Bathtime tips for toddlers

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Some toddlers love bathtime. Some don’t. And sometimes toddlers who love bathtime suddenly start crying every time. These bathtime tips for toddlers are meant to help bath be a fun, happy time for your tot.


Does your toddler hate bath time? These 6 practical bathtime tips for toddlers will help you troubleshoot those bath time blues for easy parenting and a happier baby!


There are many reasons why your toddler might suddenly start hating bath time. I found this out the hard way. 

Usually, the way it goes is like this:

He’s playing happily. And then suddenly he starts shrieking hysterically, with something clearly bothering him.

After speaking to many other moms, I discovered that this wasn’t unique to my son. Many toddlers who love bathtime will suddenly have that Something that bothers them. The challenge is to figure out what that Something is.


I’ve put together this little list of “fixes” that can really transform bath time, turning it back into that giggly time of bonding and play.



6 Bathtime tips for toddlers:


  1. Use a bath ledge to fix toys in place: M did not like when his toys floated away or sank. He liked to be in control. If this is the case with you toddler as well, use one of those bath trays that are meant for pre-motherhood soaks, but make a perfect play table for your tot.
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  2. Take out a few toys at a time: One of my suspicions was that he got a little overwhelmed during bath time. An easy fix was to only offer a few toys at once, instead of all his bath toys. While we normally do this with regular toys, the bath ones are stored in the tub. Extending the “toy swap” many moms do with regular toys can help a toddler not be overwhelmed.
  3. Beware of shampoo in the eyes: A classic reason a toddler might cry is because a little bit of shampoo got into her eyes. Double check that this isn’t the case.
  4. Make it fun: A little bit of distraction can go a long way. If your child seems to simply not like bath time, making it fun can turn that around. Some ideas to try: bath paints, turning on music (this has become a go-to fix for us), and shampoo hairdos.
  5. Make sure your bath is a comfortable temperature: Bath temperature is something we focus on a lot with our babies. Don’t let this slip by in toddlerhood! Making sure that the bath is comfortable can help your tot be much happier.
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    bathtime-tips-for-toddlers-3Finding a cleanser that is comfortable for your tot can help make those bath time blues go away.


If your toddler cries when bath time comes around, try troubleshooting with these simple bathtime tips for toddlers. It could be a fix as easy as switching out your soap for a mild cleanser!


Does your toddler hate bath time? These 6 practical bathtime tips for toddlers will help you troubleshoot those bath time blues for easy parenting and a happier baby!


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Do you have any bathtime tips for toddlers to share? Comment below! 


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  1. My little girl used to hate having her hair washed. I encouraged her to tip the water from a cup over my head, and watch me top it over my self and and then she learnt to tip it over her own head a little quantity at a time. We built this up and now she can pretty much rinse all of her own hair at the front.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these tips. I am sure many parents can relate to the elusive “something” that suddenly starts bothering their child mid-bath. Parents should take care to always monitor their children in the bath, especially for times such as these. A scared child may try to jump out the bath and slip and fall, or attempt to turn the water of by themselves and instead burn their skin with scalding water. All parents should also get training in basic First Aid and CPR for just in case. Emergencies happen, but being prepared can make a big difference. Thanks again for sharing these great tips!

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