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How to make beaded bangles

How to make beaded bangles

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Sometimes the simplest things are the prettiest. Learn how to make beaded bangles that are absolutely beautiful – elegant, charming, classic. They are also ridiculously easy to make, incorporating the most basic jewelry making skills which I will teach you here. This post contains affiliate links. This post was originally published February 2016.

Click to learn how to make beaded bangles that are easy, elegant and fun! A cool wire jewelry making tutorial for beginners.

Metal beads make beaded bangles look SO classy! Use small beads in different tones for a WOW look – it’s elegant, it’s got a touch of quirky, and it’s easy and fun to stack and wear!

Here I made one bangle using mixed metals in both matte and glossy finishes, and another using matte copper beads in different shapes.

Last time I did this, I used simple round spacer beads on one and matte antique-style square beads on the other. Both looks are amazing. But if you’re sticking with silver beads, definitely go with something simple that has a touch of character, like hte square beads!

How to make simple beaded bangles - you won't believe how easy and ELEGANT this jewelry making tutorial is! A perfect DIY craft idea for teens, tweens, and grown-ups.
How to make simple beaded bangles - you won't believe how easy and ELEGANT this jewelry making tutorial is! A perfect DIY craft idea for teens, tweens, and grown-ups.
How to make simple beaded bangles - you won't believe how easy and ELEGANT this jewelry making tutorial is! A perfect DIY craft idea for teens, tweens, and grown-ups.

I used a clasp because I have, well… a big hand. A big hand and a small wrist, which don’t match well with bangles. So I put on a clasp that’s somewhat subtle. It does break up the whole clean-ness of it, but it doesn’t show much and it DOES make it much easier to wear.

In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to make beaded bangles with clasps. You can try to expand the size a little and make it without a clasp.

Variate the style of your beads to make your bangles perfect for stacking! They also stack beautifully with other bangles and beads. I’ve stacked the copper beaded one with other copper bangles and the mixed metal with wider leather bracelets.

Learn how to make beaded bangles to give out as gifts or keep for yourself. They’re:

  1. Inexpensive to make
  2. Quick to make
  3. An impressive gift!

Simple beaded bangles also look amazing as standalone bracelets, with a delicate, minimalist feel.

What you need to make simple beaded bangles:

  • Wire – thicker is better. Try for 18 gauge, but if that won’t work, use 20 gauge. A thicker wire (lower number) will hold the bangle shape better, but it needs to fit through your bead. Choose a wire color that works with your beads (copper, silver…)

Want to learn how to make jewelry out of anything? Get the book!

How to make beaded bangles:

1. Bend back.

Bend back the tip of your wire about 8mm – or enough to form a comfortably sized loop.

2. Form loop

Using the round nose pliers, curl it inward from the tip to form a loop.

3. String

String your beads onto the wire until you’re satisfied with the length. Since this is a stiff bangle, you don’t want it to be too tight, but you want it to be small enough to remain comfortable and not slip off (especially if you’re using a clasp).

4. Finish & Shape

Create a second basic loop when you’re done. First trim it to size, leaving 8mm. Leave a little slack – don’t pull the beads tight. Then bend the wire back and form the loop. Shape your bangle using your fingers to form a smooth oval.

5. Clasp

Attach your clasp! You can use a simple spring ring clasp or lobster claw, and hook it right onto the opposite loop or add a jumpring or chain. I used a DIY s-hook clasp for my copper one and hooked it right onto the other end. Because my bangle is the right size, it doesn’t slip off.

You have successfully learned how to make beaded bangles! They are ready to wear or to gift.


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