Paper Tulips – Free Printable Paper Flower Template

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of A.C. Moore. All opinions are 100% mine.


Make your own paper tulips with this free printable template! I love making paper flowers (you’ll find my heliconia paper flower template here) and the tulip is such a classic it deserves its own tutorial!

Make your own paper tulips with this free printable paper flower template! Try this fun flower spring craft for teens, tweens, and grown-ups using scrapbook paper or alcohol markers. #papercrafts #paperflowers #momsandcrafters

When we were kids, it was a real treat to go with my mother to A.C. Moore stores and pick out some cool crafting activities for the weekend.

To make these paper tulips, I used scrapbook paper from Love by Nicole, A.C. Moore’s proprietary brand that’s available exclusively at their stores.

I used a clever blend of solids and patterns for a striking-but-eclectic look. On one, I left the pattern as an accent on the inside, on the other, I let the paisley pop pattern really shine.

I also created another variation of these paper tulips where I put Premiere by Nicole alcohol markers to good use, coloring the template by myself.

These paper tulips can be collected in a vase, taped to a sheet of paper and framed in a shadow box, or even crafted around a pen as a gift!

A.C. Moore has recently partnered with Create and Craft to bring you the A.C. Moore Hour, full of crafty inspiration. You can watch it on Dish network, or stream it online.

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What you need to make paper tulips:

  • The template (print it above)
  • Love Nicole scrapbook paper from A.C. Moore
  • OR Premiere by Nicole alcohol markers
  • Scissors
  • Paper adhesive (such as glue dots)

How to make paper tulips – easy paper flower craft

1. Choose your scrapbook paper! I love the Love Nicole Paisley Pop pad with the two-sided paper. The solid color on the back helped me treat the pattern like a solid and choose appropriate colors.

1. Choose your paper for your paper tulips

2. Cut out your template. You have large petals and small ones, and another page with two leaves.

2. Cut out your paper tulips template

3. Use the template to trace your scrapbook paper. Cut out 5 large petals, and if you’d like to make a double tulip, cut out 5 small ones as well. Cut the slit at the bottom of the template too. Don’t worry about getting them too exact – they’re not identical on real tulips anyway!

3. Cut out five petals for your paper tulips

4. Cut out your leaves.

4. Use the paper tulips template to cut out leaves

5. If you prefer, you can color your template directly! I used Premiere by Nicole Design and Sketch markers.

14. Try your paper tulips with alcohol markers

Color your leaves as well. The color should seep through to the back if you give it good coverage. You can layer it on if you’d like!

19. Color your paper tulips leaves with alcohol markers

6. When your parts are prepared, fold over the slit at the bottom, and attach the two sides, folding up an almost ninety degree curve at the bottom.

5. Tape the two sides of the paper tulips base together

7. If you’d like to give your paper tulips’ petals more structure, you can crease them at the end or roll back the tip a bit – or do both.

8. Crease and/or slightly roll your paper tulips petals

8. Fold your leaf in half, starting at the pointy tip.

6. Crease your leaves

9. Once again, starting from the tip, roll your leaves back.

7. Roll your leaves

10. Create a stem! For this, I used an 8×8 inch sheet from the Morning Brew pad by Love Nicole. I started at the corner and rolled, that way I only had to secure it at the last corner.

9. Roll out a stem

11. Cut off the corners of your stem so that the top and bottom are both flat.

10. Straighten the ends of your stem

12. Attach your leaves flush with the base of the paper tulips’ stem. Let it curve a bit with the shape of the stem, and then fix the leaves so that they roll back comfortably.

11. Attach paper tulips leaves at the base

13. Cut a few slits at the top of your stem about half an inch deep, and bend back the sections.

13. Slit and bend out the top of stem to hold the paper tulips

14. Time to assemble your paper tulips! Start by adding a glue dot to the bottom of one petal, and then nestle it into the other. Continue all around as pictured until your paper tulips are complete! If need be, paste together petals in more spots as needed.

12. Assemble your paper tulips

15. Trying to make some double paper tulips? Double tulips have two layers of petals. To create this, repeat step 14 with your small petals too so that you have two separate flowers.

15. Try some double paper tulips

16. Now, paste the smaller flower into the larger one.

16. Nestle the smaller ones inside the larger ones

17. Another great alternative to try: make your paper tulips so that the printed side of your scrapbook paper is on the inside, just peeking out. This is my favorite version of all three paper tulips that I created using this paper flower template!

17. Try it with the solid color on the outside and the pattern on the inside

18. Finally, add glue dots to the sections of the stem that you created in step 13 and place your flower on top.

18. Attach your paper tulips to the stem

Your paper tulips are complete! Don’t you just love the bright, scrappy look they have to them?!

Make one, make three, or make five dozen. Either way, you’ll be proud of the results. Play around with different variations of the leaves, the stem, and the paper tulips themselves.

Who will you be making these paper tulips for? Comment below! Find more information about these Love Nicole products and more inspiring craft ideas at

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  1. Love this. I love tulips but can’t grow them where I live in New Mexico. Here is is hot dry and hardly any rain. Wish we had more moisture because then I would be growing not only flowers but a lot of our food.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this craft. Thanks for sharing! I intend to make a large bouquet of tulips for every room in the house where my daughters (and me, of course) want to have flowers. Our favorite is tulips. We live at 30 degrees north latitude and so we can’t grow tulips (nor can we afford to have them around as often as we’d like). I wrote a note to myself last night, as I enjoy the last day of my tulip bouquet that my 3 year old picked out for me, to google paper tulip craft. I looked far and wide and you have exactly the thing that will work for us. Thank you soooo much! I also looked you up on FB and hope to be added to your group.

    1. HI Heather, Thank you so much for your feedback! It means a lot! This is not quite many paper flower templates out there, which always makes me wonder how much people will like it, so your comment really helps. When you’re done, I’d love it if you shared photos to the group (I believe I approved your request to join).

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