Woodburning Tutorial – How to Learn Pyrography from Scratch

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Learning a new crafting skill has such a gratifying feeling to it as you may have learned from following along with my brush lettering and how to watercolor series! Today, I’m sharing with you a summary of Stefanie of Simple Acres Blog‘s woodburning tutorial series (pyrography) for you to go through in order. Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


Click for a full woodburning tutorial for beginners! This teaches you woodburning tools, tips, techniques, patterns, strokes, designs, and more - basically everthing you need to know to learn how to do pyrography


Woodburning is one of these crafting skills with an extremely practical element to it: you can use it to customize wooden objects for beautiful, personalized gifts!

It’s a craft that doesn’t require extreme accuracy (like sewing or leatherwork) or make a big mess (like painting). All you need to get started is a woodburning tool with basic tips and something cool to decorate!


This woodburning tutorial is an outline to help you learn. The tutorial was a three-part series. Ctrl or Cmmd click on each link to open it in a new tab and read it one by one. Or just click on the one that interests you most to open it in the same tab.


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Woodburning tutorial: Three Steps toward creating your own Pyrography art:


1. Pyrography Tools for Beginners: Get the tools of the trade –

The tools you need to get started with woodburning are quite simple, yet which should you choose?

This post outlines the must-have, the good-to-have, and the fun-to-have.

Personally I own this very basic tool set, although I regret not getting more of an all-encompassing starter kit.



2. Woodburning Tips & Techniques: Learn the Basic Strokes to burn –

Now that you have your materials handy, you’ll want to grab a scrap of practice wood and learn how to use those tips! This woodburning tutorial is “stage 1” of learning pyrography.

You’ll learn how to use the woodburning tool properly, make it do what you want it to do, and which tips to use for what.



3. Woodburning Designs, Strokes, and Patterns: Learn how to create more elaborate art and designs –

Take your basic strokes and tool usage to the next levels by combining them into patterns, outlines, and fills! In this post, Stefanie shows how she creates more elaborate pieces using the same basic patterns.

In this post, you’ll also find resources for specific projects you can make to start with.



Want more woodburning tutorial resources and instructions? Try some books!

While this series is pretty thorough for learning the basics, and Stefanie has a few projects linked within the posts, you might want more specific ideas and templates. If so, check out these favorite books:




Has this woodburning tutorial helped you? Got any tips to share with beginners? Comment below!

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    1. Hi! One of the posts describes the process, but basically, you can back trace the pattern onto your wood using carbon paper as your middle layer. Just place the carbon paper face down on your wood, your design on top, and then trace over the design with a blunt tip.

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