Travel Jokes Cootie Catcher – Free Printable!

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I designed this cootie catcher template for you to enjoy and filled it with travel-themed images and jokes – but you can grab the blank one to fill in your own jokes too! This is a great addition to my DIY travel activity kit in a coupon file, or use it on its own. This post contains commissioned links.


click here to download a free printable travel cootie catcher template -a fun fortune teller perfect for road trips and airplanes! Keep your kids busy with this fun free printable travel activity for kids.


When traveling with kids and finding airplane activities, quantity is a must – not just quality. That’s why cheap (and free!) options like this one can really help.

I actually downloaded printable activities from other bloggers as well when we traveled long-haul with two kids, even though I make and design my own.



This free printable cootie catcher template is bright, colorful, and travel themed.

And it was a family effort!

I reached out to my super corny siblings and they came up with jokes so painful, they could be Dad jokes.

I digitally designed the outside with “cut paper” designs.

And in case you don’t want jokes, or want more than the eight I shared, you get a blank one too to add your own “fortunes”.



Print your Cootie Catcher Template by clicking here or on the image below! It’ll take you right to the download form. Enter your name and email address, choose which topics you’d like to receive updates on, and it’ll be delivered right to your inbox. Scroll past the image for assembly and play instructions!


You get: One 2-page PDF file with two printable cootie catcher templates in full color. One has jokes on it, one doesn’t. the one without jokes has marks on it so you can know where to write your jokes or fortune.

To print the one you want, simply choose the correct page number (1 or 2) in your print settings.




How to assemble this Cootie Catcher Template:


1. Print on card stock paper. Cut out around the outer edge. If you’re adding your own jokes or fortune, do this before you fold your cootie catcher template.

2. Prefold your cootie catcher template to make assembly easy. First, bring one corner to the opposite corner (airplane to passport) and crease. Unfold. then bring location to suitcase, crease, and unfold again. Repeat folding it in half horizontally and unfolding and then vertically and unfolding.


3. Fold each of your corners to the center point of your cootie catcher.


3. Flip it over. Fold each corner in again. At this point, you’re going to want a bone folder or something similar to help you make those creases sharp.


4. Finish it up by folding your cootie catcher in half lengthwise, opening, and again widthwise so that the numbers are inside the fold both times. Open up the pointed corners with the pictures so that it can stand on its own.



How to play with this free printable travel activity for kids:



1. Put your thumb and index finger from each hand into the four picture points.


2. With the cootie catcher closed, have the second player choose a photo. Open your cootie catcher one direction at a time, spelling out the letters of the word. You’re switching directions once for each letter. So for airplane you’ll be switching directions eight times.

Next, have your player choose any four of the numbers that show. Open/close your cootie catcher that amount of times.


3. Finally, have your player choose a number again from those that show. Open it up and read the joke!



And that’s how you play!


I hope you enjoyed your free printable travel cootie catcher template! Find more travel activities for kids here and check out my travel journal for kids for more travel fun!

Do you love playing fortune teller? Do you prefer jokes or fortunes? Comment below!


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