Cozy Crochet Throw Pillow with a Muff

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You don't need advanced crochet skills to make a super cozy crochet throw pillow, and the hand muff on this one is the icing on the cake! Tuck in your hands while curling up on the chaise of your couch with your favorite show. Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Red Heart® . All thoughts and opinions are my own. #redheartyarns #whileiwasyarning


Click to learn how to make an easy crochet throw pillow to add some hygge to your home decor! #hygge #homedecor #crochet


There's a reason why Hygge is such a popular trend in home decor now; home is the place where we collapse after a long day, it's OUR place and our sanctuary. Hygge is all about creating that feeling of coziness and intimacy in your life and, in this case, in your home.

Red Heart Hygge™  yarn is a deliciously soft yarn that can help you create that atmosphere of Hygge when you incorporate it in your decor.



I learned how to crochet as a kid (my mom taught me) but never really did much with it because I don't do well with crafts that are too technically exact. So I've been trying to see how far I can take a rectangle—and you can take it far!



This really easy crochet throw pillow is made of a long rectangle, with an added rectangle serving as a muff to tuck your hands into. If you've lived through a New York winter, you know that sometimes the heat just won't keep up and your fingertips feel perpetually cold. You can say that I modeled this crochet throw pillow after a hoodie, with a pocket to slide your hands into.



I used the new Red Heart Hygge yarn to make it and enjoyed every part of the experience. This yarn is deliciously soft; it not only makes for a super cozy pillow, but it was actually really fun to crochet with! Crochet is very close-up and hands-on with the yarn, and I absolutely loved it.

Baby Y kept on coming to check on my progress and check out how cozy the pillow was, and he has officially adopted it as his own.

Now I want to make myself a scarf with the same!



The added muff on the pillow helps add a color-blocked design to your crochet throw pillow. It looks like an appliqued piece when not in use. The final pillow can be flipped around when not in use or kept with the muff showing on your couch.



You use it as you would a hoodie or kangaroo pocket—just hug it and slip your hands in to be surrounded by the coziness.



What you need to make a cozy crochet throw pillow:

  • 2 skeins of Red Heart Hygge yarn in your main body color
  • 1 skein (of which you'll use approximately 1/3) in your second muff color
  • A size K/6.5mm crochet hook
  • A yarn needle
  • A pillow form of your size choice (I used a 16 inch one). I recommend using this as opposed to polyester stuffing since the crochet has holes in it.



How to make an easy crochet throw pillow with a muff:


1. Make a slipknot using your main pillow body color.

Crochet throw pillow step 1          



2. Crochet a foundation chain that goes from seam to seam of your pillow form.

  Crochet throw pillow step 2



3.To build your main pillow cover, you're going to crochet a rectangle. How you do it is up to you. I worked double crochet into the top two loops of each row. I decided not to share an exact pattern so that you can make it for whichever size pillow you want.

Crochet throw pillow step 3


Relax and crochet! Take your time and enjoy the craft. If you don't know how to double crochet, you can learn how here.

Crochet throw pillow step 3


Continue until you have a rectangle that fits snugly over your pillow form. You can see that I didn't do a perfect job but the pillow still came out great! Finished crochet has stretch to it, so I made mine slightly smaller than I needed it to be so that it's a tight fit.

Crochet throw pillow step 4


4. Weave in your ends on your rectangle.

Crochet throw pillow step 4


5. Fold the rectangle in half and close on two sides. You can do this either with single crochet, slip stitch, or by simply sewing it with a yarn needle.

Crochet throw pillow step 5 Crochet throw pillow step 5



6. Trim your yarn and weave in your ends. Flip your pillow case inside out and slip your pillow inside.

Crochet throw pillow step 6


7. Crochet or sew your last side shut. Tuck the corners in as you do it so that they match the inverted corners. If you prefer to have sharp corners that show, don't flip your pillow case inside out in step 6 and don't invert the corners.

Crochet throw pillow step 7

Crochet throw pillow step 7


8. To make the muff: crochet another rectangle in your second color. This one should be slightly less wide than your pillow, and tall enough to slip your hands into. (mine is about 4-5 inches).

Crochet throw pillow step 8


I originally miscalculated and made mine too wide, so I just sewed the ends down to make it the right size.

Crochet throw pillow step 8


9. Use chalk to mark across the row of stitches where you'll be sewing down your muff (I recommend doing this slightly off center).  This will help you stay consistent and sew it on straight.

Crochet throw pillow step 9



10. Use more yarn and a yarn needle to sew the top and bottom of your second rectangle onto your easy crochet throw pillow.

Crochet throw pillow step 10


Leave the sides open for your hands.

Crochet throw pillow step 10


Relax on the couch with your muff pillow while watching your favorite show.


And when you're not using it, toss it on the couch with your other throw pillows to help add a little hygge to your home!




Do you implement any hygge into your home decor? Which color combination will you be trying this crochet throw pillow in? Comment below!


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  1. We did it!! My 9yo and I wanted to learn to crochet, and we picked this project to start. It turned out awesome (although we misjudged the length and ended up buying a 12×20 pillow to fit, ha.) Thanks for the inspiration!

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