A Zillion Things to Make at Home!

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There’s nothing quite as therapeutic as creating something new. This enormous list of things to make is organized mostly by material. You’ll find something for every skill level and every age group – including many unique ideas!

A unique collection of your favorite things to make from around the web. Use unusual materials to craft!

Click on the image to be taken to that craft list. Happy crafting! This post contains affiliate links.

Things to Make with Unusual Materials

Sometimes you just need to think a bit further than your craft closet! And sometimes inspiration can be found in your craft closet… but not in the way you think.

14 cool and functional nail polish crafts! These quick and easy crafts are perfect crafts for teens, or for when you're short on time and all use a common ingredient: nail polish!
Nail Polish Crafts

15 more cool and functional nail polish crafts! These quick and easy crafts are perfect crafts for teens and tweens, or for when you're short on time and all use a common ingredient: nail polish!
More Nail Polish Crafts

16 awesome things to make with balloons - you'll love these easy balloon crafts are for all skill and age levels! You'll find crafts for kids, teens, and adults with easy ideas to repurpose balloons you have left over from a birthday party.
Balloon Crafts

14 of the BEST and most unique things to make with straws - these straw crafts use both paper straws and plastic, and include kids crafts, adult DIY, and unique ideas for teens too.
Drinking Straw Crafts

'Tis the season of stores overrun with pool noodles, cheaper by the dozen, and so the time to look into pool noodle crafts and activities to try!
Things to do with Pool Noodles

You won't believe it's a pool noodle! Check out how many things you can do with a pool noodle! Pool noodle activities, crafts, and hacks.
More Pool Noodle Crafts

These 14 beautiful clothespin crafts are so easy to make - you'll find ideas for kids and for adults! There are a few clothespin puppets ideas, clothespin vehicles and many funcitonal DIY toys and projects.
Clothespin Crafts

Who knew you could make such cool things with zippers? I love these zipper crafts, especially those easy DIY shoes - plus lots of DIY jewelry, accessories, and home projects!
Zipper Crafts


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Things to Make with Recyclables and Trash

Instead of throwing it out, why not craft with it? These super cool crafts use things that would otherwise probably go right into the garbage bin.


Things to Make with Baby Food Jars

Make these adorable recycled crafts using promotional magnets! Featuring 16 genius, easy DIY projects that upcycle fridge magnets you got for free.
Things to Make with Promotional Magnets

15 Amazing ways to recycle and craft with old CDs and DVDs! This is the best DIY CD upcycling craft list I've seen
Things to Do with CDs and DVDs

A list of the best DIY wine cork crafts I've seen to upcycle and repurpose all of those corks I have lying around! Great craft ideas - I need to get to recycling my corks more.
Wine Cork Crafts

You'll love these fun and functional toilet paper roll crafts - because why not upcycle them and get something new? These cardboard tube crafts are totally unique and easy to make.
Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

I love these recycled bottle cap crafts and DIY ideas! I love to collect beer bottle caps AND plastic soda bottle caps, and then making crafts for kids, seasonal crafts, art projects, diy toys, magnets and more with them.
Bottle Cap Crafts

Make super easy crafts from old jeans! These 16 recycled denim crafts and DIY ideas are perfect for upcycling and repurposing old clothing. They make great teen crafts too :)
Recycled denim Crafts

Things to Make with Scraps and Leftovers

Are you a scrap hoarder too? I know I am…

Bust your scrap stash with these fun craft ideas. Or, use leftovers from other projects and things you otherwise don’t know what to do with…

Don't throw away your felt scraps! These 18 cool things to make with felt scraps include a variety of easy felt crafts that can also be made from sampler packs. Click to see eighteen cool crafts for kids, teens, and adults.
Things to Make with Felt Scraps

Looking for some cool things to make with ribbon scraps? These stash-busting ribbon crafts for kids, teens, and adults are easy, fun, and includes loads of no-sew ideas! Just grab your leftover ribbon remnants and DIY!
Things to Make with Ribbon Scraps

21 things to make with adult coloring pages - if you saved your colorring that you worked so hard on, these are some great easy functional crafts to make with them!
Things to Make with Adult Coloring Pages

Check out this amazing list of things to make with crayons! You can upcycle old crayon pieces or turn whole crayons into fun DIY projects, crafts, and recipes for play. Includes ideas for kids, teens, and adults.
Things to Make with Crayons

18 cool things to make with beads that are NOT jewelry! Some fun kids and teen crafts and DIY projects in here that are SO easy!
Things to Make with Beads

16 fun popsicle stick crafts for kids and grown-ups and everything in between! Whether you're a toddler or teen, these craft stick DIY ideas will hit the mark for sure! YOu'll find bookmarks, puppets, gift ideas, frames, and more!
Popsicle Stick Crafts

19 things to make with scrapbook paper - the best scrapbook paper crafts to make today
Scrapbook Paper Crafts

Things to Make with Nature

Some of my favorite craft materials can be found for free in nature. Even better: they are sometimes collected from a favorite trip to a special place, making them nostalgic too..

Here are some cool things to make with these natural treasures.

Rocks are probably the cheapest (I mean free-est) craft supply out there, because that's totally what they are - craft ready! These 16 things to make with rocks will keep you busy on a budget! These are great nature crafts for kids, teens and adults and are easy to make DIY ideas!
Things to Make with Rocks

If you've got piles of sea shells, click for 18 of the best seashell crafts around - from keepsakes to DIY jewelry, from kids crafts to teen to things for moms to make. There's something for everyone!
Seashell Crafts

As you can see, if you think outside the box a little, there are so many things you can make with the things  you already have in hour home! I’d love to hear some of your favorite ideas.

What are your favorite things to make? Comment below!

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The most epic list of things to make with what you already have - including recyled crafts, nature crafts, stash-busters, cool DIY ideas for teens, tweens and adults and more!


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