Jewelry making is an amazing craft to learn! If you want to DIY your own handmade jewerly, these books for beginners are a perfect inexpensive way to learn!

Jewelry Making Books for Beginners

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Books and kits are both a wonderful way to teach yourself how to make jewelry. These jewelry making books for beginners offer the basic techniques you’ll need to get started. As a bonus, I’m throwing in some links to KITS that offer some starter supplies, in case you want to start really small.


Jewelry making is an amazing craft to learn! If you want to DIY your own handmade jewerly, these books for beginners are a perfect inexpensive way to learn!


If you’ve been following along with my jewelry making for beginners series, you’ll know by now that the world of jewelry making is is vast and diverse. Using books to guide you will help you figure out your style and recognize where you want to go with it.


While the world of jewelry making books is massive and diverse, you’ll find that only some offer up basic techniques. The rest will include niche-specific projects. Even those that are diverse in style will usually target specific topics. 

Look for a book that is either FOCUSED ON SKILLS rather than projects, or on one where the projects offer basic skills. Here are some great examples to get you started. 


6 jewelry making books for beginners:

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These books are just suggestions, organized by what your need might be. I highly recommend you go through the description and reviews on each to learn more, and even click through the preview. 


1. For unique projects and basic instructions: If you love the idea of using found items, recyclables, and other inexpensive craft supplies, try my new book How to Make Jewelry Out of Anything.

The book is geared toward teens (but fun for grown-ups too), which means it has very basic instructions and is totally beginner level. Many of the projects are also very colorful and quirky. You can see a full directory of the projects on the back. You’ll definitely learn everything you need for the basics of jewelry making.

Get the print book here or the ebook here. Watch the promo video and learn more about it here.

Gifts for Creative Kids - How to Make Jewelry Out of Anything book



2. For a general overview: The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making. This book focuses on imagery to introduce you to the various tools needed for different techniques. It goes less in depth, but covers more techniques – so it’s perfect if you really need direction for where to start. 


3. For stringing:  The Absolute Beginners Guide: Stringing Beaded Jewelry. While the focus is purely on stringing, that is a very good place to start with your jewelry making. So, if you prefer to cover one technique thoroughly, from the ground up, as a start, this book is perfect.


4. For the visual learner: Bead Simple – You’ll find very basic techniques, lots of background, and a some great design tips. Plus, the techniques are illustrated, so if you learn visually – this is for you! It also focuses on customization, so if you find some projects to be too specific, this is for you!


5. Lots of background: Jewelry Making and Beading For Dummies. If you like to be told EVERYTHING, but don’t necessarily want tutorials, this book is for you! It goes pretty thoroughly into a huge variety of technique, and gives lots of information. It will NOT provide creative inspiration, rather a straight up how-to.


6. For fine jewelry: Professional Jewelry Making. If you plan to go hard-core with metalwork, and create professional fine jewelry (and not fashion jewelry), this book is for you! It is a bit costlier than others, but serves as a full course. Rather than being a relaxing read, it’s a source for you to study, work hard, and master the profession. 



There are so many more books, but these are great for a start.

Here are a few more tips for finding the perfect jewelry making book for beginners – in case none of my top picks work for you:


  • Look for books that teach techniques not just projects.
  • If the book teaches projects, make sure it has lots of background information and tips for making the piece unique.
  • Don’t just look at star ratings when shopping online. Look at what the reviewers wrote, as often they’ll share the practical application – what they were looking for and whether or not they found that.
  • The Kindle version or ebook is usually cheaper. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the app for free for various devices (including your computer.)


Jewelry making kits for beginners:


Kits aren’t really worthy of their own post in this series, so I decided to throw in a few suggestions here. Tip: look for kits that offer samplers of lots of supplies, with a few pieces of each. That way you can really jump start your jewelry making supply closet.

That’s just a small taster so that you can see what I’m looking for. Feel free to comment below if you’re looking for more information or suggestions. I happily answer each question!



Do you have an recommended jewelry making books or kits for beginners to add to the list? Comment below!



Jewelry making is an amazing craft to learn! If you want to DIY your own handmade jewerly, these books for beginners are a perfect inexpensive way to learn!

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