DIY Leather Earrings – Folded Leather Dangles

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Make these DIY earrings using leather and a sweet little dangle bead to add a touch of character! I love making my own DIY dangle earrings. and these were such a hit – I wear them all the time! Disclosure: this post contains commissioned images and links.


Make your own super cool DIY earrings! These easy dangle earrings tutorial have a slightly boho feel. This handmade leather and bead dangle earrings tutorial is an easy jewelry making craft idea for beginners. #earrings #jewelrymaking #momsandcrafters



If you’re also a crazy Fixer Upper fan, you may have been obsessing over Joanna Gaines’s leather leaf-shaped earrings. I have been for a while, and when I picked up a bag of leather scraps a while ago, I had in mind to maybe give those a go.


As I was playing around, I came up with these instead.



Okay, I KNOW they don’t have the same simplified-boho look that Joanna radiates, but they’re sooo cool.

They have that dangly-sparkly aspect that the girly side of me loves so much.



I have in mind to try similar variations of these leather DIY earrings in different colors and when I do I’ll be sure to share them on Instagram and in my favorite Facebook group for crafting tutorials.

If you want to REALLY learn the ropes with making wire jewelry, check out my post on how to make wire earrings from scratch.



When I first made these DIY earrings, I let the leather half-circle hang from the chain freely. But it did not stay in place, resulting in a very tangled earring.

Securing the chain in the fold of the circle did the job, keeping things in place but not taking away from the dangle factor.

Okay, so I cheated. Still cool, no?




What you need to make leather DIY earrings:

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How to make leather DIY earrings:

Jewelry making skills required: twisted loop. See how to make jewelry here for beginner jewelry-making resources.


1. Cut a circle from leather, about an inch in diameter, and use the awl or leather punch to make a hole on each end.

leather DIY earrings step 1 - cut out circles and punch holes


2. Add a jumpring and leave it open. You may need to wrestle a bit with your hole and expand it to fit your jump ring.

leather diy earrings step 2 add jump ring


3. prepare your bead dangle! You can use a head pin, but I stuck with a scrap of wire. I simply folded over the tip a few times to turn it into a DIY headpin.

leather diy earrings step 3 add bead


If you’re using a thin wire headpin like me, you’ll want to form a twisted loop to close it. Do this by looping the wire over with round nose pliers, and then using the chain nose pliers to twist it around at the top of the bead a few times.

leather diy earrings step 4 make twisted loop leather diy earrings step 5 complete twisted loop


4. When your dangle is complete, attach it to the jump ring and close it.

Leather DIY earrings step 6 add dangle


5. Cut a piece of chain – the length is your choice! Gauge how long you want it to dangle and cut accordingly. Mine is about 3 inches long. Dab some glue on the center and place it inside the leather circle, making sure it lies in the dead center. Allow it to dry

Make your own leather dangle earrings step 7 add your chain


6. You’ll now be making a double twisted loop. Create a loop about 1/2 inch into a small piece of wire and string on your chain.

Make your own cool easy leather DIY earrings step 8 add wire


Complete your twisted loop, twisting the short side around the long as pictured.

Make your own cool easy leather DIY earrings step 9 twist wire


If your earwire has a loop that opens to attach beads, you can complete your second twisted loop without the ear wire in place (I find it easier to do this way). If it doesn’t open, you’ll need to attach your earwire as you complete this second loop.

Make your own cool easy leather DIY earrings step 10 complete wire


7. Add your earwires. Your leather dangle DIY earrings are complete!

cool DIY EARRINGS from leather step 11 add the earwire


If you struggled to glue it while you were creating it, you can also glue it when you’ve completed the project.

These DIY leather earrings are super cool!


Wear your DIY earrings with pride and joy! I love wearing these – they are one of my absolute favorites – totally unique, without being over the top!


wear your leather DIY earrings with pride!



What are your favorite DIY earrings to make? Comment below! Come on and join our community of jewelry-makers like you for more jewelry making ideas!


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