Make these stupid simple DIY heart pendants!

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Learn how to make wire wrapped hearts to turn into gorgeous beaded pendants that you can totally give as seriously awesome gifts! They’re beginner friendly and fun and a great follow up for the wire heart pendant I shared a few weeks ago! This post contains affiliate links.

Click to learn how to make wire wrapped hearts and turn it into a DIY heart pendant. This wire wrapping tutorial and project for beginners is easy and a sweet Valentine's day craft

Crafting wire wrapped hearts requires a very simple process that’s super easy to learn.

It’s actually the process that got me into wire wrapping to begin with, and that inspired so many future projects, including this wire wrapped bangle bracelet, this wire heart pendant tutorial, and many many more.

This tutorial has a hint of elegant color and is both playful and elegant smashed into one piece.

While I did hammer it a little to work harden it, I did not add a hammered texture to this one like I did with my previous heart pendant.

I also did not solder the center connecting point – instead I simply overlapped it. This makes this project much more beginner-friendly, but if you do solder, by all means, solder that center!

I used stunning, deeply colored garnet Swarovski crystals. You can use any beads, even metal spacer beads for an all-metallic look. You can skip the beads too, but that’s just boring.

Copper wire is inexpensive and relatively easy to work with, but you can also use fake wires (just don’t try work hardening them!) or more precious wires if you’re not worried about waste. But copper is so pretty and the reddish tones are perfect for showing a little love! I even put together a full how-to on copper jewelry making for beginners.

And finally, while these wire wrapped hearts are intended as pendants, I like to keep designs simple, so I just used the natural loops of the heart to hang it! Add a loop with wire if you want, but I do recommend keeping things as simple as you can.

You can hang this from a key ring, make two mini wire wrapped hearts as earrings, or do whatever you want with it – just have fun!

What you need to make this:


Not sure where to start with buying your jewelry making supplies? Check out the best places to buy beads and tools online!

How to make wire wrapped hearts:

1. Form a heart shape with your 16 gauge wire. The top center point should overlap by about 1/2 cm on each side.

2. Link the overlapping sides into each other and squeeze it tight so that they don’t open

3. Start work hardening your piece with the overlap. Place your heart on your steel bench block and tap with the flat side of your hammer until you feel it’s really secure. If you’d like you can work harden more of your piece.

4. Take your 24 gauge wire and start wrapping a few times around one side of your heart.

5. Add a few beads.

6. Wrap around the opposite side, add a few beads. Keep wrapping like this. Let it be a little freeform – this is NOT an exact science. Make sure it’s secure as you go along, keep the balance, and make sure it keeps looking pretty.

7. Keep going on the second half of the heart.

8. I did three wraps with beads on each side. I liked how it looked like that. Once you’re satisfied, wrap a little more with wire only, until, once again, you’re happy with it. I did not wrap around the heart a few times unless I needed to – I just brought the wire around the outside.

9. When you’re happy with it, finish off your wire by wrapping a few times around the finishing point of your main heart.

10. String a finished chain around one of the curves of the heart so that it hangs as a wire wrapped heart pendant on an angle.

Your wire wrapped hearts are complete! Now try it again with a slight variation! Use the skills you learned to come up with something of your own, and come share it with the Sisterhood of Crazy Crafters!

Click to make a DIY heart pendant and some wire wrapped hearts. This easy jewelry making and wire wrapping tutorial for beginners is fun for teens and a fun valentine's day craft for teens. IT's a great DIY gift for girlfriends or wife.

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