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Looney Tunes Inspired Family Costume Idea

Looney Tunes Inspired Family Costume Idea

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If you followed along until now, you might have already noticed what our family costume idea was. I like it when we dress up together (last year we were all Winnie the Pooh). This year I decided that instead of all being the same thing, we’ll dress up as costumes that work together.


An adorable family costume idea - you'll love it! Includes DIY costume tutorials - no sew.


I decided we’ll do something Loony Tunes-ish. My husband dressed up as Elmer Fudd, I was Bugs Bunny and M dressed up as a carrot.


Why a carrot?

Well, I thought it would be cute because Elmer Fudd hunts Bugs Bunny, and Bugs Bunny is always eating a carrot… Yup! I dressed up my tot as Bugs Bunny’s carrot!


I actually did this for Purim (last March) – the Jewish holiday where we dress up. We actually don’t celebrate Halloween, though I’ve been sharing with you some great ideas here anyway. So, M was eighteen months old then, not walking, but he adored his carrot costume!


An adorable family costume idea - you'll love it! Includes DIY costume tutorials - no sew.


Mine and my husband’s costume were really just accessories. All of these costumes are frugal, as most of it can be reused afterward as clothing, and all of them are no-sew (I used a glue gun.)


You can see the tutorials for each one below. I also included recommendations for how to dress to make it a full body costume.



Looney Tunes Inspired Family Costume Idea: 


1. DIY BENDY BUNNY EARS (Bugs Bunny Inspired): 

(My toddler modeled it for this photo, but I wore it…)

Make this DIY Bendy Bunny Ears Headband Craft for Easter bunny role play, or for dress-up! Learn how to make these jumbo bendy bunny ears - a fun Easter craft for moms to make for kids




Make this funny, if not realistic Elmer Fudd hunting hat to go with a no sew costume for Halloween or Purim!




I love this Halloween costume for toddlers - such a great DIY idea! It's a no sew carrot costume that's really cheap and easy to put together too.


And here, of course, is our whole family wearing our beautiful costumes (or costume accessories…)


An adorable family costume idea - you'll love it! Includes DIY costume tutorials - no sew.


It was really nice to have costumes that allowed us to wear regular clothing – we were comfortable all day long. I ended up putting an extra shirt underneath M’s short-sleeved shirt as it was a bit chilly. But, I found one with orange sleeves so it fits right in.


Anyway, I figured I’d share it with you now that many of you are working on your Halloween plans. I hope you enjoyed my family costume idea!


Do you dress up as a family? What ideas do you have for family costumes? Share in the comments below!

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