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Kidz Gear Headphones Review

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Welcome to the Kidz Gear headphones review – a product I am so thrilled to introduce to you, as part of my Traveling with Toddlers blog series.  First of all, of course, we start with a travel tip:



Toddler Travel tip: While normally I like to limit screen time, during long plane rides I give as much as possible! Kidz Gear headphones help keep it safe by limiting the decibel level. Click to read more.




To tell you the truth, I was never a big fan of excessive screen time for young children. However, I’m also a big believer that there is a time and place for everything, in moderation. And I do pull out the tablet or phone when I need it. One of those times is on the airplane, and during long car rides.


I’m also a big believer that there’s a WAY to do things correctly. For example, educational shows and apps are a far cry from shows that are not age appropriate, or even sports games, or non-educational apps. There’s also the concern when children use headphones that they do not know how to limit the volumes for their sensitive ears.


About Kidz Gear Headphones:


kidz gear headphones review


Kidz Gear makes innovative headphones that limit volumes. They are kid-sized headphones that are actually adjustable (more about this later). When you attach the volume limiting connector, they will not allow the volume to exceed safe standards.


The thing is, many there are many children’s products out there, including headphones. Usually the come with poor quality and are actually more of a toy. The goal of Kidz Gear is to create adult-quality products with features made for kids. These are not a toy- they are real headphones, in kid size.


Kidz Gear Headset Headphones – with Boom Microphone: 


While we’ve tackled the issue of safety, I still want to focus on the educational aspect of screen time.


Kidz Gear has introduced a new product to their line! They’ve taken their popular headphones and added a microphone. This makes it perfect for use with language-learning apps and similar types of programs.


kidz gear headphones review

So now, for a list of features:


  • Available in three colors: charcoal gray, hot pink, and royal blue.
  • Adjustable headphones for different sizes.
  • Kidz Control volume limit cable is a small attachment that limits the decibel level for kid-safe listening.
  • A soft cushion earpiece makes in comfy for little ones
  • Boom microphones makes it great for language learning, test taking, and other educational activities.
  • Boom microphone is flexible so you can move it out of the way if you’re just using the headphones.
  • Inline remote and volume control
  • The earpieces fold in for better storage.


kidz gear headphones review



  • Accessories available: splitter cable, so that two siblings can watch something together on a long flight.
  • Accessories available: Padded carry bag to keep things safe and intact while traveling.


What I love, thoughts, and critiques:


True to its goal, Kidz Gear is a high quality piece. I LOVE how expandable it is! It can be large enough for me, but small enough for my toddler, making it super versatile.


kidz gear headphones review


The boom microphone moves out of the way, which I like, as my toddler has yet to learn his own language, beyond “uh oh!” However, in the future, we would like to raise him bilingual. Having something now that will last us for longer and cover more needs is beneficial, so I’m glad they sent me the one with the microphone. We also Skype my in-laws as a great way to keep in touch with them since they live so far away. This will come in very handy!


kidz gear headphones review


I did want to plan to load plenty of entertaining apps for him onto the tablet for our long plane ride (nine hours, plus four and a half, with a few hours stopover…. ) I was concerned about him listening out loud and not having headphones for him. Kidz Gear headphones are the perfect solution, and the volume limiting cable gives me security.


kidz gear headphones review


The inline remote is perfect, as M will not let me touch the tablet when he is using it! This way I have control without approaching his territory…


kidz gear headphones review


Kidz Gear also sent me some accessories, including a carry bag and a splitter. The carry bag is lined and padded, making it something that can actually protect the headphones – which is essential for us as it will be crammed into our carry on luggage. The splitter will also be put to good use, as we will be able to share the tablet, and watch together (though it’s more likely my husband and I will share that as I will not be watching Sesame Street if I don’t need to…). This is perfect if you have two siblings and one device – it can be a lifesaver!


kidz gear headphones review


The only critique I have, which is not applicable to this product in particular, is a suggestion for another product. I would love to see them create a version that is less bulky (perhaps a clip-on-ear version?) but with similar features. Regardless, this pair is surprisingly compact for this style headphones, due to the fact that the earpieces fold in, and that it is so adjustable.


kidz gear headphones review


Oh, one more thing I love about it that I almost forgot to mention! They’re so comfortable… I will totally borrow this from him plenty. And you can see how much M loves wearing them:


kidz gear headphones review



He practiced “talking” when I put them on…


Connect with Kidz Gear:

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Disclaimer:  I received the products mentioned above free of charge in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I was not paid to endorse it.


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