Paper Christmas Garland – Free Template

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Craft an adorable paper Christmas garland in one of two sizes, using the free printable templates. If you love this, check out these gingerbread man puppet templates. This post contains affiliate links.

Ready to get some holiday decorating on? This paper Christmas garland doesn’t require advanced skills, thanks to the template! And there’s more than one way to craft it, based on your skill levels, and whether or not you want to sit and cut out small parts from paper.

The template comes in two sizes so that you can choose. It’s kind of a mini paper garland either way, giving you roughly ornament-sized shapes to work with.

The basic template is cut out using regular construction paper. You can go a notch classier and use cardstock instead. And if you want to really spice things up, play around with different textures from around your craft room.

Another way to craft this is to make more whole shapes and color in details. For example, you can tweak the template by pre-assembling the tree, then trace and cut out only the background of the tree and add layers, using the other templates or by copying visually, using markers or glitter glue.

Some of these shapes already use markers to add the detail, anyway.

Craft a paper Christmas garland to hang from the tree, on a mantel, in front of a window, or wherever you like to decorate!

However you craft this, just make sure you have fun!

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Supplies needed

How to assemble your paper garland

1. The template includes patterns for: an ornament, stocking, star, bell, and Christmas tree. Cut out the parts you’d like to recreate and then trace them onto colored paper. Cut each shape out.

2. Glue the Christmas tree layer cutouts together. Start with the largest on the bottom and go progressively smaller toward the top.

3. Attach the trunk to the bottom to finish assembling the tree.

4. Attach the bell clapper to the oval shape. This is the inner part of the bell that makes all that noise.

5. Attach the oval to the bottom of the bell background and then glue the bow cutout to the top of the bell.

6. Attach the 2 stocking details to the stocking. The pointed oval goes at the heel and the rounded rectangle goes at the top.

7. Use a marker in a slightly darker color than your paper to add dimension to your star. Starting from the center, draw a line toward each point and where the points connect.

8. Fill the segments or keep it simple – whichever you prefer. If filling it in, go for every other segment.

9. I don’t have a tutorial for the ornament but it’s pretty self-explanatory! Prepare as many paper images as you’d like to fill your garland. When the details are finished, cut a string to the length you want your garland to be.

10. Attach the each Christmas item to the string to assemble the paper Christmas garland.

Your paper Christmas garland is complete! I hope you enjoyed crafting it!

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