DIY Shark Costume – No Sew Upcycled Boxtume (Cardboard Box Costume)

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Even if you are in a time crunch, you can craft this easy DIY shark costume – made using a cardboard box! I am thrilled to be working with Amazon Prime to share  this fun “Boxtume” – a costume made using a cardboard box!


Craft an easy DIY Shark Costume - a great last minute Halloween costume idea using a cardboard box. Call it a Boxtume! This upcycled inexpensive costume is so easy to make.


I’m excited that Amazon Prime Boxtumes (box costumes) are here, and this year we’re joining in the fun!

My boys love dressing up any day, which is why I love to create costumes for them that can be worn all year round.




When kids know that you’ve put in the effort, they love to wear costumes beyond Halloween, and play with them year-round too!

But if you’re like me, you might be looking to save a little, or want to  work with what you have – plus a few extras that you can get with fast, free shipping from Amazon Prime.





As well-stocked as my craft room might be, somehow, I always seem to be missing something. And often, I’m running last minute. That’s why I turn to Prime. They have pretty much everything I need – from the perfect color of paint, to that obscure jewelry find, or even a new smart pen for my phone or laptop.

If you’re like me, and like my neighbors (judging by a quick walk down the block after the Amazon truck has passed), you probably have a small stack of Amazon boxes going out to recycle every week, so why not upcycle a few instead? Join in and show us your creative side – and then post it on social media using #boxtumes and #amazonprime.




There are so many things you can do with an Amazon box, and this DIY shark costume is just the start!




And now, on to crafting the shark Boxtume that M is now obsessed with playing around in!



Supplies needed to make your no-sew shark costume:

To complete your outfit:



How to make a DIY Shark costume from an Amazon smile box:

1. To start, determine the direction that your box will be used, so that you can follow these instructions more easily, as I refer to the “top, bottom, front, and back” of the costume.

Front: The longer, wider side of the box that’s taped shut.

Back: The longer, wider side of the box that’s open. This is typically the side that you would have opened up your Amazon delivery box from.

Top and Bottom: the smallest sides of the box.

Right and left: the narrower long sides of the box.

Now, cut off the entire bottom of your box, including the attached flaps.



2. Place your box right-side up, with your cut-off end on the bottom. Cut the sides of the top of your box open so that the top side of the box, along with its flap, is attached only on what would be the front of your box. Make sure that it’s securely taped in place to the front of your boxtume.


3. The top of your DIY shark costume will be slanting toward the back, mimicking the nose of a shark. Determine the angle that you want it slanted, hold the top of the box in that position, and mark on the sides of the box where it meets, for the full length of the box top.


Trim along those markings. When you hit the end of your markings, cut the rest in a straight horizontal line along the rest of the sides and the back of the box, as pictured.


Now, tape the top of the box down along your new, angled sides.


4. Draw two lines on the front of the box where you want the face opening to be. Keep in mind that it should make sense, and you should have enough space to create armholes once it angles to the side. Continue the bottom line about midway – straight across the sides. Draw a straight line connecting the top line to the bottom, forming a triangle on each side. Mark your armholes as well.


Cut out the mouth and armholes.


5. Your back is still open at this point, the top half of the back will be used to close off the boxtume. The bottom will be used for the fins. Cut both back flaps horizontally in half.


And then tape the top two halves together. You should still have a loose flap attached to the top of your shark box. Tape the end of this flap to the bottom of the smaller back side of your costume, as pictured.


6. Cut out two mirror-image fin shapes and glue them to your remaining bottom side flaps.


Cut out a dorsal fin as well and attach to the back of your DIY shark costume.


7. time to paint! I painted the front of the face and fins white and the sides and back medium gray. Add an eye using black paint or a permanent marker.


8. Cut out shark teeth from card stock and glue it to the inside of all sides of your mouth.


Your Shark Boxtume is ready to wear!



Your DIY shark costume is complete! Have you ever made a Boxtume out of Amazon boxes? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Click to learn how to make a DIY shark costume out of a cardboard box. This no sew Halloween costume can be adapted for Baby Shark or for pretend play! It's also a great man eating shark DIY costume idea.


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