Looking for kid friendly vegetable recipes? This fun list is perfect for toddlers and little children, and is Kosher too!

Kosher + Kid Friendly Vegetable Recipes

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I am so excited to introduce you to Shelly from Lynchburg Mama! She is here with a list of kid friendly vegetable recipes to help you overcome the challenge of getting in those greens.


Looking for kid friendly vegetable recipes? This fun list is perfect for toddlers and little children, and is Kosher too!


When Shelly first told me she was going to write up a recipe list for us, I told her that since I keep Kosher, as well as some of my readers, I need the recipes to be Kosher. She realized that many people have misconceptions (or no idea) what kosher is, and explained it to you from a perspective that I never could.

I love to share my life, my culture, my background, and while I don’t talk about religion here, I’d love for you all to hear what Kosher means, so that you can have a peek into my life! So here goes from Shelly of Lynchburg Mama:



Getting your kiddos to eat vegetables can often be a daunting task and adding in special rules or requirements can add to the difficulty. Teaching children from a young age can develop healthy, positive habits that they will carry with them into their adult years. Read on to learn more about what Kosher really entails and try some new recipes with your kids this week!


So, what is Kosher? ko·sher ˈkōSHər/ adjective (of food, or premises in which food is sold, cooked, or eaten) satisfying the requirements of Jewish law.


Contrary to popular belief, Kosher foods are not Kosher because they are blessed or sacred. They are Kosher because they satisfy the biblical dietary needs set forth and is not a manner of cooking. The overall details of Kosher are quite extensive; however, I have provided a brief outline below to cover the general, straight-forward rules.


The Rules: Certain animals are not allowed to be consumed in any manner. This includes the flesh, organs, eggs and milk of the animals.

Birds and mammals must be killed in a particular method that abides by Jewish law. Meat and poultry blood must be completely drained of blood and broiled out of the meat before it is allowed to be eaten. Particular parts of the allowed animals may not be consumed.

All fruits and vegetables must be thoroughly inspected for bugs. Bugs cannot be eaten. Any meat cannot be consumed along with dairy. However, fish, eggs, fruit, veggies and grains are allowed to be eaten with dairy. Utensils (including pots and pans & cooking surfaces) that come into contact with meat and/or other non-kosher foods must not be used for kosher foods.



11 Kid Friendly Vegetable Recipes


1. Broccoli Gratin

2. Grilled Garlic Scape Pesto Smashed Potatoes

3. Coca Cola Rice

4. Ricotta Filled Cornbread

5. Stuffed Zucchini Boats

6. Zucchini Tots

7. Grilled Bok Choy

8. Matzah Huevos Rancheros

9. Chickpea Latkes

10. Fried Cucumbers

11. Potato Latkes with Zucchini 


Which Kosher and kid friendly vegetable recipes do you like to make?

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