Super cool DIY statement necklace ides for beginner through pro

DIY Statement Necklace Ideas

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A DIY statement necklace can be come an unbelievably beautiful accessory to a simpler outfit, and these ideas are some of my favorites! The full directory of DIY necklace ideas is live here, or then scroll through this list to add statement necklaces to your wardrobe. Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


Click for 23 DIY statement necklace ideas for beginners through experts! These beautiful DIY necklaces jewelry making tutorials are perfect for teens and grown-ups too.


When my sister was getting married, I ended up saving lots of money by getting a simpler dress, with a plain top and a beautiful satin  rose-printed skirt.

To dress up the plain top, I made a stunning DIY statement necklace which helped me save those bucks (I paid $40 for the dress and the necklace cost me just a few dollars to make – using supplies I already had!!)


The bottom line is: a DIY statement necklace can help you turn your plainest wardrobe around.



This list of DIY statement necklace ideas are all beautiful and professionally presented. You’ll find ideas for every skill level, and I’ve “sorted” this list according to skill required.

For almost all of these statement necklace tutorials you’ll need basic jewelry making knowledge. If you don’t know how to make jewelry yet, I highly recommend my new book How to Make Jewelry Out of Anythingwhich includes a from-scratch guide to jewelry making for beginners



Want to learn how to make jewelry out of anything? Get the book!



If you’re looking for a more “traditional” guide to making jewelry, check out this list of recommended jewelry making books for beginners, or try a Bluprint course (you can sign up for a free trial.)


And if you want to know where to start with your supplies stash, I created a list of basic jewelry making supplies for beginners here, as well as a guide to beads for beginners.


Make these gorgeous DIY statement necklace projects! This list includes fresh ideas for everyone - easy jewelry making ideas for beginners, cool trendy projects for teens, and more!


DIY Statement Necklace Ideas for Beginners:

1. Easy Turquoise Statement Necklace by Happy Hour Projects:

With a few easy materials, you can make this classy and trendy necklace. It’s a wonderful jewelry making project for beginners, which uses basic skills to customize your own DIY statement necklace.



2. DIY Bib Necklace by Moms and Crafters

Make a beautiful DIY bib necklace to dress up a plain top! It’s fun to add a free-form or symmetrical mosaic-inspired design, and it’s a great statement necklace craft for when you want to get creative and add your own touch. I used colorful mother-of-pearl beads to craft this piece. This is a sample project from my book How to Make Jewelry Out of Anything.



3. DIY Beaded Statement Necklaces by Positively Splendid:

DIY statement necklace ideas

One of the few projects that doesn’t require any prior jewelry-making skills, this piece is a true example of jewelry making on a dime. You have extra fun painting your own beads and then you can layer as many necklaces as you like to accessorize a plain top.



4. DIY Statement Necklace by Advice from a Twenty Something:

A list of 23 cool DIY statement necklace projects

A lot of what makes a DIY statement necklace into a statement is scale. This super simple scaled-up beaded necklace has a vintage vibe, and is also a great way to repurpose old jewelry.



5. Easy Wood Bead Statement Necklace DIY by Chica Circle:

Here’s another cool DIY statement necklace tutorial that uses large wooden beads customized with color. You then turn it into a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear.



6. DIY Statement Necklace For An Evening Out by Sugar and Cloth:

If you’re looking to get your hands dirty trying out polymer clay, this project is a perfect place to start! Make a few dozen in an afternoon to switch up every one of your outfits.



7. DIY Chunky Beaded Statement Necklace by Flamingo Toes:

A wonderful beginner beading project to learn on, this necklace is also about scale. Make it large to make a statement, and switch it up with other beads to make a completely new look.



8. DIY Statement Rope Necklace by Dream a Little Bigger:

Learn a simple weaving technique on a larger scale and how to properly finish off rope in this piece! You can even use this technique on project #3 instead of tying that one shut.



9. Easy Statement Necklace Tutorial by Craftberry Bush:

If you’ve been following with my blog at all, you’ll know just how much love I have for this DIY statement necklace. I mean who would have thought this would turn out so chic? It’s at the top of my miles-long “To Craft” list…



10. DIY Statement Beaded Necklace by Hello Glow:

Once again, it’s all about scale! This gorgeous beaded necklace is perfect to pair with a plain tee.



