Science Party Food Ideas

I’m thrilled to be sharing with you today the science party food ideas that we featured at M’s sixth birthday party! You can find our science party activities here and the science party favors here. This post contains affiliate links.

science party food ideas collage

Frankly, while I might be a crafter, I have a tendency to botch “fancy foods” in the kitchen.

So when I make party foods, it’s critical for me to keep things relatively simple. Take the science cake pops I made, for example. Apparently, you can’t just plop it onto a lolly stick. So we ended up with cake balls….

These science party food ideas are all extremely simple. Actually, to make it more doable for a non-foodie like me, I focused on two things:

  1. Melted chocolate + themed sprinkles
  2. Science-themed containers and purchased foods.

I’m ’bout to break it all down for ya so hang on!

Super cool science party food ideas that you can make with chocolate and sprinkles

A whole look can be created using melted chocolate and sprinkles. Due to food allergies, I am limited with my use of colored candy melts. So we stuck with dark chocolate. However, you can do a LOT with green candy melts, that can look like dripping radioactive material or whatever.

To start with, I had green nonpareil sprinkles in two sizes leftover from my Monster Candy Bar Decorating activity. I got white hexagon shaped sprinkles special for this party. I also used some leftover gold confetti sprinkles from a Purim cake that I made a while ago.

Cake balls:

Cake balls can simply have chocolate drizzled on them and then sprinkles added on top.

If you’re good at cake pops, go ahead, do that.

Marshmallow pops:

This is the kind of thing that is SO easy and SO popular that I need to remember to do it more for parties, but I always forget about it! Simply shove a lolly stick into a marshmallow (we love these Kosher ones made with fish gelatin), dip it into chocolate and top with themed sprinkles.

It looks gorgeous, is almost fail-proof, and the kids love it. It also stops the kids from shoving a dozen marshmallows into their mouths at once.

Element cake:

I wish I can share a photo because this was SOOO cute, however, for personal safety, I do not share the full name of my kids here. So I’ll attempt to describe it. It was also so easy to make – even for non cake decorators.

Use a square cake. Take your child’s name and make it look like an element from the Periodic Table. So if your child’s name is Michael, for example, you’ll write Mi in big and underneath it, chael. Then, where the number of that square would normally be, write the age.

Here’s a visual/mockup:

Science themed candy and party food ideas to buy + how to present them

Candy FTW!

You don’t need to make everything if you can buy it! Why DIY if you can buy, right? Kidding.

Seriously, though, Smarties = pills or pH tablets or whatever. (Get the Kosher version here).

Sour sticks or worms are obviously ready to be dissected or studied.

Anything puke – I mean acid – green is clearly super scientific.

Your science party presentation starter kit

Cylindrical items

Anything that could pass for a test tube, including test tubes works for this! If you’re using these, you probably also want a holder for it (you can make one by cutting holes into a shoe box lid and painting it).

I pulled out my super cylindrical vases to fill with popcorn and all sorts of yummy but unthemed things. Plop it into a science-y container for the easiest science party food ideas ever!

Items with measurements, especially cylindrical ones

You can get actual beakers to display your fare.

But I cheated. I bought myself a new set of 5oz measuring cups, not even realizing how insanely convenient they would be. I pretended that they were for the party, and they were really awesome at the party, however, they are also awesome new measuring cups. You don’t need to do conversions or count a zillion tablespoons for recipes that require a zillion tablespoons, because these have multiple tablespoon measures. You’re welcome.

Jokes aside, measuring cups, especially those with no handles, no huge branding, and that you can steal for yourself afterwards, make fantastic, practical, reusable presentation for your science party food ideas – themed and unthemed. You can get it in a less-branded larger size with very scientific spouts as well!

Puke – I mean acid – green stuff

I found green chip bowls and they were just perfect! You can really use any green translucent server to make anything look like it belongs in a science experiment.


I propped these in the clear party cups we used for drinks (stay tuned for the “decor” post coming up whenever I manage it). You can also get the disposable measuring cups that resin crafters love to use for a more lab-y look.

Other lab-y type containers

Beakers, test tubes, petri dishes (yes, for food, I know – use new ones) – any container that you might find in a lab could work!

Yellow shredded paper – don’t kill me!

As you can see from the images this added so much to our display! Okay, this is more of a decor item, but since we relied so much on food presentation for our science party food ideas, and this made a big impact, it’s worth sharing here. Of course, you can work with another color scheme, but the general look of coordinating shredded paper gives your whole place a “mad science lab spilling all over the place” vibe.

Got any other science party food ideas? Comment below! Check out the rest of our science birthday party ideas.

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