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Pregnant Women and Toddlers are Basically the Same

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The other day, I woke up and heard my toddler yelling from his crib “My pants are wet!!” 

Sounds familiar?

It occurred to me that these days, me ‘n him are one and the same! So I compiled this list and as you can see, the similarities are uncanny!


Pregnant women and toddlers - they are exactly alike! I mean, hold a contest how many times each of you say "I can't reach it" in a day - who wins? Click to find out just how much your pregnancy brings you back to toddlerhood.


10 reasons pregnant women and toddlers are basically the same:

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1oWe’re both crying and we don’t know why

Between toddler tantrum and hormones, we’ve been going through plenty of tissues these days. But what does it really matter? We’re both simply experiencing growing pains…


9. We both woke up with wet pants

I know, I know TMI. But when M was born, that’s how it all started – wet pants. Yep, my waters had broken, but I didn’t realize it at first, because we all know that the wet pants aren’t unique to that.

Well, when your toddler calls to you from his crib, “My pants are WEEET!” you just can’t help but laugh… Or go to the bathroom first. Then laugh.


8. Our attention span has a 30 second duration

Or not even. My sister-in-law asked for help last night with something. I mistakenly said “yes” before double checking how long I’d need to pay attention for. Apparently I had over-promised… 

Never mind the memory. Last pregnancy, I accidentally stole cucumber from the corner market (my husband went back and paid.) This one, I forgot to eat ice cream! Found it (wrapped) melted the next morning.

And from the toddler angle – does this sound familiar?

Me: go get your shoes.

M: What?

Me: Go get your shoes

M: What?

(repeat ten times).

Me: Go get your shoes.

M: What? A shoes?



7. We’re both attached to our sippy cups

I think I need to invent “bottle wrist straps” that basically ties both toddler and mommy sized bottles to our wrists. The words “where’s my bottle/cup?” seem to be heard a bit much in our house.

Wait – looks like I’m too late. Apparently they exist for mom and baby


6. We NEED chocolate/ice cream/chips and we need it NOW!

One new word M learnt during the past few months – “NEED”. 

“I need it cookie! I need it chocolate!” I was all ready and prepped to teach him an important difference between the concept of NEED and WANT. But then I realized, I may just need to start with myself.


5. We both “can’t reach it!”

Well, technically he “can’t WEACH it”. But I’ve taken to saying it that way too. It seems more effective.


4. We keep outgrowing our cutest outfits.

At the start of this pregnancy, I was almost looking forward to a whole new wardrobe! Out with the maternity – including my sister’ stash, of course. But as the months passed, each favorite outfit got too small. Now that I’m at the stage of being asked “when WERE you due?” (um, in three weeks) it’s only the tents that fit. Not even the oversized hoodies…

Same goes for my grand plans to shop clearance a season in advance for my big boy. Apparently, if he was size 2T last summer, I should DEFINITELY go for 4T for this year. Not 3T. I prayed all winter for an early summer.


3. We both sport chubby feet and pot bellies.

He’s proud of his. I am grateful for it, but “proud” wouldn’t cut it.


2. We don’t like what was once (yesterday) our favorite dinner.

My husband says “but I thought you like that!”

Well, so did I. And so did my toddler…. Well, who’s to say a bit of experimentation wasn’t called for?


1. We know what we’re saying even if you don’t.

Coherence can be a challenge (did you comprehend a single word of this post? Or the past three months of posts?) My toddler definitely knows what he’s saying, and can’t understand why we don’t seem to listen. I do have a special knack for getting his drift, and him mine, but I think my husband is somewhat excluded here too.

And the rest of the world.


Disclaimer: I am writing this three weeks before my due date and scheduling to publish it on that big day. So any dicrepencies in timing on the post can be explained that way. I think.


Have you ever been pregnant with a toddler? What similarities did you find? Comment below!



Pregnant women and toddlers - they are exactly alike! I mean, hold a contest how many times each of you say "I can't reach it" in a day - who wins? Click to find out just how much your pregnancy brings you back to toddlerhood.



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