Color-Your-Prize Visual Rewards Charts for Kids and Toddlers (Free Printable)

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I am a huge believer in visual rewards charts for kids and for toddlers. I use them for potty training, for chores, and more, and decided to offer you this fun color-in chart as a free printable. You can check out my LEGO reward chart  that’s perfect for teens first, and then scroll down for the freebie! Disclosure: this post contains commissioned links.


Visual reward charts for kids allow them to see visually how they're earning their prizes! Click to get these free printables rewards charts for kids - toddlers, preschoolers, and even teens!


One of my biggest struggles with getting young children to do chores: they don’t yet appreciate the gratification of the job.

I’m not a big believer in paying for chores. I also believe that for a child to really be compelled by a reward chart, there needs to be some sense of instant gratification.


And getting a check on a chart isn’t always enough.

But at the same time, I want them to have a way to get that bigger prize that’s also more of an incentive for getting things done.

I have a few rewards charts for kids systems that I use, including the LEGO system – I made a chart where kids can earn their LEGOs directly on the chart, and get to keep them when they complete the chart.


I also use the jar/bucket system, where the child gets a part of the prize tossed into a bucket, and when it’s full, they get to keep it. This works great for multi-part prizes (such as building toys or art kits).


I recently created a brand new visual rewards charts for kids system that helps young kids see the prize that they’re earning, and watch the “jar” fill up, without having to have the actual prize present.




Visual Rewards Charts for Kids and Toddlers – Color Your Prize:

The idea behind these rewards charts for kids is that the prize itself is illustrated and broken into 20-30 sections. When the chart is fully filled in, your child gets the physical prize.

And here’s why I love these rewards charts for kids more than my previous systems – you can use them for virtually anything, including experience prizes!



Not every prize needs to be a big toy.

And with these, you can do just about anything.



The rewards charts for kids include:

  • A car – you can use this for out-of-the-house experiences – museum visits, date with mom, or any outings. Or of course for car themed prizes. One of my favorite toy prizes to give is Hot Wheels cars – they’re dirt cheap, my kids can never have enough, and they’re not a “disposable” toy (cheap novelties that get played with once or twice before you sweep up the pieces from all over.
  • A table settingThis might seem like a random reward, but kids LOVE to choose dinner! It costs you nothing (unless your kid happens to have a taste for caviar and Italian truffle). You can also use this for food-focused outings.



  • Cookie jar – I had a baking session in mind for this one. Fill in a cookie in the jar for each time a reward is earned.
  • Ice cream cone – Another favorite of ours is the trip to the ice cream store. It can also be used for an at-home ice cream party.
  • Treasure chest – I fully acknowledge that for some families a simple prize is the winning reward. For this reason, I illustrated a treasure chest reward chart for kids too, to cover all prizes. When your child completes the chart he or she can “open the treasure chest” and choose a prize. This also serves as a catch-all for any other prize.




Download these rewards charts for kids:

I created a few versions of this reward chart.

Two of them have on them the words “mission accomplished” – because I like to sell chores as “missions”. It just makes it more exciting for my kids.

On the other two, I left that area blank in case you prefer it that way.




I also grayed out the non-coloring areas on two (one with mission accomplished, one without) – and left it white on the others (one with mission accomplished, one without.)

I sell all these versions in my Etsy shop.

But wait- didn’t you say these rewards charts for kids were free?

Here’s the thing: I wasn’t going to offer them for free. It was a lot of work putting them together.

But then I said, “hey, why not give the text-free white version free to subscribers?” because I absolutely love my subscribers. And if you’re not yet a subscriber to my FREE newsletter, you can become one as you download it.

So click here or on the image below to download your FREE rewards charts for kids – the white drawings, without the words mission accomplished.


If you prefer to purchase the full package – to buy me a coffee (hey, coffee keeps this blog ticking), because you prefer the background grayed out and/or the “mission accomplished!” concept, or even to avoid seeing me in your inbox (boo) click here to buy all four versions on Etsy!



You’ll also get:

  • A PDF guide with tips for getting kids to do their chores.
  • A PDF list of reward ideas for kids.
  • A PDF use guide for this chart (also written out below).




How to use these visual rewards charts for kids:

Before you start, talk with your child about what the expectations are for completing this chart and getting to color in sections.

If your child can read, write out in detail on the top of the chart what the prize will be.

You can write a name if there’s more than one child, or if you want to.

Print it out and mount somewhere visible. You can print it out on colored paper and fill it in black if you want it to be more exciting from the start. Or, print it on white paper and fill in colors.

Each time your child earns it, color in one section. When all sections are complete and the picture has been formed, your child has earned his or her prize!



To make it reusable:



I hope you enjoy these visual rewards charts for kids! Comment below: What are your favorite ways to encourage children to do what they need to do?


Liked these? Check out my potty training rewards system here!

Aren't these color-your-prize rewards charts for kids brilliant? You can use them as chore charts or as potty training charts. includes free printables and tips.


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