Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

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This Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornament is a super simple Christmas activity that is great for all ages. Making your very own ornaments is a great way to create homemade holiday decor and memories as well. This post contains affiliate links.


Click to make an easy DIY craft stick ornaments! This easy christmas craft for kids is fun for toddlers preschoolers and older.


The simplicity of this Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornament is that it’s really easy to do. The bonus is that you also only need four supplies to get started. 

This Christmas tree ornament is so much fun to make as was the grown up version: this DIY Beaded Christmas Tree. Both are a great way to get excited and ready for the holidays and since you can decorate them as you’d like, they have an open-ended twist as well.


craft stick christmas tree ornament


Keep in mind that creating during the holidays is just something special to do. While you can easily hang this from your Christmas tree, it’s just as special to have it sitting somewhere in your home or to create it for the sake of crafting..

Or, if your family loves to give homemade gifts, this Craft Stick Christmas Ornament would be wonderful as a DIY gift for someone special on your list. 


craft stick christmas tree ornament


Also, one other fun little tidbit…while you can buy the  colored popsicle sticks, you can also let the children color or paint them from scratch. Just a simple way to add yet another awesome layer to this homemade Christmas Tree ornament. You can even eat some popsicles and collect the sticks for more fun – since each craft stick Christmas tree ornament uses only three.


craft stick christmas tree ornament


Confetti made from metallic paper is fun to add and give it some of that holiday sparkle and shine. I always have good luck finding different variations and colors and most craft stores have a wide variety in stock. 


craft stick christmas tree ornament



What you need to make a DIY Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornament:


How to make Christmas Tree Ornaments:

1. First things first, paint your popsicle sticks the color green if they aren’t already.

craft stick christmas tree ornament


2. Next, take two of the popsicle sticks and make a triangle. Apply glue on each end to join them together and hold them in place.


3. Choose one of your green yarns and tie it to the top point of the triangle.


4. Next, start to wrap the green yarn from the top to the very bottom of the triangle. Make sure that you put some glue on that area as well. As you near the end of wrapping, don’t forget to tie your yarn to secure and hold the wrapping in place.


5. Take your other color of green yarn and do the same but this time, wrap it around the Christmas tree shape. (this helps add a lot more detail to the tree!)


6. This is where the metallic paper comes into play! Take it and cut out colorful shapes.


7. Glue it wherever you want on the tree to decorate it.


8. Don’t forget to cut out a star from metallic paper and then glue it on the top of the tree!

craft stick christmas tree ornament

craft stick christmas tree ornament


I hope you liked making this Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornament! Are you planning on making some for your own tree or to gift to others? 


Click for this easy Christmas craft for kids! These craft stick christmas tree ornaments are fun for kids, toddlers, and preschoolers too!

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