Free Printable Pattern Coloring Pages for Adults

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This 3 page micro coloring book includes three unique new free printable pattern coloring pages for adults to enjoy! If you like this kind of thing, you may also want to check out my mandala coloring pages here! This post contains affiliate links.


Click to download 3 free printable pattern coloring pages for adults and big kids - perfect for making coloring page crafts! This is a fun craft idea for teens and tweens on a budget, or for grown-ups.


I love pattern coloring pages because you can actually get quite creative with them.

First of all, you can use them in crafts after you color them. It’s almost like a “design your own paper”.



Second, on the ones that are complete patterns (and not the same icon repeating in a brick shape), you can get creative with the areas where the pattern meets.


In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, I colored one square of the repeating pattern to show you. But I also colored one corner from the other 3 squares where the pattern meets.

Pattern coloring pages for grown-ups


Can you tell what the baseline square I used to make this pattern is? It’s the area where the four original squares of pattern meet that forms all sorts of cool designs.



How to download these pattern coloring pages for adults:

Click here to download your pattern coloring pages.

Download the Pattern Coloring Pages

Pattern coloring pages 1

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Once again, click here to download your free coloring pages with cool repeating patterns!




How I made this mini adult coloring book:

To make pattern coloring pages, I first illustrated the “base” pattern. I then imported it to Photoshop, where I created a repeating pattern.



So this pattern is NOT computer generated. It’s hand-drawn. And then the actual repetition was done digitally for the perfect blend of accuracy and artistry.


How I colored these adult coloring pages:

To color the little snippet that I did to demonstrate, I grouped my Stabilo Pen 68 markers into 3 color families that I chose to use – purples, greens, and blues.

One teal color floated between the blues and the greens.



I played on the relationship between the sides of the squares.

If you want suggestions on coloring tools, check out my favorite tools for adult coloring here.

And if you’re looking for more coloring pages for adults, I’ve got em for you here!


Once again, if you haven’t yet, download your free printable pattern coloring pages for adults right here!



Don’t want to get the whole “bonus bundle” but want a little more to color?

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What do you plan to do with these pattern coloring pages after you’re done coloring them?What are your favorite coloring tools for grown-ups? Comment below!


Free Printables! These pattern coloring pages are fun to use in DIY cards, gift wrap, and other paper crafts. Or color these coloring pages for adults just for fun, relaxation, meditation, and to relieve stress. Patterns make great anti anxiety coloring pages!


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  1. Loved the printables, but the form to download was too large or something and I couldn’t get to the submit button. Strange! I tried several times but still no luck. Thank you for sharing such fun and creative projects. Happy Thanksgiving to all!



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