Felt Turkey Pattern & Plushie Craft

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Use this felt turkey pattern to make an adorable little plushie for Thanksgiving. Or turn it into a puppet! Then make this clothespin turkey puppet too. This post contains affiliate links.

felt turkey pattern with title text

Time for a felt turkey pattern to make an adorable little turkey plush or puppet! This adorable little bird will really delight your toddler or preschooler this Thanksgiving. The ribbon tail adds some more textures for their sensory enjoyment.

You can turn it into a puppet too by gluing a craft stick between the two layers, at the base of the turkey. This is not necessary but adds another little play element for your little one.

The template comes in two sizes, both of them quite small. The larger template is about 5.5 inches wide at the body, and the smaller one about 2.75.

While this tutorial was hand cut, I did create an SVG as well for you to enjoy with your download! That one can be resized as you’d like, and you’re limited only to your Cricut cutting mat surface.

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What you need

  • Polyfil or felt scraps for stuffing

How to Assemble the Felt Turkey Template

1. Download and print out the template page. Trace and cut out the parts from the correct colored felt. Cut out two of your base/head-body, or the large almost-circle. Or use the SVG to cut using your Cricut.

2. Take your first base cutout. Place the wattle on the base, with its round side facing down. Place the beak cutout covering the top of the wattle. Use a thread to match the beak and stitch the beak to the base, catching the wattle too. If you’d like you can glue it first and then stitch – it may be easier for you.

3. Place the wing cutouts on each side of the base and use a pen or pencil to outline eyes onto your turkey.

4. Use matching thread to stitch the wings onto the base and use a black thread to stitch the eyes.

5. Take the back of your turkey – the second base. Place the hair cutout on the top and the leg cutouts on the bottom. They should have enough overlap on the base to be secure but should be sticking out enough to be cute.

6. Place the front on top of the back, keeping the hair and the leg cutouts intact. Felt has some natural hold so you shouldn’t need to secure it, but if you’re having trouble you can pin or temporarily glue it in place.

7. Use matching thread to stitch around the edges, leaving a small opening. Stuff the felt turkey with polyfil or felt scraps and then finish sewing.

8. Cut ribbons to stick out of the turkey. Cut them roughly double the size of your turkey + an inch – longer if you’re making a large turkey.

9. Cut out a semicircle base for the ribbon (feathers) and fold the ribbons in half. Secure their open ends together – a quick stitch or a pin will do.

10. Sew the looped ribbons to the felt semicircle. It doesn’t have to be too neat, but they should stick out in a consistent pattern.

11. Sew all ribbon loops onto the semicircle.

12. Sew the tail with ribbons to the back of the felt turkey pattern so that the felt semicircle is on the outside, hiding the ends of the ribbon. Your felt turkey is complete!

I hope you enjoyed this free felt turkey pattern and that the instructions were straightforward! Which type of plushie would you like to see next? Comment below!

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