Best Sewing Machine for Professionals

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The last in my series of sewing machine reviews, this list is designed to help you choose the best sewing machine for professionals. Not to be confused with heavy duty fabric use – for those look for the best heavy duty sewing machine – these were chosen for durability with heavy use, consistency and professional stitching, and the ability to be specialized to your product and needs. Tip: find my best sewing machine reviews of individual needs to find the machine that best suits yours! This post contains affiliate links.


Click for my list of the best sewing machine for professionals - these top industrial and commercial sewing machine picks take you through sewing tips for setting up a home business


When searching for professional machines, most of them are designed to be more specific to a purpose. They don’t have beginner functions, and are purely functional. Most professionals will have more than one machine with specialized functions for each machine.

So if you’re looking for a more multi-purpose commercial grade machine check out my list of the best semi professional sewing machines.


I chose five top picks at different price points and with different key features. I truly hope this helps you find the best sewing machine for professionals- whether it’s for your home sewing business, your shop, or whatever you need it for!

Many professional sewing machines are straight stitch machines, so make sure that’s good for you before buying.


Since there is a lot to absorb when comparing machines, I highlighted the main selling point for each machine as well as the price point and the SPM – the stitches per minute sewing speed.

Each machine has majorly different features, so if there’s something important to you that wasn’t mentioned here, just click through and read through the features!

I’d also recommend if you’re looking for a professional machine primarily for quilting to check out my list of the best sewing machine for quilting since that needs its own set of features.


I also provided links for Sewing Machines Plus and Amazon where relevant so that you can compare descriptions, features, and of course prices.



Price guide:

I’m trying something new for this post and including a general pricing guide so you can know which range each best sewing machine for professionals falls into. I don’t like to share exact prices because they can change and there’s no way I can keep it 100% up to date, so this is a great way to know if it falls into your general budget.

$: 0-499

$$: 500-1499

$$$: 1500-4999

$$$$: 5000-9999

$$$$$: 10,000+


The best sewing machine for professionals – top 5:


TheSINGER 191D-30 Complete Industrial Commercial-Grade Straight-Stitch Sewing Machine:

Price: $$

Speed: 4000 SPM (stitches per minute)

Main Selling Point: Complete assembled machine with table, at an affordable price point. It’s got a suepr fast stitch speed too.

Description: Ideal for medium-to-heavy fabrics, this rockstar machine has a heavy duty motor that also tackles multiple layers with ease. It self-lubricates and has a large sewing space for larger projects.

Get it on  Amazon



Brother PQ 1500SL High-Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine

Price: $$

Speed: 1500 SPM

Main Selling Point: The price and the multi-function features. It’s great for large-scale projects and problem fabrics.

Description: This might belong more in the semi-professional category, but I had to include one more affordable option here for those of you who simply wanted something more durable that’s appropriate for commercial use – but don’t have a huge budget.

It also comes with the Brother exclusive pin-feed mechanism for improved fabric management.

Get it on Sewing Machines Plus   |   Amazon



Juki DDL-8700 Servo Motor Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

Price: $$

Speed: 5500 SPM

Main Selling Point: Price and Servo Motor

Description: A hardcore, rugged, no frills machine, the Juki DDL-8700 is considered one of the best walking ideal for medium to heavy materials on a tight budget. It’s got a large throat and can be purchased fully assembled with a table and Servo Motor.

Get it on Sewing Machines Plus (assembled)   |   Amazon (not assembled)


Juki DDL8700-7-WB AK CP18 Auto Backtack Thread Trim Foot Lift Machine/Stand

Price: $$$

Stitch Speed: 5500 SPM

Main Selling Point: Flexible sewing that responds well to different material types. This is a great choice for professionals who need something a bit more versatile!

Description: An industrial lockstitch machine with a high speed, generous throat, and automatic adjustments to different fabric types, this machine is the perfect mid-range best sewing machine for professionals! Its consistent tension features give quality stitches. It comes fully assembled with table and motor.

Get it on Sewing Machines Plus   |   Amazon



Juki DNU-1541-7 Single Needle Lockstitch Machine with Table & Servo Motor (Table Comes Assembled)

Price: $$$$

Speed: 3000

Main Selling Point: Its advanced features allow you to sew multiple layers of thick fabrics without losing your consistency. Basically, it does the heaviest duty jobs without a hiccup.

Here’s a quick demo:

YouTube video


And a more in-depth review:

YouTube video

Description: This top-of-the-line single needle machine doesn’t have as fast speeds as some of the other industrials but it does have more versatility  and advanced features. IT’s considered one of the best industrial walking foot sewing machines. It’s got Juki’s unique rectangular feeding motion that allows it to climb up layers of fabric, greatly reducing gathered stitches.

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Which do you think is the best sewing machine for professionals? Got any questions to ask the community? Comment below!


Click for the top 5 best sewing machine for professionals setting up a home or otherwise sewing business!

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