Empowering Coloring pages for girls 10 and up

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These coloring pages for girls 10 and up have on them empowering statements that are perfect for the young women in your life! Find more of my coloring pages for adults or scroll down for this bundle.

Click to download some empowering coloring pages for girls 10 and up - including fun colouring pages with motivating statements for teenage girls and tweens too! These Adult and teen colouring pages are free printables and really fun.

You can also find a four page bundle of free printable mandala coloring pages for adults if you prefer something more generic.

As a “boy mom” I’ve been asked multiple times why so much of my blog seems to be geared toward tween and teen girls.

The truth is, I’m not coming as a mom. I’m coming as the “big sister” who was in those shoes not that long ago. It’s hard to believe I’m 20 years past ten but it feels like just yesterday.

The truth is, that this blog is primarily about creating, and for teenage me, creating was survival. I won’t go too deeply into it, but the outlet that crafting brought for me was indispensable and integral to my development into a fully functioning adult, who contributes to society.

Download the empowering coloring pages here:


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The tween years are so complicated, and while I’m sure it’s the same for boys, I know what it’s like for girls.

I know that a girl needs to be told she’s beautiful, a beauty that comes from within. I know she needs to be taught that she has choices in life, that she can take life by the reins, do the right thing, and be in control of her future as well as her decisions.

I know what it’s like to endure subtle bullying – and  unsubtle taunting. I know how it is to wonder about the body you’re growing up in, to feel awkward, to wonder how beautiful I really am, to wonder what I can accomplish, what my future holds.

Crafting and creating was always that outlet that handed me something beautiful to hang onto. It was something that I can do and an actual result of my efforts, standing there before me. Even more so, it kept me busy, and, well, out of trouble…

These coloring pages for girls 10 and up are great for empowering the teen and tween set – and really for any age group. They have more mature designs than kid coloring pages and are include great statements to empower girls.

To color this, I recommend Stabilo Point 88 or Pen 68 markers (<— affiliate links). The Point 88 are the super thin points that are perfect for tiny spaces (fineliners) and the Pen 68 are just very small tip markers. They have rich colors, and are “grown up” enough to please your tween or teen.

Or, you can check out my list of the best tools for adult coloring for more great options.

Want more? You can find my mini ebook of ten motivating coloring pages for adults here – a bestseller in my Etsy shop!!

Click to download 4 motivating coloring pages for girls 10 and up - fun free printable coloring pages for teens tweens and adults.

If you haven’t yet,download the coloring pages for girls 10 and up below.


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Comment below: which is your favorite statement to repeat to yourself for motivation?

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  1. Hi Denise, I apologize if you’re frustrated. The “too late” page should also state that your free pages come to your inbox – I’m fixing that now. Most people first land on a limited time offer to get almost all my coloring pages bundled together for 40% off which states that the freebie comes to your inbox. Since you must have expired that offer previously, it went straight to that page with the full-priced bundle. I realize that the page with the full price bundle should have also stated that your free coloring pages are in your inbox for the benefit of those of you who have downloaded previous freebies and expired the limited time offer.

    You should have received the freebie in your inbox. Yes, we have to go through hoops to offer free coloring pages, because unfortunately, if they are not behind an email block, not-very-nice people pass them around in violation of intellectual property rights. There is no way I would be able to offer free coloring pages if not for the blog that hosts it and the paid ones I sell on the side.

    While I appreciate that you pointed out the mistake in my wording on the page for those who missed the limited time discount on the coloring bundle (I’m a one-woman team for the most part and I make mistakes!) which I have since corrected, I wish you hadn’t come out in an all-out attack, because, after putting in a hard day of work, including offering this FOUR PAGE FREEBIE! your unkind words ruined my day. There is a way to point out an error, and as someone who has previously downloaded free printables from my website, I’d have thought you may have realized that there might have been a mistake.

    With that being said, if you are frustrated with the download process, you are welcome to unsubscribe – no hard feelings! Yes, bloggers do need to have a blog post attached to “free printables” so that the big brand advertisers can pay for them instead of you, and we often offer an optional paid upgrade that keeps our websites ticking. However, if us “guys stink”, you are welcome to take the traditional route and stick to the huge selection of coloring books on Amazon and in book and craft stores.

  2. I have a question. I downloaded the coloring pages but I only got 1. Was I supposed to get 4 like it says above? I love the one I got so I am not complaining but above it says 4. I also filled out the survey about more coloring pages. I need more coloring pages like I need a hole in the head but I do love to color. Thank you for the freebie! Those words on those pages for teens are good for all of us. I know I could hear those words a lot more often & I’m not a teen!

    1. Hi Gail! I just double checked to make sure I uploaded the right file and it looks like I did. It’s one PDF file that’s 4 pages long, like a mini ebook. You can email me at menucha@momsandcrafters.com if you’re still having trouble and I’ll send them directly to you as 4 separate pages. And thanks for filling out the survey!

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