walking at 9. My favorite was walking and we celebrated!

  32. Our children reached milestones either early or on time. We celebrate major and minor milestones. My favorite is the first real word.

  33. My daughter was an earlier crawler and has been a little late in talking, my favorite milestone was hearing her giggle for the first time

      1. I’m using my home computer. It worked for me in the beginning but now, when it says on the form to enter your information and click begin, once I click the link it tries to load but doesn’t.

          1. yes I am. I’m not sure what the issue is . this is the only one I seem to have problems with, this type of form loads fine on all other blogs I have gone to. Thank you for your help though. 🙂

  34. My kids all met their milestones in their own perfect time. For the most part, they were pretty much in accord with this list. Funny how worried I was when one of them did not “accomplish” a particular milestone by the recommended time. They all turned out perfectly fine.

  35. I have 5 kids and so far they have all reached their milestones right on time. I think my favorite milestone as of yet would be their first giggle

  36. Right now the idea that our 2 year old should know 50-70 words is crazy to us, she knows probably 30 or so. But starting about 2 weeks ago she is saying and repeating words like crazy, we all just have to remember that every baby is different!

  37. My youngest did not meet his milestones on time because he was born 13 weeks early, but that was expected of him. We celebrated his first milestone of rolling over that was a huge accomplishment for him.

  38. Yes my daughter reached the milestones at the right ages. My favorite milestone was when she smiled at me.

  39. My kids reached all there milestones just about right. (So Far) The thing I always clap about is holding and drinking from a sippy cup. Makes me excited for them because now they can taste so many different juices.

  40. Yes, he reaches the right age milestones. I celebrate eating from a spoon from the first time as a small milestone.

  41. Three of my sons walked at 9 months, but one son did not walk until he was 14 months. He was a climber though!

  42. “my child” is my great granddaughter who is in my life every day. She is amazing in so many ways and I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up! At 19 months she is saying so many things and is so strong and inventive.

  43. I am currently pregnant with my first, so no milestones reached yet…but I am so looking forward to all of them!

  44. With 5 kids some reached milestones at different times than others, especially my preemie, but they eventually hit them. I always say they just need time.

  45. My youngest son reached his milestones early or on time. My oldest took a bit longer than average on some milestones. I think we did too much for him. The first time both of them started to eat by themselves I was overjoyed.

  46. Yes, my daughter seems to be right on track developmentally. Love watching her hit those milestones. I was actually really excited the first time she lifted her arms up to be picked up by me. That was a cute surprise.

  47. I am pregnant now with my first so right now I am just celebrating ever week I make it through without any problems!! can’t wait to experience my baby’s milestones!!!

  48. My 4 children have met most of their milestones timely, some earlier than others. My favorite recently though was when my 21 month old was able to put a spoon in his mouth without dropping everything that was on it. He still likes to make a mess on his high chair but now when he does it it’s on purpose.

  49. I saw my granddaughter pull herself up to the standing position yesterday and I was clapping. She just had a huge smile on her face b/c she knew how proud grandma was of her. Seeing my daughter smile for the first time made me cry, That was about 29 yrs ago. Her smile still fills my heart with love. My granddaughter smiled when she was about 5-6 wks old and hasn’t stopped. She is my sweet girl. So many firsts to look forward to. Thanks 🙂

  50. My daughter reached all her milestones on time except walking. She was delayed and later we found out she has Epilepsy. So her coordination wasn’t good.

  51. Our grandson reached all the major milestones on time except walking. He had to have hip surgery at 4 months. He was in a brace before the surgery and then in a body cast for four months followed by another brace during the day. We did celebrate his rolling over when he did it in the body cast!

  52. My girl rolled over the day she was born (about 5 minutes old) from back to belly, the room just erupted with excitement. The very next day she favored daddy with her first smile. I’ll never forget those moments.

  53. thats too funny, my son was right on time with development and my daughter is a little behind with speech but no huge problems, we make a big deal about almost every things, we take pictures for everything from biancas first tooth the other day to first day of school, and we keep hair from haircuts and all the teeth,lol. school drawings and artwork, 100 percent tests,lol. its so hard to throw it all away,lol.

  54. Our oldest was born at 32 weeks so he didn’t typically reach all the milestones according to age. I think we celebrated every milestone. Loved the first smile

  55. My daughter met all of her milestones on time or even a little early. We celebrated everything by taking pics and I have a scrapbook calendar for all her firsts. First bite of baby food was carrots and I got a funny pic of her gagging with her eyes crossed.

  56. My son was early on all his milestones except talking. He was a late talker, he babbled up a storm but didn’t talk

  57. The milestones were reached a bit early which was exciting and all of them were so much fun. Learning to solid foods was a sweet milestone.

  58. i was beyond blessed with our first to have her reach all her milestones on time and am hoping the same for our baby on the way.

  59. my children all reached their milestones on time or early. I was blessed to have amazing children, so they were no challenge.

  60. So far my daughter has been right on track with all of her firsts. I usually take pictures or video to capture them.

  61. I have 3 children.. our older two are now 11 and 4. They both reached their milestones well within the recommended ages 🙂 With our youngest, she is also reaching her milestones, many she is reaching early which is very exciting but I also wish she would slow down because I know how fast the time goes! My favorite milestone is definitely their first smile and the first time they grip my finger in their tiny little fist <3 I love to take pictures and put them in their scrapbooks, and of course call my husband to share! My husband is a Lineman and misses out on a lot since he travels for his job, so I make sure to text and send tons of pics so he doesn't feel left out 🙂

  62. My oldest was a little behind in some things, the biggest one we celebrated was smiling 🙂

    my youngest was expected to be developmentally delayed due to complications during birth, but he’s actually always been a head of the game. 🙂

  63. While my son was growing up, he reached his milestones at a pretty normal rate. Some things ahead and some things a little behind. A milestone we celebrated was his being able to walk. So fun.! Now my grandson is experiencing his own milestones. 🙂

  64. The first time giggling was a big one for us. Both of my girls reaches their milestones in the time they were suppose to.

  65. Both of my children reached their milestones at just about the right age. We celebrated their first steps by doing a happy dance with them. I am not sure who loved it more!

  66. In my family my sister and brother an I walked between 13 and 14 months. I was surprised when my 4 sons walked between 10 and 1/2 and 11 months. We celebrated by cheering and putting up gates.

  67. my kids all had their firsts right on schedule if not a little ahead of it. my youngest is a little behind on speech though.

  68. My daughter hit her milestones at the regular time. I don’t only have a baby book, but a book, box and bag. Didn’t want to forget anything.

  69. My daughter hit all her milestones except for speech because when she turned a year old to two years she had severe ear infections that nothing helped them. So she couldn’t hear anything really the whole year until she got tubes. She still has problems with her ears and still having speech issues.

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