Things to Make with Yarn without Knitting

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Got some spare yarn? Check out these things to make with yarn without knitting or crocheting! This post contains affiliate links.

Yarn is such a delightful material to work with, with its soft texture and the multitude of gorgeous colors available. Whether you’re looking for a way to use extra yarn you have at home, or if you’re standing in the yarn aisle at your local store wanting a reason to buy a new skein, here are some great ideas for you.

All the crafts in this post do not require any knitting or crocheting – you can find a number of great crochet patterns on this website, but this collection is here to showcase the great variety of other ways you can use yarn.

These crafts do not require specific skills or tools and can be done by crafters of all ages and backgrounds. Many of them can even be done with small leftover amounts of yarn that you already have.

Pompoms and Tassels

Yarn is uniquely perfect for making pompoms, and it’s one of several excellent materials for tassels, too. These posts show you how to make perfect pom poms or tassels, as well as some ideas for how to use them.

How to Make Pom Poms from Yarn 3 Ways by Moms and Crafters

With three different methods and experienced advice, this post teaches you how to make sure your pom poms come out amazing every time, whether you choose to use a pom-pom maker, cardboard, or just your own hands.

How to Make a Pom Pom With a Fork by Moms and Crafters

While you can’t go wrong with the three ways above, here’s one more method just for fun – and everyone should be able to find a fork easily enough. Try all the methods to see which one you like best!

Pom Pom Chicks by Crafts by Amanda

Pompoms are such fun to make, but then what? Here’s one adorable idea for using yarn pom poms as the base for another craft. Just a few little accessories can turn your plain ball of yarn into an endearing character.

Pom Pom Thanksgiving Turkey by Moms and Crafters

Here’s another idea for a character you can make with your pom poms. Add a felt tail fan and googly eyes to make your pom pom ready for Thanksgiving!

How to Make a Yarn Tassel Garland by Moms and Crafters

Tassels can be used to decorate all kinds of things. This garland tutorial begins by teaching you everything you need to make yarn tassels, so you can head this way even if you don’t plan on using them for a garland specifically.

Beaded Tassel Charms by Moms and Crafters

Similar to the previous tassel technique, but the addition of beads really gives these a different look. The post also includes fresh ideas of how to use them as accessories.

Yarn Wrapping Techniques

One way to use yarn to add texture to a project or decor item is wrapping. It’s simple to do and creates a beautiful effect. Most of these projects are especially well suited for young children (though there are some more sophisticated options and variations too) who develop their fine motor skills by grasping and wrapping the yarn.

DIY Bee Feeder by Confessions of an Overworked Mom

Bees are a hugely important part of our environment, and you can help them out with this yarn-wrapped feeder. The texture of yarn looks great in any garden or outdoor setting! The post also includes instructions and advice on how to feed the bees properly.

Easy Yarn Wrapped Flowers Craft by School Time Snippets

This craft is especially cute for young children, because you don’t need a whole lot of skill and you really can’t get it wrong. Grasping the yarn and wrapping it around the flower shape can improve kids’ fine motor skills, too.

Easy Yarn Wrapped Rainbow Craft by School Time Snippets

Here’s another option for young crafters. The technique is similar to the flowers linked above, but with some new ideas to guide children in positioning the yarn and learning about the colors of the rainbow. 

Yarn Octopus Instructions by Easy Crafts for Kids

This little 3-D yarn buddy is fun to make and super cute! In addition to yarn wrapping, you’ll also do some simple braiding, and of course accessorizing to give your critter its unique personality.

DIY Pencil Holders by Plate In 28

This craft is a double win – it makes a great gift, and it upcycles cans which you may have otherwise discarded. It requires minimal supplies and skills, so it’s perfect for kids and rainy days.

Popsicle Craft by Moms and Crafters

This simple craft for kids brings summer treats to mind – but won’t melt! Use real popsicle sticks along with simple cardboard, yarn, and your choice of glue gun or tacky glue to add sweet treats to your child’s play or decor.

Yarn Wrapped Clothespin Dragonfly by Moms and Crafters

These adorable bugs made from clothespins and yarn are a great choice for kids, who can also use them as toys when they’re finished making them. They’re simple and small, so you can make a bunch at a time for extra fun.

Macrame Heart Keychain by Moms and Crafters

Here’s one that’s more sophisticated than the basic wrapping projects above. You’ll be using wire and rope to form your project’s shape, and choose from textured or simple yarn to achieve different aesthetics.

Macrame Rainbow Charm by Moms and Crafters

This is another sweet macrame-style yarn wrapping project that’s more involved than the basic wraps but still approachable for crafters of any level. Use the given suggestions or your own creativity to embellish it with beads and pom poms.

Other Yarn Projects

Weaving, knotting, gluing, and even clay are some more ways to create beautiful projects with yarn. We already thought outside the box of kitting and crochet, now let these posts expand your creativity even more! There is truly no limit to the beautiful ways you can create with yarn.

Yarn Monster Craft by Moms and Crafters

This adorable monster can be used as a puppet or for display. You can use any type of yarn – try a fun texture like chenille! This craft has endless room for creativity in adding features to your monster with wiggly eyes, pompoms, felt, paper

T-Shirt Yarn Dreamcatcher by A Crafty Mix

A Crafty Mix shows you how to make a sophisticated tree shape using T-shirt yarn. T-shirt yarn has a unique texture and weight – and if you don’t want to buy something unique, there’s also a link for how to make your own.

Flower God’s Eye How To DIY by Red Ted Art

Despite the  name, this craft is not just for the religious – it’s just based on a legendary weaving technique, but in this case with some adaptations to form a flower design. There’s a lot of room for personal creativity once you learn the basic technique.

Yarn Craft Teepee Tea Light Holder by Blue Bear Wood

Whether you’re decorating a Native American theme or just want something that looks cool, these little teepees are perfectly charming. They use natural sticks for an earthy feel that goes great with yarn. It requires some dexterity and patience, so this is not a little-kid project.

Yarn Trinket Bowls by Arty Crafty Kids

This craft is fun for little kids, big kids, and adults alike! It combines clay and yarn for a mixed-media presentation with great texture and unlimited design potential. Clay is so great to work with that I’m always looking for new ways to use it, and this is a real original!

Yarn Wall Hanging on a Budget in a Few Easy Steps by DIY Candy

The concept and materials are so simple, yet this fringed wall hanging results in a really sophisticated look that can go with many decor themes. Anyone can do it with these clear, simple instructions.

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