Paper Bag Cat in the Hat Puppet

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Craft a fun and easy paper bag Cat in the Hat puppet using this free template and tutorial! When you’re done, go ahead and check out these Cat in the Hat crafts to try. This post contains affiliate links.

We just love the antics of the Cat in the Hat, along with the ironic lessons he teaches us! And therefore, we love crafting him.

Book characters make fabulous paper bag puppet crafts, because you can use them to animate storytime.

The Cat in the Hat is no different. That cheeky smile will make your kids smile. And the free template makes it easier to craft.

While the paper bag Cat in the Hat puppet’s face is hand-drawn free-hand, you can definitely use craft supplies to help you. the smile is simple: it stretches from ear to ear. The eyes can be Googly eyes, and the nose replaced with a pom pom.

Or, dare to get artsy and draw your own.

The paper bag Cat in the Hat puppet is a fabulous Read Across America Day craft – but fun for any time you’re celebrating children’s literacy. You can get creative with textured papers and glitter paints, or just keep it as-is for a simple, adorable paper craft.

What you need

How to Assemble a Paper Bag Cat in the Hat Puppet

1. Print out the template and cut it out. Trace each part on appropriately-colored papers. I recommend doing the hat base white and the stripes red. The cat head, tail, and feet are all black. The face and stomach are white.

2. Glue the face onto the head so that the top curves meet.

3. Use markers to add a face. The lines are simple: just do oval eyes close to the face points. Add a mouth that stretches from cheek to cheek. A small nose sits in the middle.

4. Glue the stripes onto the hat (if you use the template, it should match up.) Cut a slit in the hat.

5. If your hat stripes spill over the edges, trim it to fit within the shape of the hat. Slide the head through the slit in the hat from front to back. Glue it in place.

6. Cut a piece of paper to fit the front of the bag – minus the flap (the portion that would normally be the bottom of the bag, but is now the top).

7. Glue the feet to the piece you cut to cover the bag.

8. Glue the stomach just above the feet – leaving a small space in between. The straight edge should be on bottom.

9. Now, glue this whole piece to the front of the bag below the flap.

10. Glue the head and face to the flap of the bag.

11. Glue on the tail to either side of the cat, on the back. You can make a bow from paper – or tie one using a red ribbon – as a finishing touch.

Your paper bag cat in the hat puppet is complete! Don’t forget to share it with your friends and pin it on Pinterest to share the love!

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