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DIY Apple Honey Dish

DIY Apple Honey Dish

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How to Make a DIY Apple Honey Dish: Whether its the autumn bug or Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year) that you’re experiencing, apples are in season! Rosh Hashanah tradition is to eat apples with honey as a symbol of the sweet year to come. If you’ve had guests in past years you may have an eclectic collection of honey jars. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you simply don’t want to have to scrub sticky honey off a beautiful jar that looks best in the cabinet… Whatever they case is, this DIY apple honey dish is sure to impress.

how to make a DIY apple honey dish


Most people will eat the Challah bread served at the start of the meal with honey as well. You can use it first for that, and when you reach the apples-n-honey portion, slice the apples from the center, let the honey fall on, and pass around the plate. Even when eaten without the apples, they give the honey a fruity flavor.

Make this when you’re in the mood for a healthy snack… Its best to do it right before the meal so the apples shouldn’t brown. Alternatively, you can brush it with lemon juice as you go along, although this will take a way a little of the sweetness.

How to Make the DIY Apple Honey Dish

You need:

how to make a DIY apple honey dish

  • Apples (I chose the prettiest, most blemish-free ones I can find)
  • A paring knife
  • A simple long platter
  • Honey
  • a spoon (go for metal – the plastic was hard to work with!)


Slice off the top of the apple. Try to do this as neatly as possible, but if it doesn’t come off straight, you can fix it.  You can eat the top.

how to make a DIY apple honey dish

Cut around the core. (If you have an apple corer you can do it using that – just make sure you don’t go through to the bottom).

how to make a DIY apple honey dish

Scoop out the inside. It does not have to be neat, as it will be covered with honey. Just make sure all the seeds are out.

how to make a DIY apple honey dish

Optional: cut triangles out of the edges for a scalloped finish. this is great to do especially on the ones that didn’t come out so neat.

how to make a DIY apple honey dish

Line them up on a long rectangular tray.

how to make a DIY apple honey dish

Pour the honey into the apples. It looks great if you overflow them, leaving some drips. At first I put the coordinating spoons in the apples but it looked tacky.. If you have a honey server it’ll look even better, but I don’t, so I just put the yellow spoon at the side.

how to make a DIY apple honey dishSet your table, and make it pretty!

how to make a DIY apple honey dish

Have a sweet new year!

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Wednesday 4th of November 2015

Place the creamed honey on the bottom of a cellophane bag and top with a hand-picked apple. Wrap the bag with raffia. Using red cardstock, cut an apple shape by hand or with a cuttlebug machine. Write a personal note and attach to the raffia with double sided table or glue dots.


Friday 10th of April 2015

I love how simple this is! I am definitely going to try it this month!

Natalie Brown

Sunday 15th of February 2015

This is the cutest idea! So healthy and delicious. My grandson would love these. Thank-you for the inspiration!

nicole dz

Saturday 14th of February 2015

Wow love how great you carved the apples, what a yummy treat! Love the touch of the yellow spoon.