Felt Fall Bookmarks (free template)

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These felt fall bookmarks are the perfect accessory as you curl up with a book this upcoming fall season. When you’re done, check out this felt turkey pattern too. This post contains affiliate links.

Fall is in the air! Think beautiful leaf colors, crisp fresh air, ripening pumpkins, kids going back to school! What an exciting time!

This craft makes the most of Fall colors and sights, whether you’re using the bookmarks in school books, cookbooks, or perhaps to keep track of time in your planner. Felt is a durable material, so they also make a really sweet, personal, handmade gift for someone special.

This craft requires quite a bit of sewing as well as cutting small parts, so it’s best suited for older kids or adults with strong fine motor skills. The stitches to sew are basic, so you don’t need sewing experience – just the ability to handle a needle well and cut small pieces of felt. I recommend using sharp, fabric-only detail scissors for your cutting.

If you want to adapt the project for younger or less skilled crafters, you can use glue instead of sewing, it just won’t have that sweet stitched look. Not all glue works on felt, so make sure to use one that will. 

The trick is to find one that doesn’t absorb into the felt too much. Tacky glue can work if applied thickly enough, or get felt glue. An adult can use a hot glue gun which will work fabulously on a porous material like felt, or a thick industrial glue like e6000

What you need

How to make felt bookmarks for fall

1. The provided template includes pumpkin, acorn and mushroom designs. Look at the pictures and choose felt colors that you’d like for these designs. Working with one design at a time (we’re starting with the pumpkin), cut out the template shapes. Trace them onto the felt sheets and cut the shapes out of the felt.

2. Take one of the bookmark base cutouts and pin  the stem and vine cutout on the pointed corner.

3. Place the middle part of the pumpkin (the largest oval) slightly covering the bottom of the stem and vine.

4. Using a thread that matches the pumpkin, sew on the top of the middle pumpkin piece – only the top! Stitch through all the layers of the pumpkin, stem/vine, and bookmark base to attach them together.

5. Arrange the other two pumpkin pieces on each side of the middle one, tucking them underneath the edges of the middle piece.

6. Sew around the rest of the middle piece, making sure to go through all the layers so it attaches to the bookmark base.

7. We used green thread to do a small cross-stitch on the loose end of the vine to secure it to the pumpkin. Still using the green thread (or the color of your choice), sew the leaf onto the top of the pumpkin off to one side.

8. Sew a second leaf at the bottom of the pumpkin or wherever you like it. Decorate the empty spaces with small colorful dots.

9. Use cross-stitches to attach the dot cutouts to the bookmark base.

10. Place the pumpkin bookmark piece on top of the plain bookmark base.

11. Stitch along the straight sides of the bookmark bases to attach them together. Keep the round end of the bookmark open. Tie a double knot and cut off the extra thread.

To use the bookmark, slide it over the corner of the desired page.

Use the same technique to create bookmarks with the other template designs. You can use the pictures to guide you in placing the pieces, or use your own creativity to design the bookmarks using the cutout shapes!

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