DIY Leather Bookmarks in minutes!

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Craft your own DIY leather bookmark from scraps in minutes! If you loved this, you’ll enjoy my list of things to make with leather scraps too.

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Making DIY leather bookmarks is a great way to bust that scrap stash! I don’t know about you but I always have scraps lying around, and bookmarks are the kind of thing that you can never have too many of. They always go missing. Plus, cute bookmarks just make you want to pick up that book!

These come together in minutes. If you have nice leather scraps, why get fussy with what you make with them? Craft something simple and elegant. And as a bonus, these make fabulous Mother’s Day and Father’s Day that anyone can craft – from big kid through adult.

My best tip would be to choose a good, firm piece of leather scrap (faux leather is fantastic too) that isn’t too thick. Add a tassel – either handmade or purchased – for the perfect finishing touch. And if you have larger scraps, you can double your DIY leather bookmarks by making it long enough to stick out of both sides of the book, with a tassel at each end!

What you need to make bookmarks from leather scraps

  • Leather or faux leather scraps
  • Good scissors or knife
  • Ruler
  • .75-1 inch ribbon crimps
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Tassels
  • Jump ring

How to make DIY leather bookmarks in minutes

1. Cut your leather scraps to size. You can make them very long to fit through the whole book or just a few inches. Make sure the width is identical to, or just narrower than your ribbon crimps.

2. Place the end into a ribbon crimp. Start by squishing one side closed with your pliers.

Complete the crimping by squishing the other end with the pliers too, as well as the center.

If you’re making one that goes through the whole book, add a ribbon crimp to the other end as well. If not, it’ll keep your book nicer if you leave it off.

3. Add your tassel. To do this, just open a jumpring and thread it through the hole on the ribbon crimp and the hole on the tassel. Close it well.

Your DIY leather bookmarks are complete! Who will you be making these for? Comment below!

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