Learn how to successfully incorporate custom social media icons onto your blog! Blogging tips

Tips for Adding Custom Social Media Icons to your Blog

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I figured it’s about time I tackled social media icons in my blog design series! These tips for adding custom social media icons to your blog are meant to advise you, whether creating, or finding free ones, on how to make it work out aesthetically.

Learn how to successfully incorporate custom social media icons onto your blog! Blogging tips

Adding social media icons to your blog is a must. This is your portfolio in a nutshell. Social media icons are a great way for people visiting your blog to find your online presence in one spot, so that they can follow along with you.

My theme came with buttons that I liked, so I opted not to add custom buttons. Many bloggers will choose to add custom social media icons as it is a great way to personalize your blog. It’s a way to incorporate your social media without cluttering things.

Next week, I will provide you with the ultimate resource… a huge list of social media icons you can choose from. I am busy assembling that, and I want it to be as helpful a resource as possible.

First, I want to explain how to choose from that list. The thing is, it’s not enough to just find a pack that “looks cool”. It needs to flow. It needs to work with your branding. It needs to add and not overwhelm.


Here are some tips for finding THE RIGHT custom social media icons to add to your blog:


  1. Match the colors to the color scheme of your blog, preferably your accent colors.
  2. Monochromatic (a single color) often works best.
  3. Make sure the lines and curves match the overall setup of your blog.
  4. Simple lines often work best.
  5. I highly recommend going for smaller icons. They will be found by those looking for it, and will not be “in your face”.
  6. If the buttons follow a “theme” (hand drawn, teddy bears), make sure it’s consistent with the theme of your blog.
  7. Make sure the icons are easily recognizable.
  8. Less is usually more, unless it really flows with your blog.
  9. Make sure the style is up to date, and not old-fashioned.
  10. Double check your pack to make sure it has all the icons you’ll need. Some older packs are missing Pinterest, which , for most bloggers, is a critical resource.
  11. Check your licenses! If you are earning money off your blog, you need a commercial-friendly set. Some sets will require somewhere on your blog.
  12. Make sure the sizes are right. They’re sized in pixels, and you may need some trial and error until you get the size you want.
  13. Make sure the background is transparent, if it’s cut in any sort of non-rectangular shape.

If you’ve missed the rest of my series you can catch up right over here! Posts include how to take better blog photos, a tutorial for creating a seamlessly tiled background, photo editing tools, logo design tips, and more!

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