Looking for the best places to buy beads online? An expereinced beader and jewelry maker put together this list of resources for jewelry making materials and tips for beginners.

Places to buy beads online

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I hope you enjoy this list of the best places to buy beads online!  I usually do my bead and jewelry making supplies shopping online, and so I decided to share with you some of my favorite resources to go along with all my jewelry making tutorials (check out this wire wrap stone to start!). Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. This post was originally published August 2015 and was updated in 2019 to reflect current favorites.

Click for some of the best places to buy beads onliine -and tips for beading and jewelry making beginners!

I prefer buying my beads and findings online for a few reasons:

  • It’s more convenient and saves me lots of time
  • I can sift through and decide what I’d like to buy more easily.
  • I can budget more easily and see my subtotals as I shop. How many times have I shopped in-store, only to shocked at the register?!
  • I can get cash back on some of my purchases via Rakuten. This often helps me justify when there are shipping costs, as it often covers all or most of it.
  • You can also search f0r online coupons (Rakuten‘s browser extension is an amazing tool for this!)

These are my personal favorite suggestions, sifted out from among a vast array of retailers. Try each one separately, browse around, and then pick your favorite. I will update this list as my preferences change.

Some of the Best Places to Buy Beads Online

BeeBeeCraftAffordable rates and a fun selection make BeeBeeCraft a favorite spot to buy beads online. They’re a wonderful resource for stocking up on affordable basics, and their minimum for free shipping is low (for US-stocked items).

Kraftika – A Czech company, this brand sells high quality Czech glass beads for an international audience. Czech glass is a popular option, but they also have other jewelry making supplies and bead offerings. Their prices are affordable with good quality control, shipping is affordable, and their website is easy to browse.

Jewelry and FindingsWant options without the overwhelm? This is my favorite stop for fewer distractions, and for good prices for both small and large packages. You can get full spools of cord and large bead packages for amazing wholesale prices. Pay attention to the titles when buying “real” stuff, they have imitation gemstones in the same category as real, but they’re always clearly labeled in the title.

FireMountainGems.com – I use this for my bulk bead shopping, when I want a combination of reliability in quality, and good bulk discounts. My average orders from there are $250+, so these are my stock-up runs. You have to pay shipping and handling no matter what the order size, but they have an affordable flat rate. Their bulk discounts apply over your whole purchase, so you don’t need to buy a lot of a single item.

This is my recommended stop if you are shopping for “real” things as it’s a the most reliable. So get your sterling silver, gemstones, and crystals here.

Annie’s Simply BeadsIf you are still new at jewelry making and want more specific instruction, Annie’s Simply Beads Kit-of-the-month features gorgeous jewelry making projects for you to try. The kits come with the materials you need and will help you explore new techniques. Your first kit comes with basic tools too!

Michaels.com – If you want  a limited, uncomplicated high-quality selection, Michaels is the place to shop! They are also great for smaller quantity packages. I love browsing their open-stock options, and I’ve gotten some really beautiful beads there.

PandaHall.com -If  frequents sales are important to you, PandaHall tends to have regular discounts. They are easy to shop and have a huge variety, but some things do come in larger quantities. Much of what you buy from Amazon is PandaHall brand, so I like to go right to the source when buying a lot.

Amazon.com – I use these for small orders and for items that I need quickly, since they ship free in 1-3 days. If you have Amazon Prime, like I do, many bead items ARE eligible. 

Update: Moms & Crafters readers have contributed a huge database of recommendations! Here are some top picks:

  • Etsy – support small businesses! The variety is enormous and quality/dependability varies by seller, so check seller reviews! I started buying from Etsy sellers when I need very specific items that are otherwise hard to find.
  • Shipwreck Beads
  • WireJewelry.com
  • Rings & Things
  • Scroll through the comments section for more!
Looking for the best places to buy beads online? An expereinced beader and jewelry maker put together this list of resources for jewelry making materials and tips for beginners.

What are your favorite places to buy beads online? Do you have an experiences to share?

