Paper Trophy Craft – Perfect for Father’s Day!

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Make a paper trophy craft as a fun kid-made Father’s Day gift or in lieu of a card. If you loved this, check out my kid-made mother’s day card ideas too! This post contains affiliate links.

paper trophy craft with title text

I’m excited to share this adorable paper trophy craft in honor of Father’s Day, but you can make it for any occasion when you want a fun little pretend trophy to present!

Turn it into a gift for Dad by customizing it.

How to turn this paper trophy into a Father’s Day award

While I kept this craft open ended enough to make for any occasion, here are some ideas to customize it for Dad:

  1. Make the base plaque wider. Write on it #1 DAD.
  2. Add alphabet stickers around the base.
  3. Skip the star and glare and paste on a photo of Dad.
  4. Go for any combination of the above ideas.

To make the paper trophy craft sturdier, you can use a cardboard tube. This can be purchased craft tubes, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, or whatever works for you.

You can also skip that, however, you will need to make your cup sturdier. You can back it on an extra layer of cardstock if you don’t want to use cardboard tubes.

This paper trophy craft comes together real nicely and is easy to make using the free template. Switch it up by using gold and bronze foiled poster board instead, and make a gold, silver, and bronze version too!

But if you’re making it for Dad, go platinum…

Download the paper trophy craft template

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What you need

How to Make a Paper Trophy Craft

1. Start by using the paper trophy template to trace and cut out your trophy pieces from craft paper. 

2. Cut out 2 pieces from a cardboard tube. We’re using a 5 cm high piece and a 2 cm high piece. The short one will be the base and the long one will be the cup.

3. Cover the larger tube with a craft paper of your choice by measuring and cutting the paper. Or, you can use our template. Use the large round shape from your pieces of craft paper to create a cone shape with a diameter same as the roll. To do this, cut a slit from the outer edge to the center and overlap the ends to make your cone. Before you glue, hold it with your fingers, measure it up and tighten or loosen as needed.

4. Glue the cone on one end of your covered cardboard tube and hold until the glue is set. Glue the cup edge/border on the other end.

5. Attach the handles on eithersides of the cup and attach the glare on the front of your paper trophy craft. Put it off to the side a little.

6. Take the short cardboard tube and cover it using a contrasting colored paper. Cut out the medium circle from the contrasting colored paper and cut out the small round shape from the one you used for the trophy. Attach the small circle to the center of the medium circle.

7. Attach the circle on any side of the short tube. Take the rectangle paper cutout (it should be the main color of your paper trophy craft ) and form a cylinder with it.

8. Attach the cylinder to the center of the short circle, on the base of your trophy. Attach the small rectangle to the front of the short cardboard tube. You can also cut out a larger rectangle and customize it as you see fit.

9. Attach the cup that you prepared on the other end of the cylinder to complete the craft.

10. Add a start shape to the front if you’d like to. Decorate it and add details if you want.

Your paper trophy craft is ready to share! Who will you be making yours for? How will you decorate it? Comment below!

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  1. I would love to get this template for the trophy. I filled out the above form and did receive an email from your site, but not a link to the template for the trophy. Thanks so much!

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