10 Woodburning Designs Strokes and Patterns for Beginners

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Hi there! I’m Stefanie from Simple Acres blog visiting again to share more on a fun way to express art with woodburning designs. Earlier we talked about the pyrography tools needed to start wood burning for beginners, as well as woodburning tips and techniques. 

Today I will share woodburning designs and fill patterns. For more art series I have guest presented, check out the How to watercolor series I shared earlier as well. Disclosure: this post contains commissioned links.


Click for 10 beautiful woodburning designs and fill ideas for beginners! This post on how to do woodburning for beginners shows you different ways to draw patterns and strokes so that you can fill your pyrogrpahy wood craft designs


Wood-burning is one of my favorite forms of art because you have so much freedom to create in a way that is also SO relaxing! Today I am going to cover woodburning designs and strokes for beginners.


Learn how to do the woodburning designs used to make this beautiful pen caddy!


I used these woodburning designs to create a fun and quirky pencil holder for my desk. The sky is the limit on what you can create!

At most craft stores you can find soft plain wood frames, storage boxes, signs and so much more!


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Woodburning Designs, Strokes, and Textures for Beginners:


1. Thin outlining:

This is generally used to outline your art. I will generally start my piece by outlining all of my art.



2. Packed dots:

Dots can make something that would seem very basic look for skilled and fancy if you will. You can use details as an intentional part of a design or when packed together very closely you can use it as a unique way to add shading. The pressure and amount of time you hold down your burner will dictate the size, color and depth of your burn giving you varied effects.

3. Random curls and swirls:

This design is a fun addition to any design you can add with nearly any burner tip.



4. Zig- Zag:

This can be used as filler inside a outlined design or however you would wish.



5. Cross hatching:

This is an artistic technique that offers shading by using sets of varied parallel lines.



6. Dark fill:

This is completely filling in a space with burn shading. Often a larger round tip is ideal for this option.



7. Simple shading:

This can be done bu using a wider edged tip that you use to create various lines very close together.



8. Calligraphy style lining:

Create the classic calligraphy style line work with a calligraphy tip. This provides the wide and narrow line work. You can add beautiful text or designs with this.



9. Fine detail work: This is simple illustration using a fine tip to create fine lines, as you would a pen.



10. Hair strokes:

Short fine lines can give and appearance of hair or fur perfect for portrait art, animals or just to add a varied texture to your piece.




That finalizes my basic list of the Woodburning Designs, Strokes and Textures for Beginners. I hope you have fun creating beautiful art! You can find more art inspiration by following me at my Simple Acres Art Instagram account or take what you have learned and follow this tutorial on how to make a wood burned appetizer tray.



Find the full woodburning tutorial series here!

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