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    1. Hi!
      So far so good. They take forever to come (give it a month or two) and the quality is usually okay, but not great. I use them when I need something cheap, and not for resale. So far anything I’ve ordered has arrived as expected.

      1. They sent me a lot of counterfeit items and claimed they were Swarovski and Pandora. They didn’t look right so I took them to the jewelry stores and they were not. They would not refund my money or even speak to me about it other than to say I didn’t know jewelry they did. Also, they claimed I didn’t pay for items because they billed me twice and wouldn’t ship until
        I paid both bills Buyer beware

      2. How do we get wholesale prices? I have my state tax exemption number, but I have no idea where to shop for the extremely low prices I kept hearing about.

          1. Thank you! Is Alibaba my only choice with wholesale, then? Sorry to bother you, but I don’t have anyone else to ask.

          2. Patricia, NO problem, no bother!! I don’t know of any other places. Fire Mountain Gems has good bulk discounts, without actually having to choose a wholesale option. I’ve used them a TON. You can browse through the other places here that people recommended – some may be wholesale.

  1. i use a lot of shops on Etsy. Beautiful beads from Ghana, sea glass and lamp work are some of the shops. That are small businesses wanting to please you and keep you as a customer. Just type in what you are looking for and the shops appear.

  2. Im a beginner beader n i have been checking out shipwreck beads online although i havent ordered anything yet. I have 3 amazing local bead shops here in town plus michaels n joanns

    1. Shipwreckbeads is awesome! I have ordered many times from them and they are super nice and helpful! Everything comes super quick too! Eureka, Aura Crystals, Rings & Things, and Aunties Beads (now seedbeadsdirect.com) are also fantastic places to order from! The mainstream places like Dreamtime Creations, Fusion Beads, a
      and Fire Mtn Gems are also good.

    2. I live somewhat close to shipwreck beads and have been there multiple times. I have always been pleased with what I get there.

    3. Check out Artbeads and jewelrysupply.com. They are both Swarovski retailers. Artbeads also has a rewards program. I love both online stores and have ordered many times with absolutely no problems!

  3. Hi! As someone who makes a lot of jewelry (and teaches jewelry making classes) I’d like to add a few of my favorite sites. Wirejewelry.com for wire wrapping supplies and pearls. Rio Grande if you have a resale license and want the highest quality materials. Goody Beads is reliable and has free shipping over $35. Rings & Things and Beadaholique are both very good for small bead orders.

    1. I am a huge fan of ArtBeads.com myself. Their selections of crystal and plears are fabulous and this is also where I get my silver and gold wire. They have a points system and after a certain point value they give you gift cards. They also have free shipping after (I believe) $15, otherwise everything ships for $2.99. After a certain amount of an item purchased, they will drop the price for a “bulk” order. The target number does depend on what you are buying, but when buying more of a more expensive item, the savings really begin to add up!

  4. I think Rings & Things has the best color choices and prices for Swarovski as well as other supplies. Shipwreck beads is also really reasonable, and if you sign up there’s a weekly drawing for a gift card!

  5. I buy from multiple suppliers, mostly already listed above but I see that three really great suppliers are missing: Fusion Beads (fusionbeads.com), Lima Beads (limabeads.com) and Artbeads (artbeads.com) – all have regular sales, good quality product, a variety of beads, stringing materials and tools, and fast shipping.

  6. Where do you buy silver colored metal beads? I’ve purchased silver metal components for beading whose color has rubbed off upon wear. Any trick to finding the right metal components without going to sterling silver? Pewties work fine if you can find them, but what else? Thanks for any insight.

    1. Hi Kristin! You can get them at most bead places, including Amazon (which is where I usually get mine). 2 tips for color wearing off: 1. Look for those with brass as a base metal, so if the silver does wear off, you have a pretty brass underneath and 2. Cover them with a layer of clear nail polish. It helps seal in the coating. It will still rub off eventually but it takes a long time. also, don’t wear them in the shower…

      1. I use stainless steel as my go to for silver beading components, they don’t tarnish and the color doesn’t wear off

    2. Happy Mango Beads has a great selection of globally sourced beads including metal and high quality pewter. They have frequent sales and awesome customer service. I highly recommend them!

