DIY Water Resistant Medicine Pouch – take your medicine on the go!

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Make your own DIY medicine pouch so that you can carry your kids’ liquid medicine on the go! If your kida are home sick, grab this sick day coloring page to keep ’em busy and continue on for the project. Thank you so much to SingleCare for sponsoring this tutorial.


Click to learn how to make a water resistant medicine pouch so that you can take single medicine doses on the go without leaking! You'll love this mom hack and parenting tip for dealing with sick kids #parentingtips #momhack #momhacks



When you have a kid who catches every single thing that goes around and who tends to be sick, there are many challenges. For us, going away can be tough. I always have to have medicine handy for him – whether it’s a current prescription, or a just-in-case.



I made this simple medicine pouch after having Baby Y’s medicine leak in my handbag one time too many (yes, even the childproof ones!) There’s nothing as annoying as a sticky mess all over my handbag.



I created two versions of this medicine pouch:

  1. One that fits a single shot in a syringe (or two if you make the medicine pouch taller), so that if you’re going on a day trip while your child is still taking those antibiotics, you can have it ready. TIP: I’d definitely recommend labeling the syringe so that you know what’s inside.
  2. One that fits an entire bottle of medicine and helps it not to leak, so that if I’m visiting my parents for a week, I can toss the ibuprofen just in case…

As a mom with a child who is constantly sick, it can be hard to always have to fill prescriptions. It can be expensive. It can be tough finding the best place to do it without getting out of the house.



SingleCare is a FREE app and service that helps you do all of the above! You can:

  • Search popular prescriptions (including some non-prescription medications, such as Ibuprofen)
  • Find the cheapest place to fill them in your area by comparing the prices at your local CVS, Target, Longs Drugs, Walmart, Kroger, Fry’s, Harris Teeter, Walgreens and Duane Reade.
  • Get coupons that are exclusive to SingleCare members

I feel like I need to repeat this: all of the above is free. No memberships. No app fees. No ads. No strings attached. You simply sign up, and you get these discounts! You can use the app on your phone or a membership card you’ll get in the mail.


The app itself has a clean, easy-to-use interface. 

It also allows you to search for local eye exams and dental services. SingleCare even offers phone and video medical, psychological and nutritional care visits in partnership with Amwell, so that you have a resource for healthcare at your fingertips when you need it.



Back to my medicine pouch.

I created one with a hook-and-loop closure, which I feel is more secure – perfect for a full syringe, ready to be handed to your tot when you need it.

On the second, much easier version, I used a zip seal bag, which is as secure as the zip seal is. Basically, I covered a zipper bag with duct tape.

So what’s the point?

It simply reinforces it so you don’t have a messy plastic bag in your handbag, makes it more of a permanent solution, and is more secure (your keys won’t punch a hole in it by mistake, rendering it useless…)


So, as you can see, I just shared two ways you can save money on your kids medicine:

  1. The SingleCare app is a no-brainer. Get it here.
  2. The medicine pouch means you only need to take one or two full syringes for what you need on-the-go. No more spillage of your expensive medicines.


Note: obviously, follow all instructions on your medicine bottle. If it needs to be stored in the fridge, pop this medicine pouch in a cooler bag with ice cubes. Label all medicines so you don’t make mistakes.



What you need to make your own leak-proof medicine pouch:

  • A plastic food bag large enough to hold a full syringe (in the open position) or the bottle of medicine you plan to put inside. A zip seal bag OR a regular bag and hook-and-loop closure with a sticky backing
  • Duct tape in a fun print
  • Scissors (I recommend non-stick ones)


How to make a medicine pouch:


Make a medicine pouch with hook-and-loop closure:


1. Trim your bag so that it’s double the height you need it to be. Cut down the sides of your bag halfway. Fold the front flap that was formed  into the inside of the bag.


2. Cut a piece of duct tape a little bit wider than your bag. Lay it flat, and then gently place your bag on it, so that the top of the duct tape comes up to where you opened the sides of the bag. Fold the sides in, and the bottom too if needed, trimming corners as needed.



3. Place another piece of duct tape face-up on  your work surface, and place your bag on it so that this strip of tape  slightly overlaps the first piece of duct tape.


4. Fold the sides in, making sure not to overlap this tape on the pouch you formed in step 1. You can cut the tape if needed to accomplish this.



If you have excess tape on top, fold that in, trimming corners as needed.


5. Place a piece of duct tape so that it sits partially inside your pouch and covers the inside of the flap.



6. Place another piece of duct tape to cover the front of your pouch that’s still exposed, overlapping to the other side if needed.


7. Place a piece of duct tape stick-side-up halfway inside your pouch, and then fold it down, covering the lip of your medicine pouch.


8. If you’d like to clean up the design, round off the corners of your top flap.


9. Place your open syringe inside the pouch, just to make sure that it fits. Place hook and loop closure with both sides attached on the flap of your medicine pouch. The more you have, the better your seal.


10. Close it to figure out the placement of the second side of your hook-and-loop closure.


11. Finally, open it pressing down the second side in place. Your medicine pouch is complete!



Create a zip-seal bag medicine pouch:

If you want to use a regular sip seal bag, simply trim your bag to size, cutting off the bottom of the bag. Cover it with strips of duct tape as you did the bag above, making sure to fold a piece of duct tape a the bottom to reseal it. Fold your top strips of duct tape over the edge last, making sure you don’t fold it over the zipper. Make sure it’s securely closed each time you use it!


Add a full syringe to your medicine pouch, stuff it into your handbag, and have your child’s medicine handy when you need it!



Don’t forget to sign up for SingleCare so that you can find the best prices and save on your prescriptions!




Have you signed up for SingleCare yet? What will you be using this medicine pouch for? Comment below!


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