Rocks are probably the cheapest (I mean free-est) craft supply out there, because that's totally what they are - craft ready! These 16 things to make with rocks will keep you busy on a budget! These are great nature crafts for kids, teens and adults and are easy to make DIY ideas!

Spring Nature Crafts – Using Flowers, Rocks, & More!

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What better way could there possibly be to celebrate Spring than with a nature walk followed by some Spring nature crafts? I hope you enjoy these fabulous ideas! This post contains affiliate links.

Springtime is such a magical time of year. The sun is starting to peek out more and more, that nasty cold section of winter is past, and nature begins to show its face a little bit. It’s the perfect time to head back outside. Get kids outdoors with these 14 spring nature crafts for kids.

From flowers (or weed “flowers) to leaves and pinecones, from twigs to rocks, there are so many craft supplies found in nature! Bring some home (those that are ethical to take, of course) to get your Spring nature crafts going.

Gardening-Focused Spring Nature Crafts

Our kids love planting gardens, both indoors and out – and bonus! It’s a good time to get crafty too! Check out these ideas to get the inspo flowing and then come up with your own!

DIY Gardening Kit by 24 Hour Family

Kids will love this little garden starter that they can help set up. And with a whole egg carton worth of planted seeds, it will still pay off, even if a few are duds.

How to Create Recycled Container Herb Garden by Two Kids and a Coupon

Here’s another excellent seed starter idea with a hidden benefit! Not only do kids learn about growing food, but upcycling containers teaches them about being good stewards of the planet. They can customize the collected containers as much as they’d like.

How to Make a Rainforest Terrarium by Natural Beach Living

A rainforest terrarium is a great way for kids to see a living example of how a rainforest ecosystem works. They will also have a blast adding all the layers and building it.

Flower Arranging Kids Activity by Moms and Crafters

This flower arranging activity can be done by children (and adults!) of all ages. Go on a family nature walk to collect your stems, and get creative while adding them to your floral foam brick. Yes, it’s made of overgrown weeds and grass, but kids will have so much fun with it and learn some basics of flower arranging.

Nature Fairy Houses by Red Ted Art

Fairy houses are a big deal in a small package. Kids love imagining the fairies coming to live in a house they helped build. Keeping things limited to what’s available in nature makes for some cute, simple fairy houses.

Arts & Crafts for Spring From Nature

Craft supplies can cost as little as… free! That is, if you find them outdoors! Have a chat with the kids about which nature-derived treasures are okay to take, go for that walk, and then get crafting!

DIY Nature Paint Brushes by Fox Farm Home

This fantastic spring nature craft idea will inspire all sorts of creativity. Kids make their own paintbrushes; the only rule is that the materials must come from nature. What a fabulous way to challenge those creative little minds! I love this open-ended art project.

Painting With Flowers by Finding Myself Young

Flowers make excellent paintbrushes, believe it or not. Whether using a light touch to use them as floral stampers, or going heavy for a unique pattern, they are truly one of a kind.

Beautiful Suncatcher Flower Mandalas by A Little Pinch of Perfect

These flower mandalas are the perfect way to welcome spring into your home. They come with a splash of color that helps spread cheer throughout the house after Winter’s gray mush.

Nature Lantern Craft Kit by Craft-Tastic

Use this fun kit to create a nature lantern! You can use a mix of found items in nature and included stickers, making it perfect for when you have a smaller-quantity of nature-derived resources. Get the kit here.

How to Make Pressed Flower Bookmarks by Lil Tigers

Pressed flowers are an elegant way to decorate. Plus, these bookmarks will be extra special to your kids, who collect the flowers and leaves themselves. This is one of those crafts that has no age ceiling, and can be enjoyed by parents or caregivers alongside kids.

Leaf Faces by Picklebums

Making leaf faces is an easy, interesting activity that kids will love. They gather supplies from nature outdoors, then arrange them into portraits to display. They can be super silly too (think three eyes or skip the nose). When you’re done, have them make other nature images!

Twig Candle Holder DIY by Moms and Crafters

This gorgeous twig candle holder DIY makes for fabulous decor for your home! Collect your twigs and use an LED candle to create this cozy accessory for your home, or gift it to a friend!

DIY Outdoorsy Spring Nature Crafts for Kids

Bring the outdoors right back outdoors with the following crafts for kids! You’ll be double-dipping on that outdoors fun!

Nature Suncatcher Craft by Messy Little Monster

This quick, easy suncatcher incorporates whatever nature offers in your neck of the woods. Kids can gather leaves, flower petals, or anything else flat and somewhat translucent. Assemble it into some decor that’ll fit right into the yard.

Homeschool Preschool Bird Activity by Two Pink Peonies

These bird feeders offer two significant advantages. Making one is a fun activity that even young kids can help with. And once it’s done, watching for birds to come to pick off the seeds is an activity in itself.

Make A Colorful Bird’s Nest Helper by Barley & Birch

Nest helpers are a neat idea that not many people have heard of. The little cage is stuffed with supplies birds might use to build a nest. Once it’s done, kids can watch to see if any feathered friends come to pick up the free supplies for their homes.

Tic Tac Toe Board Game with Rocks by The Country Chic Cottage

Grab a wood slice, some painted rocks, and a marker or precut stickers for dividing lines, and you have a ready-made tic-tac-toe board. Kids can enjoy countless games on a board they made themselves. And because it came from nature, they can now play with it in nature too!

Pine Cone Lambs by Fireflies & Mud Pies

Pine cone lambs are one of the most unique pine cone crafts. Once finished, this spring nature craft almost can’t even be recognized as a pine cone. But it’s the perfect little companion to place in your garden.

Got any favorite Spring nature crafts to add to the list? Comment below!

Favorite Nature Crafting Books

Want more ideas for spring nature crafts & activities? Check out these fun book ideas!

The Big Book of Nature Art by Yuval Zommer

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