    3. @Kristin, hi there, I have always purchased Czech beads with labrador finish (silver appearance) like round druks in different sizes from Jill Weisman. They have never lost their finish. Tierracaste is the best high end clasps and toggles. However, I also use solid pewter components, they do not lose their finish. It depends on the piece.

  7. Hi! orientaltrading.com also has a decent variety of beads. They aren’t the best quality but certainly get the job done…

  8. I belong to a bead group, so we have purchased a lot of beads. I actually compiled a whole list and descriptions of what they sell to refer to later. Artbeads, Fusionbeads, GC Supplies Texas on Etsy , Auracrystals.com, Simplybeadsusa.com, and Beadabeada are all good.

    1. @Jennifer, thanks so much. I love getting detash or scoops of beads from shops at Etsy. I usually buy from certain ones cause they know how to send them to you.
      But, if I wanted to purchase a BOX of mixed beads from a wholesaler, do you know of any? God bless!

  9. What are the best places for gem stones, like blue topaz or aquamarines? I’ve just been using Etsy but the prices and quality can be iffy.

  10. I have bought silver findings from Doreen beads – some shipments take a few weeks but have always gotten them on time – I love this place!!!

  11. giftsjoy.com! They are amazing. A california based company that says clearly if it is authentic gemstone, dyed, etc. Prices are awesome and I have never been disappointed with quality or customer service!

  12. I mostly use eBay. But if I want really pretty wire, I buy from artbeads Theirs have the most beautiful look.

  13. I use allot of seed beads, Czech glass beads & natural/gemstones plus vintage pieces & find Beadshop.com to be spectacular & educational:). For bulk, I tend to gravitate to Goodybeads.com.

  14. Love Fusionbeads and Artbeats. Plus they both have great creative idea pages. But my go to place for bulk Swarovski crystals and silver charms is bluemud.com Fairly fast deliveries and I’ve never had a problem. Somewhat limited on verity.

  15. I am curious about Panda Hall. Does it cost a lot for shipping if you only order small amounts like $50 or so? I find their info daunting re: shipping and want to make sure there aren’t some surprise charges when items are shipped, like an extra $10 or something import fees!

    1. Beads are often sold by weight and you can probably find calculators online when they aren’t (for example average weight of 8mm glass beads). I’d do a rough calculation, then go to my weight and see which one makes the most sense on their charts. It makes sense to go small if you’re worried about import fees. Where are you located?

    2. Hi Nancy,

      I’ve ordered from Panda Hall a few times now and been very happy. The only thing I’d warn you about is if you use DHL for shipping. I don’t know where you’re located but I’m in Canada and I know that here if you spend over $20 (before shipping), they automatically charge a brokerage fee of $20 on top of duty! The last time I ordered over $20 I chose the shipping option that stated it was duty free (SLCA). It took a little longer but it was still trackable and it was worth the wait to save the duty.

      Hope that helps.

  16. I order from FMG a lot. Very reasonable! A great place for wire is Parawire.com
    They are also very generous if you request samples of types or gauges!

  17. One of my favorites is Beadshop.com. They have beautiful things for beading and videos on YouTube . Also live on Facebook every Wednesday.

  18. Hi!

    Chris, Yes I’ve heard of Dollarbeads but have never dealt with them. I may try to purchase a few things from them to see how they are.

    Thanks everyone for the great tips of places to buy. I am having to purchase smaller amounts these days, but have purchased from Fire Mtn, Etsy, and ebay. But I look forward to checking those other places out!

    I recently found some eBayer located in the states, prompt shipping and as far as I can tell are a great product, my email is my first & last name (below) at gmail if you want me to send you a few pics. (PLS put in the SUB line: Photos of Beads from 3 eBayer Sellers. So j can catch it among all the other mail that comes thru.
    There are 3 companies I found & purchased from
    Seller: chayatech (Easton, PA)
    Seller: topgembead (Bethlehem, PA)
    Seller: rrd20077 (Houston, TX)

    If you buy from all three companies, you’ll notice you are paying the same person in PayPal — But I honestly had no problems with them.

