Preschool Kangaroo Craft

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Looking for a fun little preschool kangaroo craft? This adorable mom and Joey are perfect for that! When you’re done, try this Koala craft too! This post contains affiliate links.

It’s almost Mother’s Day, and I don’t think anything says motherly devotion and bonding like the mama kangaroo who carries her joey long after birth. Look how sweet and happy this loving mother and baby pair are! They make a lovely kid-made Mother’s Day gift on their own or to present together with something else.

Write a personal message on the back of the craft, or glue Mama’s back to a folded piece of cardstock to create an adorable card for someone you love. If you would rather use it as a toy, you can attach a jumbo craft stick to make a stick puppet.

The main skills you need are cutting and gluing, so even a preschooler can make this craft with just a little assistance. But it also has enough parts to keep an older child engaged as well. It’s adorable and complex enough to appeal to many ages.

Older kids might choose to decorate and embellish it more so pull out that craft supply stash!

On that note, I wanted to share the irony, how it’s often the moms that get most into the crafting for Mother’s Day – whether it’s with students, or for grandparents. I did want to publicly thank all those teachers who take the time out to do Mother’s Day crafts with the kids.

Frankly, I rarely save my kids’ projects, other than taking photos, however it’s the Mother’s Day ones that often sit on our family cork board for a long time.

What you need

  • Colored papers, such as cardstock, construction paper, or copy paper – depending on how stiff you need it to be
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Download and print the preschool kangaroo craft template at the end of this post.

How to make a paper kangaroo

1. Choose your colored paper for the mother kangaroo, baby kangaroo, and heart. We’re using orange as the main color, but kangaroos can also appear brown, tan, or gray – and of course, you’re welcome to use your imagination and come up with your own color scheme. If possible, choose a different shade of your main color for the kangaroo’s pouch to make it look more distinct (we were able to find a slightly lighter orange)

Cut the shapes out of the printed template and trace them onto the colored paper. Cut out the colored pieces.

2. Glue the smaller ear shapes onto the larger ear shapes. Glue the nose to the pointed tip of the head. If you’d like, you might choose to use a small bead instead of cutting a nose out of paper – it can be hard to cut out tiny pieces, and a bead can add some dimension and shine.

3. Glue the ear shapes to the top of the head. For the neatest look, put a dab of glue on the front of the bottom of the ear and attach it to the back of the head.

4. Use a marker or pen to draw an eye design on the eye cutout shapes. Glue them toward the top of the head.

5. Glue the legs to each side of the kangaroo body.

Apply glue carefully around the round edge of the pocket – make sure not to put any glue along the top or in middle of the pocket!

6. Stick the pocket near the bottom of the kangaroo’s body centered horizontally.

7. Use a marker or pen to draw a mouth on the kangaroo. We also decided to add some eyelashes and a little red on her cheek – decorate it however you like!

Glue the arms onto the kangaroo’s body just above the legs.

8. Attach the baby kangaroo’s head to its body. Use marker or pen to design the joey’s face. If you’d like, you can also add color to the inside of baby’s ears and to the cheek.

9. Glue the heart to the middle of the mama kangaroo’s pocket. Slide the baby kangaroo into the open top of the pocket. If you’d like, you can glue it down to make sure it doesn’t get lost. Or you can leave it there able to slide in and out just for fun.

You’re done! Isn’t that the sweetest little paper preschool kangaroo craft? It’s sure to melt a mama’s heart.

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