Back to School Cricut Ideas

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ready for some personalized school supplies and other back to school Cricut ideas? These fun ideas are mostly ridiculously simple and totally practical – and most of them can be done with any Cricut machine! This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Cricut.

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Back to school 2020 might be the weirdest ever, but as moms we have a special superpower: to make things fun.

We’ve spent the last few weeks of summer personalizing our school supplies. We designed Print Then Cut stickers to label school supplies, which will all be individual this year instead of pooled for the class. Yes, we are labeling 48 sharpened no. 2 pencils….

We created mask lanyards and DIY backpacks, we vinyled our lunch boxes and easy-pressed back-to-school shirts, and we’re not nearly done.

I gave the kids an activity choice the other day: do you want to paint or decorate school supplies with the Cricut? The answer – two days in a row – was “school supplies!”

So, as we prep for a strange and unusual back-to-school season, we remember that our attitude is infectious, our kids pick up on it, and even when we’re not feeling it…. crafting really helps.

Most of these ideas can be done directly in Design Space using Cricut Access designs. They are simple and realistic even if you’re a wee bit busy. Enjoy!

19 Back to School Cricut Ideas for everyone

6 School Essentials in favorite themes

Part of making things exciting is catering to what your kids love! That can be themes, like we did, or specific styles, like the tribal themed backpack and the Harry Potter stuff….

1. Alien Lunch Box by Moms & Crafters:

Got a space lover? This alien lunch set is so simple and clever! I also teach how to do a sea themed set with turtles and fish.

2. Tribal Pattern Backpack by Aprons And Stilettos:

Make a plain old backpack look designer by adding some metallic foil! This is a fantastic idea for older kids and high-schoolers.

3. Animal Print Backpack by Creative Ramblings:

Another fantastic way to update a plain backpack: add some animal print! This cheetah print is everything!

4. Harry Potter School Set by Lovely Indeed:

Got a Harry Potter fan? Small decals are classy but turn a simple set into a fan favorite. You can add it to just about anything.

5. Game School Essentials by Sugarcoated Housewife:

If your child would prefer to be gaming… this set puts some humor into that! Make water bottles, pencil cases, and add names to basically anything.

6. Peeking Monster Backpack by Moms & Crafters:

Make a backpack with a monster coming out of the pocket for a creepy touch! This adorable craft, going live 8/31/20 will make your kids giggle. We will be adding this design to M’s school supply box too.

4 Personalized School Supplies

If you need to label your supplies, why not make them cute? These quirky ideas are well-designed and turn ordinary supplies into super duper cool ones.

7. Fruity Highlighters by Pineapple Paper Co:

If you gotta make name labels, why not make them cute? These fruity name labels are even cuter on the highlighters, where the fruit match the colors.

8. Abstract School Supplies by Proper:

Personalization doesn’t have to be tacky. It can be modern and chic as Proper proves with this artsy abstract design.

9. Personalized Folders by Printable Crush:

I’ve seen so many personalized school supplies, but this set by Printable Crush is amazing! The bold designs and the added monograms make it extra.

10. Rainbow Supplies Box by Happily Trista:

And finally, add a rainbow to anything and make it happy! The block name underneath makes it even more special.

6 Back to Homeschool Ideas

2020 is the Year of the Homeschool, and whether you’re doing it traditionally, or attending your regular school remotely, these Cricut back to school crafts are super practical and helpful.

11. Animal Face Supply Drawers – Sunny Day Family:

Stay organized with the cutest little drawers ever! I don’t homeschool but I think I wanna make these to make the plastic drawers my November baby’s clothing is going to be stored in a little bit classier… Seriously, the Cricut has made these the cutest plastic drawers.

12. Pencil Clipboard – Soccer Mom Blog:

Soccer Mom Blog’s entire homeschool room is to die for, but I especially love these pencil “clipboards” she made to hang stuff in.

13. Planner Stickers by Tastefully Frugal:

Planner stickers are great for any school structure, but essential for families who homeschool, and make their own schedule.

14. Kindness Tissue Boxes by But First Joy:

These kindness tissue boxes were made as teacher’s gift, but are great for homeschool rooms, especially as a reminder against sibling rivalry. Kindness starts in the family, doesn’t it?

15. Homeschool Rules Sign by Hello Creative Family:

Make your own “classroom rules” homeschool styles! It’s one of my favorite back to school Cricut ideas for homeschooling moms.

16. Homeschool Bins by Whats Up Fagans:

Organize each of your kids’ books and materials in latching boxes that they help make special!

3 Back to School Photo DIY Ideas

Back to school photos are amazing memory makers and these Cricut Crafts make them that much cooler…

17. Pencil Pocket Shirt by Moms & Crafters:

Go in style on the first day with a shirt that can be worn then and beyond! We used the Cricut to add this sweet pencil pocket to one of Y’s polo shirts.

18. First Day Pennant Flags by At Home with Ashley:

What a unique photo prop – not quite like the same old framed print! Make a first day pennant for each grade and keep the tradition going.

19. Back to School Chalkboard Prop by Mommyhood Life:

And finally, a repeat-use chalkboard sign is a classic for a reason. It’s big and makes a statement in your back to school photoshoot.

Got any favorite back to school Cricut ideas to add to the list? Comment below!

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