    I think I paid more in shipping than I did for the prod, in some cases. (Was still an awesome deal for Lemon Jade & Jasper) Normally they ship things for 1.99 – 1st item, then $.50 per item. Between the three companies I used, I communicated with Chayatech the most. Because with eBay/PayPal they will only allow you to pay for 40 items at once, she was wonderful about crediting my $1.50 on several orders. They others eventually did automatically once they were aware of the 40 item limit.

    They have beautiful pendants around $3.50-5 and beware of the occasional $4.99+ Usually for a better product.
    There Silver plated/SS is true. At least for the earrings and fishhook findings I purchased tho I may of gotten a deal then, and you can find a better deal out there now.
    I have one other eBayers for findings if your interested.
    Hope that helps

    Leslie Schlak

  19. Great answers…………Where’s the cheapest place to buy bead trays….tackle trays….I need about 20. ???
    Thank You for your time and efforts…..

  20. Hi, Ive treid a few of the sites mentioned above and have had no problems. Thank you for some I jave never heard of.
    I want to branch out and get into more custom pieces and am loooking for a supplier of sterling, gold and copper that I can use for making cab settings, rings, bracelets and casting. Does anyone know where is a good place at reasonable prices? I know about rings n things but thats about all I have found. Thanks for any help!

  21. Good Morning. Just running across this post. Had to leave my thoughts. I too use the mentioned companies. I love to wire wrap cup chains on earrings. Giving a shout out to Hord Crystal in Rhode Island. Just love their cup chains. And Silver Enchantments in Arizona. They are both affordable with wonderful products.

    1. Quick question, does anybody have a source for shell beads? Abalone, mother of pearl, dentalim etc…?

  22. Hi, I just ran across this post while doing some research on trying to find descent quality jewelry supplies without breaking the bank. I was just skimming through the comments and I don’t believe Beadaholique.com was mentioned unless I missed it. They have a rewards program and free shipping on US orders over $25. They have a lot of products at reasonable prices. I just thought people should know about them.

  23. for silver and vermeil plasabali is great. Beadcats is also great. Vintage and antique beads on ebay- batikonsilk

  24. Thank you all for sharing your resources. I am looking for findings to make buttons. I need metal types of button backs with the loop shank attached then I would put a cabochon type setting inside the metal button back. Does this make any sense ? I can find the findings without the loop shank or bail attached but would prefer it already done.
    If not possible does anyone know how to solder a bail onto a finding? Not sure what types of metals they have to be in order to fuse. I appreciate anyone’s help.

    1. @Menucha @ Moms & Crafters, I sell on Ebay since 2003, I take best offers run sales, free shipping over $15, my user ID is dktordee14, store name up-syndome! please stop by at my items

  25. Now I am studying jewelry at a vocational school in Japan.
    My teacher told me about a bead shop that he uses all the time.
    The shop is called kenkengems.com, which is one of the top rated stores in Japan for its huge number of products and good quality. I think they have the world’s #1 variety of gemstone beads.
    I bought blue topaz from them and the quality is great. They seem to have started shipping all over the world, so I thought you might find it helpful.

  26. Hi there,

    Thanks ffor taking the time to compile this list. Many good suggestions. I especially love the incredible variety on Etsy. You can actually get great deals if you sign up for sale alerts from your favorite sellers of which I have around 50.

    However, your first recommendation, Bee Bee Craft is able to be so affordable due to worker exploitation. please don’t recommend stores that ship from China that have terrible human rights abuse. If the price is too good to be true there is someone who pays for it in suffering. It’s just not ok. Not trying to be preachy, I just want people to realize that they don’t have to support terrible labor practices.

    Thanks and happy beading!

    1. @Nadia, I appreciate you bringing this up (and meant to reply sooner). It’s an extremely important point. Unfortunately, most craft supplies (even those that aren’t shipping directly but are US based) are Chinese made and potentially manufactured using slave labor. I do agree that it is a righteous practice to avoid these and to purchase ethically, however I truly don’t know of sources otherwise. Even Amazon and Etsy have been inundated with brands that potentially have questionable practices, that we’ve been made more aware of more recently. If you know of any that don’t, please let me know – I will most definitely include them and highlight them here!

