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Enjoy these paper basket templates, including a fun and free printable color-in version! If you loved this, check out this school bus template too! This post contains affiliate links.

When I get an idea, it typically spirals out of control and so when I decided to design paper basket templates, I got a little out of control and ended up with:

Yup, all that from one idea. And I had to nix some so that I can even complete this project, like, ever.

I decided to offer one variation as a free download at the end of this post. The free one has a simple basket weave pattern and is made of the most basic style of basket. I chose this one because it’s the most versatile – it’s the easiest assembly and the basket weave pattern means older peeps can have fun with color and younger ones can just color.

All about the paper basket templates

The size of these can vary. Since a PDF is a fixed size, you’re left with the size that the basket is. However, your limitations with the SVG is the size of your scrapbook paper (or similar).

I didn’t even make my SVG baskets the full size because I didn’t want to run so many mats!

The baskets are roughly in the 2.5-3 inch range, so they’re small – and perfect for little treats. Most baskets can fit 2-3 small snacks – such as a Hello Panda bag, a juice box, and a fruit & grain bar. They won’t necessarily fit a full-sized snack bag, but they’ll fit a decent amount of candy, chocolate, etc.

They all come in four basic shapes:

A simple cubic basket that slants out a little.

A square basket where the base is a straight cube, and then it slants upward in middle.

One that has octagon front and back panels and then side panels that follow three of the octagon sides.

This one has a double punch for the handles on each side. You can assemble the handles shopping basket style using the paper handle templates or shopping bag style using ribbon.

And finally, the geometric sphere is basically a round-shaped basket, however, it’s made up of six sides that fold upward in threes.

About the SVG (and PDF) paper basket templates

The SVG paper basket templates are perfect for making polished-looking baskets for party favor, Easter baskets, table settings, and more. And yes, if you don’t have a Cricut, you CAN hand cut it too, using the included PDF.

Use pearly white paper for a bridal theme, use bright colors for Purim, and pastels for Easter.

Dress up final projects with watercolor paints, stick-on gems, or anything you’d use to embellish paper crafts.

Each basket comes with a standalone side panel. I created this to allow you to create cutouts and have the base basket color show through! That way you can customize it with text, monograms, or images.

Or, just create a color block effect, with different sides featuring different colors.

You can also have your Cricut draw, foil, or deboss on the base before you cut.

The two simpler baskets have an additional decorative side panel that features a cutout trim. That shows just how much you can customize using the blank panel!

I decided to offer these individually to keep them affordable, and as a bundle for those who want more options.

About the Color & Craft baskets

My original idea was to create color-and-craft baskets (I kind of detoured in middle to make the plain SVG/PDF template version – welcome to my ADHD OCD brain!)

I love color-and-craft projects because they really mesh with art, giving you room to be creative. They appeal to more non-crafty people who like to just sit and relax with a project – but gain a functional end-project.

There are a few different “levels” to the color and craft version.

At the baseline, you have the simplest design, the basket-weave, which you get for free at the end of this post, or bundled with the other simple design.

Then, you have the basket that has a straight bottom and slants up, which features a fun doodled design, with a new doodle on each panel, that’s easy for kids to color, but mature enough for older kids.

The octagon basket has a more complex “grown-up” design but it’s not crazy detailed.

And the geometric sphere has a finer design on the panels, with small details, for a real adult coloring experience. This and the octagon come bundled together.

Some of the handles are blank, and some have patterns. If you’re looking for a fun color-and-craft basket for an Easter craft workshop, a small gift, a birthday party, or whatever, this one is for you:

More paper basket template assembly tips and variations

The cool thing about all of these baskets is that you can really do a LOT with them. Instead of using the included handles, try using ribbons or rope for a more “real” finish. I even strung wood beads on one of them for a super fun touch!

You can leave out the handle entirely and leave it as a bowl. If you’re using a template, ditch the hole (on the SVG you can do this using “contour” in Design Space.) On the color-in versions, it almost doesn’t show on the more complex styles.

I usually like to use double sided tape for this type of craft. However, on these paper basket templates, some of them fell apart. This was a bigger problem with the ones that had decorative side panels.

Especially if you’re going to use these for more heavy duty purposes, you’ll probably want to hot glue them – you can see my favorite hot glue guns for crafting here.

Even white or tacky glue can work better (they just might get a teensy bit messy, and they take a bit of time to dry, so be careful to set them well). Tacky glue is the glue of choice for me when crafting with kids and/or in a group.

Assembling your paper basket templates

What you’ll need

For the SVG/Hand cut template

If assembling paper basket templates by hand:

For the color & craft version


If you haven’t yet, get your templates

Because you’ll also need those…

FYI all full paper basket templates come with instructions – refer to these in advance only so that you get the gist of what’s required to assemble them, but you don’t need to save them.

(the free basket is available for download at the end of this post)

Assembling your baskets

The SVG/Cut Paper Templates

If making it in Cricut, first ungroup your layers. Make sure all score lines are set to score, and everything is lined up properly, then “attach”. If you’re customizing a side panel, do that. Make sure texts are stencil fonts unless you want to deal with the insides of letters like a, g, o, etc.

Subtract anything you’re cutting out.

Make sure to duplicate side panels as needed.

2. Cut out all your basket parts. If hand cutting, score as needed. Glue on your side panels, if any.

3. Fold on score lines.

4. If using double sided tape, apply to each tab. If gluing, work tab-by-tab.

5. Glue each side tab flush with the next side, applying pressure from the inside of the basket to ensure it adheres well.

6. Attach your handle using a brad pin from the outside toward the inside. If you Cricut-cut you’ll have holes in place. If you didn’t you can either poke a hole using the brad pin, start it with a paper piercing tool, or punch a hole that’ll be a bit bigger, depending on the size of your hole punch.

Attaching rope handles

1. Cut a piece of ribbon or rope about 12 inches long. Make a double knot towards the end. Note: if you hole punched, you might find your hole to be too big. If need be, you can tie a bead to the inside OR add a blob of hot glue to your knot to make it bigger.

2. String it from inside your basket to the outside, so that the knot sits on the inside.

3. Thread the other side from the outside to the inside of the other hole.

4. Tie a dobule knot on that side to secure.

If you’d like, you can glue your knot for added security, and then trim it close.

The color & Craft variation

1. Print your basket on cardstock and color it in.

You can color in your handles if you’d like, or not.

2. Cut out your parts.

3. Fold on the dashed fold lines.

4. If you’d like, punch holes where the circles mark the spot.

5. Assemble your basket by gluing each tab to the corresponding spot.

6. Attach a paper handle with a brad pin on each side.

7. Or, attach a rope handle the same way you did above!

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