Felt Ice Skate Craft – Free Template

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Craft a beautiful pair of felt ice skates using this step-by-step tutorial and free template! When you’re done, check out this paper snow globe craft. This post contains affiliate links.

Brrrr… winter is definitely here (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway). It would be tough getting through all the cold weather if it didn’t come with so many perks – dazzling sparkly snowscapes, cozy hot cocoa waiting at home, and of course all our favorite winter sports. 

Today we’re going to celebrate that timeless winter favorite: Ice skating! Using simple, inexpensive materials, we’re going to craft a beautiful pair of decorative ice skates.

This craft is very versatile. While we’ve suggested colors and accents, you can easily substitute many of the colors or materials. For example, I’ve decorated my skates with wooden snowflakes and sparkly pom poms, but if you don’t have those available or prefer a different design, you can either skip that or make something else – perhaps cut a decorative shape out of felt scraps, make a design out of sequins, or use paint or glitter glue directly on the skates.

You can also try making a miniature version using smaller craft sticks and printing the template at 50%. A smaller size might be useful for decorating winter greeting cards, for example. They can also appeal to those kids (often the preteens) who are just into anything mini.

This is a moderately child-friendly craft, meaning that kids of various ages should be able to do it with a little assistance. 

Here are some ways you can adapt the felt ice skate craft to enable even younger kids to do it more independently:

  • Cut the craft sticks in half ahead of time (each skate requires one stick cut in half and one whole stick). Watch out for splinters.
  • Use foam sheets instead of felt. You’ll lose the delightful softness, but you’ll be able to trace the template instead of using pins, and it can be easier to cut. Using stiff felt sheets rather than the soft kind could also be easier on the tracing and cutting.
  • If you don’t have a strong hole punch such as Crop-A-Dile, I have seen regular hole punches work on foam sheets (not felt).
  • Use liquid glue instead of hot glue, allowing extra drying time.

Choose the materials you feel the most comfortable with and get ready to add some sporty sparkle to your winter decor!

What you need

Tip: a lot of these can be purchased at the Dollar store, but I like to link online for those who can’t make it.

How to make a felt ice skate craft

1. Cut two of the jumbo craft sticks in half. Paint all four halves plus two whole craft sticks with gray craft paint. Let dry and apply a second coat if necessary.

2. Print and cut out the ice skate template. Use straight pins to attach the skate shape to the gray felt sheet. Cut out the shape and repeat for a second ice skate.

3. Make a boot template by cutting the sole and heel off of the full skate template. Pin the boot shape onto the blue felt sheet. Cut out the boot, and repeat to make a second felt boot shape.

4. Use a glue gun to attach the blue boot shapes to the gray ice skates. When dry, flip over the skates and trim off any excess gray felt that sticks out.

5. Punch holes in the paper template where shown. Transfer the design to the ice skates by using a permanent marker through the holes. Use Crop-A-Dile to punch the holes in the felt.

6. Glue two of the half craft sticks to the back of the ice skate, one at the heel and one closer to the toe. Flip the skate over to the front, and glue one of the full craft sticks horizontally to make the blade of the ice skate. Repeat to add the blade to the other skate.

7. Measure and cut about 48” of white yarn for each skate. Wrap the end of the yarn in clear tape to make it easier to lace.

Starting at the top of the skate, leave some yarn sticking out and thread the longer end of the yarn through all the holes. When you reach the bottom, thread the yarn through the last hole a second time and then lace back up to the top.

Tie the yarn in a bow and trim the ends to the desired length. Repeat for the second skate.

8. Paint two wooden snowflakes with white paint. Let dry and apply a second coat if necessary.

Use glitter glue to create sparkle accents on the skate blades and snowflakes.

Attach a small white pom pom to the center of each snowflake.

Glue the snowflakes to the ice skates to complete the design.

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