Thanksgiving Bookmarks (Free Templates)

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Craft these adorable Thanksgiving Bookmarks using this free template. When you’re done, check out these Thanksgiving turkey puppets. This post contains affiliate links.

Thanksgiving is such a wholesome holiday, and between the Fall harvest and the theme of thanks it presents excellent crafting opportunities! You can gift these bookmarks to people you feel thankful to, or make them to use for yourself while enjoying the seasonal designs.

Have fun choosing either classic Fall colors or your own creative twist to represent classic autumn treats – corn, pumpkin, turkeys, maple, and sunflowers. Then, consider writing a small note or word of inspiration on the back of your bookmark.

In an earlier post, we showed you how to easily make origami corner bookmarks out of any square piece of paper. Here, you’ll find templates and directions to decorate your corner bookmarks with autumn-themed pictures.

If you find you don’t need that many bookmarks, you can also use the templates for other autumn-themed projects – glue them onto cards, magnets, signs, whatever you think of.

Or, if you like the bookmark idea but want something simpler than origami – perhaps to craft with preschoolers – glue the designs onto jumbo craft sticks or even simply a rectangle cut out of cardstock.

To help them last longer and to add an extra shine, you might want to protect the designs using either a laminating machine or clear tape.

What you need

How to make your own Thanksgiving bookmarks

1. Choose colored papers to use for your bookmarks. The template includes patterns for a turkey, pumpkin, maple leaf, sunflower, acorn, and corn, so think about what colors you would like to use for each of these items.

We’re going to start with the turkey design, so trace the turkey template onto the colored paper of your choice and carefully cut out the pieces.

2. Glue the smaller tail shape onto the bigger one.

The body and head of the turkey are one piece. Glue the beak onto the middle of the head part.

3. Glue the teardrop-shaped cutouts onto the tail.

4. Use markers to draw eyes on the turkey’s face, wings on the side of the body (as shown) and outline the whole body shape.

5. Prepare a few squares of paper to make the corner bookmarks (ours is about 6 inches squared). Use copy paper or something light enough to fold.

6. Follow these directions to fold the papers into corner bookmarks.

7. Glue the completed turkey design onto the triangle side of a bookmark.

Take the colored paper you chose for the maple leaf design. Trace the maple leaf shape from the template onto that paper and cut it out. Use a coordinating color of marker to outline the leaf shape and add vein details. Glue the maple leaf onto the triangle side of the next bookmark.

Similarly, trace, cut out and glue the designs for the rest of the items in the template to make a full set of Thanksgiving-themed bookmarks!

Download the Thanksgiving Bookmarks

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