Beaded Tassels for Bags or Anything!

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Craft these DIY beaded tassels as a quick and fun DIY to try this spring! When you’re done, you can learn how to make a yarn tassel garland. This post contains affiliate links.

You’ve probably seen beaded tassels just like these recently in both fashion and home decor. They’re a simple yet elegant way to add character to just about anything.

But did you ever think of making your own? Using inexpensive materials you probably already own, you can customize a tassel to the perfect size and color for whatever you want to accessorize. And while I’ve shared a bit about tassel making in the past, adding earthy wooden beads give them that boho vibe you were wishing for.

Tassels make a super cute backpack or handbag accessory. They can be used to accent your home decor by adding them to curtain ties or wall hangings.

You can even make them in mini for a necklace or, if you’re feeling bold, try them on earrings! Let us know in the comments what else you think of to upgrade with custom-made beaded tassels!

Try this with other materials beyond yarn! Give macrame rope a go for a classier look, or try upscale DMC satin floss with a gorgeous sheen.

For your beads, you can try crystal, glass, metal, or whatever you’d like! Just make sure it’s got a large enough hole to thread your string.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, you’ll find this tutorial easy to follow and the end result satisfying. Pick out some yarn in a texture and color that makes you happy, and let’s get started making some beautiful beaded tassels together!

What you’ll need

How to make beaded tassels

1. Cut a piece of cardboard to the length that you want your tassel to be. About 2-3 inches is fabulous.

Start to wrap the yarn around the cardboard.

2. Keep wrapping the yarn around the cardboard until you reach the thickness you’d like for your tassel. For the sample, we wrapped it around 18 times. When you are happy with the thickness, cut off the yarn.

Cut another piece of yarn around 3 times the length of the tassel. Pass one end through the wrapped yarn by sliding it between the yarn and the cardboard.

3. Tie a tight double knot in that yarn strand. Then slide the cardboard out from the middle of the wrapped yarn.

4. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the loops of yarn on the side opposite your binding yarn.

5. Use a tapestry needle to thread the ends of the tied strand through 1-3 beads.

6. Thread the ends of the yarn back through the beads, but keep a small loop sticking out of the last bead.

7. Let the open end of that yarn hang together with the rest of the tassel yarn. Cut another piece of yarn and wrap it around the bottom of the loop, next to the beads.

8. Tie 2-3 tight knots to secure the beads onto the loop.

9. Thread the ends of that strand into the tapestry needle.

10. Use the needle to pull those ends through the beads and add them to the rest of the tassel yarn.

11. Cut another strand of yarn and wrap it several times around the top of the tassel, a little below the beads. Tie the ends with a tight double knot.

12. Let the extra yarn from the last step hang down with the rest of the tassel yarns. Use scissors to trim the ends of the tassel strands to make them even.

Use the loop to attach it to anything as a charm or decoration!

Your beaded tassels are complete! What will you be using yours as? Comment below!

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  1. The finished tassel doesn’t look like the step before it. What did you do with the yarn you tied the last knots on the tassel

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