How to make a hair bow out of ribbon

Learn how to make a hair bow out of ribbon 3 ways with this easy step-by-step tutorial. You can also learn how to sew DIY fabric bows to make more accessories.

how to make a hair bow out of ribbon 3 ways

Plans for 2020: go and have a baby girl after being a boy mom for seven years and make piles of bows.

If you’d asked me in 2019 what my plans were for 2020 I probably wouldn’t have answered that. I don’t think any of us could have answered that question accurately.

But that’s what happened and I’m incredibly happy that, despite the roller coaster that was 2020, despite our family’s personal losses and struggles, we came out with one of the best gifts we possibly could: our little princess.

Table of Contents:

And I haven’t stopped making bows.

Yes, she has more bows than she could possibly wear. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop!!

I plan to share them with you in this space. Many of the techniques are so similar, it’s not worth doing separate posts. For example, while this post deals with how to make a hair bow out of ribbon, you’ll see THREE styles, using the same glued loop technique.

The single.

The double layered.

The double butterfly.

But you can do the same exact thing with loops made of leather, fabric strips, or whatever you want. Basically, you can “DIY” your own ribbon and use that. With thicker materials, you might want to do it a bit differently, which I highlighted in the instructions below (so you really have four very similar techniques below).

These aren’t just for babies! Make them in any size, as any type of hair accessory.

I also used this technique to make Cricut bows that have a bit of an indentation in the middle, but you don’t need to do that either.

And finally, some people WILL find it easier to just tie a bow, however, I like that I have more control with this technique for how to make a hair bow with ribbon, plus, I can use different ribbons within the same bow for more texture and a more unique look.

I have a few more tutorials for how to make a hair bow with ribbon coming up as well – because there are SO many ways to do this. I will share them in this space (make sure you’re signed up for updates).

I want MORE Craft IDEAS!

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I tried to use the same ribbon for the tutorials just so that you have a better visual, but I’ve used different ribbons to make this. You can see a few in the final images that are almost like the tutorial below. After I made them, I decided they’d look cute with a metallic leather center, so I added that on after.

So yes, you can embellish these however you want.

I made these into hair bands because Princess A doesn’t have much hair these days… but you can do alligator clips, barrettes, or whatever your princess is up to.

So grab a good glue gun, some ribbons, elastic, and a seat, and make piles and piles of ribbon bows!

Love her shirt? Get the SVG for that here.

Materials needed to make ribbon bows

How to make a hair bow out of ribbon

How to make a hair bow out of ribbon – single layer

1. Start by cutting a strip of ribbon double the width you want your hair bow to be.

2. Overlap the two ends and glue to form a loop.

3. Wrap the center with a piece of thread. This helps form a more natural cinch in the center.

4. Cut a little strip of ribbon, and use it to wrap the center to finalize a faux bow. First glue it in place in the front (use glue in moderation here).

Then wrap and glue in place in the back.

Using this technique with a stiff material such as leather strips

1. If you’re using a stiffer, thicker material, place a line of glue in the center back of your strip and bring the two ends to the center, gluing it in place. You’re not overlapping these ends. You’re just gluing them to the center of your ribbon.

2. Cinch your ribbon as pictured and glue the cinch in place. Cut a piece of ribbon to use for the center.

3. To attach your elastic:

NOTE: On most bows I attach the elastic before the center ribbon, so that it’s smooth on the back. However, it’s especially important if you’re using leather.

Glue both ends of your elastic to the back center of your ribbon bow, where you formed your seam, overlapping them.

4. Wrap your ribbon around the center. This CAN be another strip of leather, however it’ll be harder to work with. You’re better off uisng the ribbon first, and covering with a strip of leather after. I find that mixing it up with ribbon adds dimension, texture, and loads of style. And I LOVE how this lace trim looks with leather.

5. Trim off any extras.

How to make a double layered hair bow out of ribbon

1. Make two ribbon loops, one the full width you want your hair bow to be, and one a little smaller.

2. I like double bows to NOT be cinched in the center. To do this, glue them down in the center so that they each form two loops.

3. Cover with a strip of ribbon in the middle

4. Fold your ribbon ends back, overlap in the back and glue down, trim any extra.

How to make a hair bow out of ribbon butterfly style

1. Create two loops the same size.

2. Place them next to each other, one on top, one on bottom, and wrap them together in the center so that they “butterfly”. Cover the wrap with a ribbon.

If you’re attaching strips of leather over the ribbon, like I did, just make sure they touch in the back but don’t overlap – it’ll be too bulky.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make a hair bow out of ribbon! What’s your favorite style, material, color? Comment below!

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