DIY Love Wood Sign

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Create this mixed-media adorable Love Sign to display in your home. Be sure to give yours a personal twist! When you’re done, check out how to crochet a small heart too. This post contains affiliate links.

Love is in the air these days, but this mixed media craft is great for anytime to highlight the love you always feel in your family’s home. Its old-timey arts-n-craftsy style will surely stir up warm, homey feelings whenever you or your loved ones see it.

If you prefer different colors or elements, you can easily swap out some of the materials while still retaining the sweet handmade effect. It will look great hanging on the door or in any room, and would make a great gift for someone who holds a special place in your heart – be it a family member, teacher, or friend.

Because of the many different elements used in this craft, it will be fun and interesting for older children, teens, and adults. Technically, a younger child can accomplish each of the steps, but would probably need help to follow through the whole process. This makes it a great project to work on together – perfect for the theme of love and togetherness!

I was able to find everything for this craft at the dollar store, making it a very budget-friendly activity. You can also use found objects from your home or wherever you buy craft supplies.

Dollar store products can vary a lot from one location to another or even from day to day, so if you can’t find the specific materials used here, keep an open mind to see what else you can find that might work. For example, the heart grapevine wreath was a really lucky find that might not be available everywhere – you can try making your letter O out of twigs, jute string, or whatever sparks your imagination in the craft or floral aisle.

Or, make this macrame heart keychain (minus the keychain bit) to stick on!

Did you know that many dollar stores sell really cheap tumbling tower games? The game is made of little wooden blocks that can be used in all types of ways. This craft only uses five of the pieces, so you can still play a good game when you’re done! Or save it for other crafts.

I’ve recommended a glue gun, but you can also use liquid glue if you don’t mind waiting for it to dry. For the strongest hold, you may want to use tacky glue for the ribbons and foam, and/or wood glue for the sticks and blocks. E6000 glue is also a great choice.

What you need

Many of these supplies can be purchased from the Dollar Tree, some seasonally. I linked to great Amazon options here to make them more accessible for everyone. This is also a great craft to create your own variations of by exploring your craft room!

How to make your DIY Love Wood Sign

1. Line up 18 jumbo craft sticks. Glue three other craft sticks across the top and bottom edges to connect them.

2. When the glue is dry, turn the project over so you have a flat board made of the 18 sticks in a row. Paint this with white acrylic craft paint. Let it dry, and apply a second coat if necessary.

To give it a distressed look, water down some dark brown acrylic paint and wipe it across the sign in random strokes.

3. Cut two jumbo craft sticks and arrange them in the shape of the letter “L.” Check them against the sign background to make sure the size looks good, then glue the sticks together in the L shape. Glue foam roses to cover the entire letter L.

4. The mini heart grapevine will represent the letter “O.” If you’d like, tie natural jute twine in a bow and glue it to the wreath.

5. Cut the ends off of two of the jumbo craft sticks and glue them together to form the letter “V.” Glue pink gingham ribbon to the V. Tuck the cut edges of the ribbon around the back of the sticks and glue them in place.

6. Lay out five pieces of the wooden tumbling tower game in the shape of the letter “E.” Glue them together.

7. Arrange the letters on the white background so that they are evenly spaced and centered. Glue them in place.

8. Measure and cut an 18” length of natural jute twine. Turn the sign over and attach the ends of the twine to the top corners with glue.

Allow all the glue to dry thoroughly before hanging.

Your DIY love wood sign is complete!

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