Toilet Paper Roll Castle

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Craft an adorable toilet paper roll castle using materials you have at home! When you’re done, give these toilet paper roll houses a go too! This post contains affiliate links.

Some of my best childhood crafting memories were those that made use of trash. There is just something so magical about taking something you were about to throw away and giving it a whole new life.

Today, we’re going to make a castle using just paper and toilet paper rolls! This is a great project to do with your kids on a rainy day or whenever they need a spark of creativity to keep them entertained.

While I’m giving you a template, example, and step-by-step instructions for this craft, the real gift is that doing this kind of project opens up children’s minds to start imagining other ways they can reuse everyday objects.

It will also help them develop fine motor skills as they cut, fold, and glue the materials together. Finally, once the castle is complete, they can use it as a toy for pretend play on their own or with friends.

The basic template and instructions below will give you a very fine basic castle, but of course you can also embellish it with any other materials or ideas you have. Perhaps you’d like to use markers or small bits of paper to make brickwork designs on the walls.

Or you can change up the colors and add glitter glue to give it a more magical fantasy vibe. You can embellish it with mossy textured paint, small pebbles, or whatever you’d like.

There’s really no limit to where you can go with this.

If you feel uneasy giving kids used toilet paper rolls to play with, for hygiene reasons there are other things you can use. You can take a paper towel roll from a cleaner location and cut it down to size.

You can also cut a rectangle from cardstock or thin cardboard and roll it into a tube yourself. When creative crafting is the goal, don’t let materials hold you back – you can find something that works for you and your family!

What you’ll need

How to make a toilet paper roll castle

1. On the brown cardstock, trace and cut out the long rectangle and the smaller square for the gatehouse part of the castle. Trace and cut out the front gate and the top border of the gatehouse on the colored paper of your choice (we used gray).

2. Glue the front gate cutout onto the wide part of the gatehouse rectangle. You can use markers to add detail to the gate if you’d like.

Fold the gatehouse along the lines shown in yellow.

3. Put glue along the thin folded part and stick it to the other open side to form the 4 walls of the gatehouse.

4. Glue the border along the top side of the gatehouse pattern. Attach the smaller rectangle to form the roof of the gatehouse.

5. Trace and cut out the windows from colored papers of your choice.

6. Now let’s use the toilet paper rolls to make the castle’s towers. You can keep them as they are or you can wrap them with brown paper to match the gatehouse.

Glue the window cutouts onto the toilet paper rolls.

7. Trace and cut out cone templates on colored paper – these are the pieces that look like circles with a slice cut out like a pie.

8. Gently roll the cone template so that the open sides join together to form a cone. Glue the sides and hold them for a minute so they stick in a cone shape. Attach the cones to the tops of the toilet paper roll towers.

9. Attach the towers on each side of the gatehouse to complete the castle craft. Use markers or the craft materials of your choice to add more details if you wish to.

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