Paper Ornaments for Kids

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Some ornaments are made to be keepsakes (like these gorgeous wire wrapped ornaments) and some are fantastic boredom busters to entertain the kids. These paper ornaments for kids are fun to color, craft, gift, and then recycle when the holiday is over! This post contains affiliate links.

Paper Ornaments for Kids collage

As Christmas get closer, parents get busier and kids get crankier as they eagerly anticipate the fun times…

So that’s why projects need to be more hands-off.

When looking for “busy time crafts” I love those that have a good proportion of independent activity vs. parent involvement. Depending on the age of the child making these paper ornaments for kids, you may need to help a little. Grade schoolers should be able to complete it on their own.

I love coloring crafts for this very reason: kids can get creative and play an active role in designing the outcome. You can keep things simple by pulling out the crayons, or get creative with glitter glue (note: I did NOT say glitter…), craft gems, stickers… the possibilities are endless!

Your free printable paper ornaments for kids include 6 total styles in 3 different shapes: 2 each of stars, circles, and bells.

Have fun and be creative!

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What you need to make paper ornaments

  • The ornaments, preferably printed on cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Crayons, markers
  • Optional: decorating supplies
  • String

How to assemble these color-in paper ornaments

1. Color and cut the ornaments. Fold the ornaments in half.

2. Glue them on top of each other in layers.

3. Open up the last layer and glue on the string before gluing the last layer to touch the first layer.

4. Fold open the layers to form the 3D ornament.

Hang and enjoy!

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