Wire Wrapped Ornaments – Wire Wrapped Star and Angel

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Create your very own Wire Wrapped Ornaments with this simple Christmas craft. You can easily make this to hang on your own tree or give as a homemade gift to others. Making ornaments or even wire wrapped pendants is simple and easy for beginners. This post contains affiliate links.


Click to learn how to make wire wrapped ornaments for your Christmas tree three ways! Make an angel ornament, a beaded tree and more cool wire wrapped ornament tutorials for adults!


What makes this DIY Christmas Wire Ornament so simple is that it’s basically repeating the same steps again and again to create a beautiful Christmas craft. 

This homemade ornament is a great project to start with and the same concepts learned here can easily be used for this Beaded Christmas Tree as well. 



While this holiday craft is perfect as an ornament, you can always add your own spin to it as well. 

If you don’t want to hang it from your tree, add some string to it and make it a suncatcher in your window as well. Or even just have it sitting on your shelf for the holidays. 

It’s such a nice and pretty craft that you can easily find a place to display it in your home if you don’t have a need to hang it on your tree. You can even turn it into wire wrapped jewelry!


One important factor to remember is that you’re going to need to choose a thick aluminum wire that’s lightweight enough to hang on your tree, but not going to bust your budget, either. 



You can also have fun with your choice of beads as well. While I use some specific ones in the supply list below, you can change it up a bit and use glass beads or even fun painted wooden beads as well. 



Make certain to check out some of these other wire crafts as well! 



What you need to make a DIY Christmas Wire Ornament:


How to make wire wrapped ornaments:

Wire Wrapped Star

1. Choose the size of the wire ornament and draw a star pattern on a piece of paper. Once you have determined the size, grab your wire that you’re going to use. 

2. Take your pliers and create a small loop at the very end of the wire. Then, take and bend the looped part to be about 90 degrees with the rest of the wire.


3. Take the star drawing that you used earlier and do your best to bend the wire into the shape of your star. Take your pliers and use them to bend the wire for each point. Once done, put the wire pattern over your star drawing and do this after each bend to make certain that you’re staying on pattern with the star shape. 


4. After you’ve made the star, keep about 2 cm of extra wire and cut off the rest from the bundle. 


5. Take the extra wire and coil it around the wire below the looped part. Next, gather up some beads and the 24 gauge wire. 


6. Start putting on the beads from any side. All you have to do is coil the 24 gauge wire around any of the parts of the wire star. Make certain that you coil the wire 4-5 times and then add on 1-2 beads.


7. Take the coil to the opposite band and coil it there to secure your beading. Start inserting beads onto the current wire again and coil that part on the opposite band as well. 


8. Do the same steps as above and fill the points of the wire star.


9. Once the beading is done, you’re going to want to coil the rest of the wire 3-4 times around the nearest band and cut it off. 



Wire Angel Ornament

1. Start by drawing an angel pattern onto a piece of paper. You can make this as simple as you want. Once done, take the 16 gauge wire to use. 


2. Take your pliers and create a small loop at the open end of the wire. Once done, circle that wire around that loop about 2-3 times to make a sort of twirl pattern. This is going to be the first wing for your angel.


3. Now, take your flat nose pliers and bend that water. You’re going to want to bend it 2 times because you’re trying to make a triangular shape. Make certain to lay your wire against your angel pattern to check that it’s looking right. 


4. Make a circle or a round shape for the angel head and then bend that wire away from the first wing. Next, create another twirl and cut off any access wire.


5. Grab up your beads and start to add them onto the triangular part of the angel.


6. Enjoy! 


I hope you liked making this wire wrapped ornaments! Do you have any other shapes that you’re going to try to make? 


Learn how to make wire wrapped ornaments using beads and wire! This fun easy Christmas craft and DIY project for adults is great for beginners and makes great jewelry too. Includes angel ornaments, wire wrapped Christmas Trees and a star shaped beaded decoration too.

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  1. These are so beautiful!!! This year is not my year to make these, but I have made myself a few reminders! Thank you for sharing!

  2. beautiful handmade ornaments. We usually flock the Christmas tree & make homemade ornaments. We have a bunch of ornaments!

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