11. Vintage Scarf Repurposed Into DIY Chunky Necklace by Sadie Seasongoods:

While this looks a bit like some of the other DIY statement necklaces in this list, it’s got a twist. It uses a repurposed scarf! As someone with a ginormous scarf collection (I use them to wrap/cover my hair) I can so appreciate this practical use!


DIY Statement Necklace Ideas for Intermediate jewelry makers:


12. DIY Rhinestone Necklace by Consumer Crafts:

Call it a stroke of genius – the way the “body” of this DIY statement necklace is secured into one solid piece! It’s got that glam factor going for it. It’s not hard at all – although it’s slightly more work-intensive than the beginner projects.



13. Paper Quilling Flower Pendant by Moms and Crafters:

If you just love making unique, out-of-the-box jewelry, try this paper quilling flower pendant! It’s beautiful and simple to make, but it does require some dexterity. Paper quilling is in general a more fine-tuned craft, so while this is a great paper quilling project for beginners, it’s slightly more complicated than the most basic of jewelry  making projects. Use premade quilling strips for consistency.



14. Leaf Necklace by Moms and Crafters:

This beautiful leaf necklace uses basic sculpting techniques to make a statement necklace that looks anything but basic – all using polymer clay! Add as many leaves to your necklace as you want to really make a statement. Finish it off with a satin glaze to polish up your work.



15. Cork Fabric Statement Necklace DIY Tutorial by Make and Fable:

This super cool piece makes me want to try that cork fabric! It’s so cool and uses different elements of texture to make a beautiful piece of jewelry.



16. Geometric DIY Statement Necklace by Mod Podge Rocks:

Whenever I buy jewelry (and I buy a shocking amount for a jewelry maker…) I always look for geometry. I find that geometry is one of the most pleasing design elements – right alongside texture – and this piece uses both to make a stunning DIY statement necklace!



17. Geometric Copper Necklace DIY by A Beautiful Mess:

Here, we have three of my favorite elements in a DIY statement necklace: texture, geometry and unusual materials! As the sister-in-law of a plumber, I can really appreciate anything that uses copper pipe, and as a jewelry artist, I absolutely love how it’s incorporated in this piece.



18. DIY Fabric & Wood Bead Necklace by Damask Love:

Damask Love added an extra twist to the wood bead/fabric combo here, and I love how polished it looks! I also love that she treated the wood with respect as a natural material, highlighting the texture with stain.



19. DIY Neon Geometric Statement Necklace by Pretty Life Girls:

Alright, I confess, this necklace really should go in the easy section. But using color well does require a certain level of skill, and I absolutely adore this stunning piece by Pretty Life Girls! She uses color brilliantly (‘scuze the pun) in this piece.



DIY Statement Necklace Ideas for the slightly more ambitious:


20. Necklace Wire Wrap by Moms and Crafters:

This wire wrap statement necklace is extremely unique! No two are ever the same. This is the piece I made for my sister’s wedding, using odd mixed color-coded pearls. It’s not hard to make in technique, however, I did list this with the “pro” projects, because there’s no precise tutorial – you need to have a “feel” for how it works.



21. DIY Statement Necklace From Thrifted Jewelry by Sugar Bee Crafts:

It is so much fun to turn old jewelry into a new piece, and this one is simply brilliant! You’ll probably want a surface to work on for this, and you’ll have to adapt the tutorial to suit whichever pieces you have available to upcycle.



22. DIY Big Black Flower Statement Necklace by Love Maegan:

Love Maegan is one of my favorite fashion craft blogs, and quite appropriately, this DIY statement necklace would have been a perfect option for my wedding dress as well! It’s not hard per se, but I feel like it’s easy to botch if you don’t have some crafting experience. That being said, the final result is absolutely stunning, customizable, and a perfect solution for simpler evening wear.



23. DIY Zara Inspired Statement Necklace by Operation Overhaul:

Oh, how I wish that ooh had provided a step-by-step for this DIY statement necklace, because it’s stunning! If you know enough about jewelry making, you should be able to replicate it regardless.




Make these 23 pretty DIY statement necklace ideas - fashion forward easy ideas from fabric, upcycled jewelry, crystal and rhinestones, clay, chain, boho style, and many other cheap and unique materials.


Do you also like accessorizing with a pretty DIY statement necklace? Which of these do you plan to try? Comment below!


Super cool DIY statement necklace ides for beginner through pro


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