  27. Hello All,
    Great input from everyone and thanks to all.
    I am totally new to the bead world. Is there any group or association? I am in MD. Such groups have lots to share and lots to learn. Thank you Menucha for putting all this together!

  28. I’ve done a lot of business with Fire Mountain, Rings & Things, ArtBeads, and Beads Factory. The first three have been great, but you gotta shop between all 3 because the best price depends on the item itself. I have purchased several times from Beads Factory (90% of my orders were for Swarovski) and I NEVER had a single order correct. On my last order I had to call my bank and stop payment. I ordered 21 different items of varying quantities. When the order arrived I had 5 of the 21 items, but yet charged for the full price. Done with them. Unfortunately, the Swarovski prices they had were really good. Anyone have some good Swarovski stores they are willing to suggest? I’d really appreciate it.

    1. @John, try mycrystalidea.com, great prices, cheap shipping, usually $2.95, they are in Lithuania, and they also have an eBay store, I can’t remember the name, similar, they are also on Etsy, but the website is the best for prices, and if in the US, the price you pay is excluding vat, which is even better. They have Swarovski, even now in 1/2023, running out, but still there, Preciosa and Czech Beads. The only thing that I had to worry about was the credit card company tacking on a processing fee for another country, which on a $200+ order was about $8. Customer service is great and product is genuine and reliable Best of luck!

  29. Other than the one’s mentioned below – sorry. Also, I’ve a really hard time finding sterling silver components that are good quality and at a good price. I hate sending my money to China, but they never give me a problem, the quality is good, and they are way cheaper than anyone I’ve checked out here in the states. WholesaleJewelrySupply.com amd Adabelle have ok prices, but I can’t find a single company in the U.S. that is even in the ballpark with China.

  30. Potomac beads is a really great company to check out. Good prices, some of their own exclusive beads, they even have an address to send your no longer wanted beads overseas to indigenous people to make and sell jewelry. It’s all around a great company.

  31. Although I appreciate your effort and advice I make it my goal to avoid buying from China. Yes, their items are cheap, but they generally don’t pay a fair wage, have no issues with sending inferior or even completely incorrect product and they have proven they have no worry about sending toys with lead paint and poisoned dog food. I know that it is difficult to be absolutely sure a product is not coming from China these days, especially with Amazon but I at least make an effort.

    1. Hi Kerry, I applaud your efforts. WE definitely don’t order toys without making sure they’re from safe sources, however with craft supplies we find that even when we order from other places they end up being from the same “parent” source – just more expensive. If you have any ethical sources for beads that are also affordable for people of various income levels, I would absolutely love it if you shared here.

  32. For some of the best deals for beads with flat rate shipping that’s inexpensive try Dollar Bead. Quality for glass, acrylic and resin beads.

  33. Hi! Just wondering what the best place was to buy crystal chips, specifically. Loved this post, thanks:)

  34. I have been getting beautiful gemstone beads at a great price from Tejas beads. Free shipping at $100, great sales, fast shipping, and great service.

  35. Beadshop.com! They have a bunch of project ideas with great,
    In-depth online tutorials. Sign up for their newsletter, which often offers sales and better discount codes than on the website.

  36. My all time favorite shop to buy beads and anything I need is Beadshop.com
    I love Rio Grande and Cool Tools for metal work or Clay stuff.

  37. Hello! I’m getting g into the gemstone bead making and I need help with which site is the best to buy the beads? I am a just starting up business so do I need to buy wholesale?

  38. I highly recommend Beadshop.com, Artbeads.com, Limabeads.com. Each of these shops have high quality beads, findings, stringing material etc. They also have great tutorials.

    Barbara, Urban Gypsy Designs.

  39. Hi I recently started making stuff for beaded pens can anyone help me and give me some suggestions where to buy this stuff wholesale? I have my whoesalers license. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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