Felt Frog Pattern & Softie Craft

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Craft a felt frog softie using this free pattern and tutorial! Then, check out my tutorial for a mermaid pencil topper from felt too! This post contains affiliate links.

Craft this adorable little felt frog plush for Spring, to learn the letter F, or as a tool to act out the Plague of Frogs! You can really create it for any occasion – it’s a cute little craft that you and your kids will really enjoy.

It’s designed to be a simple little plush that you can use for anything, but I’d like to share some more specific ideas:

  • Leave it unstuffed and don’t sew the bottom center between the legs, and you have a felt frog finger puppet!
  • Or, glue a popsicle stick through the bottom and use it as a stick puppet.
  • Sew on a little loop and use it as a keychain.
  • Use it in sensory bins or small world play.
  • Or, just keep it as a fun little plush “pocket pet” for your frog lovers out there!

This sweet little felt frog is a fabulous beginner hand-sewing tutorial for tweens to try! Or, if sewing isn’t your thing, give it a run using felt or fabric glue.

So download the template and give it a go, even if you’re making it just for fun!

Download the felt frog template

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What you need

How to Make a Felt Frog

1. Trace the 2 big circles on white, 2 small circles on black and 2 small circles on pink felt. Trace the semi-circle on brown felt and trace the rest of the shapes on green felt. Cut out the traced pieces.

2. Take the full frog base the legs. Place the separate legs on the corresponding legs on the felt frog base. You can also go ahead and already glue the eyes together at this point.

3. Place the body on the bottom half of the base that corresponds, to ensure you’re sewing your front together accurately. Use thread (or fabric glue) to connect the body with the legs. Don’t stitch the back yet. You can remove it from the base layer once you have it positioned correctly if it’s easier to sew that way.

4. Assemble the felt frog’s face. Stitch or glue the eyes and cheek parts onto the head. Use black thread to stitch the mouth and nose of the frog (I recommend outlining it first using your tailor’s marker or chalk). Position the head in the correct place on the body, again using the base layer as a guide, and stitch or glue it to the body.

5. Stitch or glue the semi-circle to the bottom of the body, right between the front feet.

6. Connect the front of your frog to the back single piece back base. Sew a blanket stitch around the edge, leaving the last inch or so open. Even if you’ve been gluing until now, this part does come out best stitched. If you’re gluing, do it just around the tip of the edge.

7. Stuff your frog using small scraps of felt or poly fil. Since it’s small, cotton balls can work too.

8. Stitch the opening shut, and tie off your thread.

Your felt frog is complete! What will you be crafting yours for? Comment below!

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