Witch Paper Bag Puppet + Free Template

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Craft a witch paper bag puppet that’s just as scary as you make it! And when you’re done, give this ghost hand puppet a gho! This post contains affiliate links.

There’s nothing quite like a good puppet craft to bring a holiday to life! Kids can have fun creating and exploring different materials, and when they’re done they can get hours of play from their creations!

Crafting for Halloween can help make it feel less scary for kids. You can use this puppet as an alternative to a costume for a reluctant costume-wearer. Call it a “hand costume”.

To help you make your witch paper bag puppet, download the free template. You can use it if you’d like or just follow the gist of it to add your own twist.

We used mostly paper to craft a witch paper bag puppet, but you can get creative with your materials too! Try fabric, metallic papers, the contents of your recycling bin. You can also paint portions of the design instead of cutting them from paper.

As long as you have fun crafting, your witch paper bag puppet is a win!

Download the template

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What you need

How to make a witch paper bag puppet

1. Print the template provided and cut the pieces out. Trace the black parts on black paper and cut them out.

2. Trace the rest of the parts on your preferred colored paper and cut them out.

3. Cover the upper part of the paper bag with a green colored paper – or just paint your whole bag green. Shape the upper part/flap into a face shape by rounding off the edges. You can add some length to the face if you’d like by cutting that paper longer than the top and allowing it to stick out.

4. Cut a piece of black paper to cover the bottom of the bag. Cut a V-shape on top for the collar. Back it with white paper to show through the V. Attach it to the lower part of your paper bag.

5. Glue together the hat parts.

6. Glue the hat to the top of the paper bag.

7. Cut half a sheet of orange paper. Accordion fold it.

8. Cut it in four (or any even number of) pieces to make the witch’s hair.

9. Glue them on either side of the hat.

10. Slide the purple belt (the long rectangle) through the yellow rectangle. Then glue
the letter W at the center, creating the belt.

11. Glue it to the lower part of the paper bag. You can slant it if you want and trim off any excess.

12. Add googly eyes. Glue on the rest of the facial features you cut from paper.

13. Draw on some freckles if you’d like. You can even add a wart on the nose – so gross!

Your paper bag witch puppet is complete!

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